Starrgram 15: The Microcosm

The Microcosm is an almost perfect mirror of the Macrocosm. However, except for your numbering system, Earth's complex mathematics have little to do with Reality. Which is why your Scientists have been unable to conclusively show the parallel. The numbering system has a parallel when a single cubit is taken to represent the number one, two cubits the number two, etc.

Given that cubistics are fractal, but that each new cubit in the fractal is a single object, the number of cubits in a matrix can vary infinitely according to how developed along the fractal is and what is going on in its different places.

All thoughts have frequencies. Every number is a particular thought having its own particular frequency. Through their vibrations, some aspects of numerology as you quasi- practice them are also universally present in the higher realities. The principle is to continuously add the numbers in any quantification down until just a single number results. Only the resulting numbers one to nine are possible.

The vibrations of the numbers are associated with the first nine states of consciousness under the Cube and Sphere, namely, 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Expansion, 5. Perfection, 6. Creation, 7. Completion, 8. Balance, and 9. Harmony.

For the most part you disdain the concept. Those of you who do use numerology tend to associate the nine resulting numbers with your own interpretations bearing no relationship to Reality. Short circuits are common.

The correct principle when confronted by a choice of options to choose from is to choose the particular numerological choice from among the states of consciousness equivalents which best equalizes your inner consciousness activity with the outer material result to be accomplished. Short circuits are avoided because your inner consciousness Intelligence/Energy factors are most harmoniously synchronized with your outer consciousness Substance/Energy factors as a result.

Similarly, a mathematically interesting cubistic number series results from the method for counting the Local Universes in a Super Universe as outlined in Starrgram 11. The method produces the following numeric series: 1, 7, 19, 37, 61, 91, 127, 169, 217, 271, 331, 397.... Most of the numbers are prime, which produces the reduced numerological sequence: 1, 7, 1, 1, 7, 1, 1, 7, 1, 1, 7, 1, 1, .... The cubistic series underscores many fractal progressions.

The micro world pertains solely to Matter Substance. The Microcosm operates through the same basic cubistic principles as does the Macrocosm down to the molecular level. At the molecular level and lower, the 'Tied together' ruling changes from cubistic to honeycomb. The image below is fig. 54 in Starrgram 5. The figure shows how cubits are grouped together in an open mode so that Energy still flows freely along the staffs. (Fig. (96).

Fig. 96 - Open cubistic mode

Likewise, the following hexagon arrangement implies that the staffs are not interconnected and the rods are close end to end. (Fig. 97).

Fig. 97 - Closed honeycomb alignment

The cubistic formulations for the Microcosm and the Macrocosm are the same in principle for being of the same difference in kind. The seminal difference is that the masses of the Macro world are all clustered by the open cubistic rules of fig. 96, whereas molecules are aligned by the closed honeycomb mode shown as fig. 97. The electron microscope scan below shows the honeycomb effect perfectly. Whereas, while the clustering in the figure below may look like fig. 96 above, a closer look shows that the staffs do not interconnect and the rods sit tightly together opposite to fig. 96. (Fig.98).

Fig. 98 - Scanning Microscope Photograph of an unknown molecule

Similarly, atoms are also clustered by closed honeycomb rule. The below figure is a Scanning Microscope Photograph of the atoms in Graphene, a flat sheet version of carbon graphite showing the honeycomb clustering where the rods are end to end and the staffs are locked in. (Fig. 99).

Fig. 99 -Scanning Microscope Photograph of Graphene atoms

Similarly, Carbon 13 is a natural stable isotope of carbon, with a nucleus containing six protons and seven neutrons. As one of the environmental isotopes, it makes up about 1.1% of all natural carbon on Earth. In the Google Search found photograph below, taken by a high powered electron scanning microscope, the thirteen sub-atomic particles within the nucleus of a Carbon 13 atom is clearly shown in a closed honeycomb cluster exactly like fig. 97 above. As shown in the molecule of fig. 98 above, plus atoms in fig 99 above, the elementary particles in the atomic nucleus shown below in fig. 100 below all have been converted to a closed honeycomb vs. open cubistic mode where the rods are close together and the staffs are disconnected.

The realignment makes them very tightly bound and close reaching rather than loosely bound and far reaching as in the Macro world. More importantly, they are completely cut off from the higher dimensions through lack of staff connectivity and have have no higher frequency Substance vibrations whatsoever. Imparting an even cruder nature to Matter Substance and making it even more densely packed. (Fig. 100).

Fig. 100 - Electron microscope view of a thirteen atom Matter Substance atom

Nonetheless, being hexagonal in nature, the image is still very clearly cubistic all the way, particularly with the seven neutrons tied together in the middle of fig, 100 showing their cube outlines perfectly, plus the six protons packed around, plus the six sided overall configuration.

The image next below is the cubistic representation of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega as fully outlined in Starrgram 3. As earlier stated, the Cube and Sphere is the fourteenth dimensional interface between the Holy Trinity and un-manifested frequencies above and the manifested frequencies in the thirteenth dimension and dimensions below called 'Creation'. (Fig.101).

Fig. 101 - The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

Notice that in fig. 100 above, each neutron in its own right is a perfect mirror of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega shown above, in perfect due Cube and Sphere proportion inside each green hexagon outline. Similarly, remove the perspective distortion and the six proton particles are also exact mirrors of the Cube and Sphere.

Through the Intelligent Design, the very highest macro aspect of Creation is mirrored perfectly in the very lowest micro aspect. Molecules, atoms, and their internal subatomic parts interact with each other by their own rules, externally they gather into mass which still adheres to open Cubistic rule.

At heart, the cubistic formulations for the Microcosm and the Macrocosm are the same in principle for being of the same difference in kind. The seminal difference is that the and large and small masses of the Macro world are aligned by the cubistic rules of Starrgram 5, whereas molecules, atoms, and nucleuses are aligned by honeycomb rule.

Other than that the Microcosm mirrors of the Macrocosm in most aspects. In both, within any spinning body, spin takes its cue from the cubit staff arms and charge takes its cue from the arms of the rods. (Fig. 102).

Fig. 102 - Grid for Charge and Spin Descriptions

Spin is from two staff arms plus a rod arm. As you can see in fig. 102, the staff arms at the two o'clock and four o'clock positions are uniformly connected through the center point to the rod arm at the nine o'clock position. Similarly, the staff arms at the eight o'clock and ten o'clock positions are uniformly connected through the center point to the rod arm at the three o'clock position.

Arbitrarily, if the upward sticking thumb of your left hand is considered to be the axis of the staffs in the up direction, the fingers of your left hand will correspond to the staff arms at two and four o'clock. Therefore the spin will be left handed or clockwise.

If your right thumb is up and the staff arms are at the eight and ten o'clock positions, then the staff arms will correspond to the fingers of your right hand and the spin will be counter clockwise. The Energy for the angular momentum comes from the vibrational union between the two staff arms and the rod. The rods and the staffs are related to the second dimensional background field.

Therein is revealed one of the major problems about incarnating into the third dimension. Instead of your rods and your staff deriving their energies from the refined Energies of the fifth dimension and higher, leaving you in an inertial free fifth dimensional Morontia body, the Energies are taken from the second dimension leaving you trapped within an inertia laden third dimensional Matter Substance body.

Charge on the other hand gets its cue from two rod arms and a staff arm in the first dimensional field. In fig. 102, the rod arms at the eleven and one o'clock positions are uniformly connected to the staff arm through the center at the six o'clock position. The rod arms at the five and seven o'clock positions are uniformly connected to the staff arm at the twelve o'clock position through the center.

The power of charge is from the common intersection in each rod arm with two Starr of David arms, plus the circle. The cohesive factor from the circle of Intelligence provides the property of attraction within the vibrating combination of the two rod arms with the Starr of David, which serves to emanate it.

The rods in concert with the circle and Starr of David provide the charge's direct power of attraction which binds it to the fragment via the staff. Staff arms do not intersect the circle at the same point as the Starr of David, so do not carry an attraction factor except in the Cosmic Overplus attribution of Christ Michael's Local Universe as per fig. 15 in Starrgram 15 of the 'Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega'.

The rods part of the charge ties to the physical, the Starr of David part of the charge ties to the auric. The attraction comes from the Starr of David in concert with the circle. The attractive factor works through the frequencies of the lower rods frequencies as binding energies. That the rod arms intersect the circle at ninety degrees and that they only intersect the circle once, reflects very direct power in the bonding attraction.

That each arm of the Starr of David intersects the circle at thirty degrees, and that every Starr of David arm intersects with the circle twice, once with a rod on the left side of a staff arm and again on the right, and that it likewise intersects with another Starr of David arm on both sides of the staff arm, speaks to the electromagnetism aspect being polarized, being a completely different kind of attraction power than bonding and having a much more far reaching effect.

Similarly, polarity and poles are two different things.

To paraphrase parts of Starrgrams 1, 2, and 8, polarity was set up by design between the Father and the Mother as a potential between their absolute Great Even Pool of Darkness state differences. The polarity of the Father was positive, the polarity of the Mother was negative.

The original polarities were set in the consciousness of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter such that likes attracted and opposites repelled.

In setting forth the parameters for Energy under their unification, the Upper Triangle of the Starr of David was assigned to Intelligence giving it a positive polarity. The Lower Triangle was assigned to Substance giving it a negative polarity. Their positive and negative interactions joined as lines of force between the polarities. The force was in the form of the electromagnetic field outlined in Starrgram2, which was universally aligned with positive at the bottom and negative at the top.

Through their original intention to Co-Create, by the absolute movement of consciousness between them, the potential of the force lines was raised to a power. The movement of consciousness was from the Wilful intent of Alpha to Create, to the Desiring acceptance of Omega to Create as motivation. The direction of the lines of force was from their positive polarity to their negative.

Their Only Begotten Son/Daughter was given the responsibility to express the Creator's motivation to Create as their motivation to Co-Create. Their ability to Create was by way of a caused new attribute called Energy, which was given as the official attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. Through a square of consciousness set up in the middle of the Starr of David, incorporating both the original motivation and derived responsibility, the resulting Energy quotient of the Starr of David became determined by the degree of the resulting responsibility taken. Most of the Energy of the Starr of David is in the higher dimensions as spiritual light.

By symmetry of the Starr of David, the two lines of each pair of parallel lines have opposite polarity. The two pull each other together along their length by the attraction and push each other uniformly apart as consciousness expansion.

By action of the Y Factors in a cubit, the cube and circle are locked through the Starr of David as a single logically perfect whole, whose rate of expansion and contraction is governed by the consciousness of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

Specifically, the arms of the Y Factors lock the Starr of David into absolute constraint according to their vibratory rate. The slower the rate, the shorter the arms, the smaller the Starrs of David, and denser the materialization and visa versa.

In its lowest frequencies, through the vibratory rate of their Y Factors, the expansions and contractions of Matter Substance are that called thermodynamics. Heat Energy is transferred from one cubit to another along the staffs, which is affected by a respective change in the standing wave vibration of the respective container arms along the Y Factors yielding to an expansion or contraction of the respective body of Substance involved based on temperature.

Poles on the other hand are the opposite ends of an electromagnetic field, most dominant in the magnetism and electromagnetisms of the lower dimensions.

Lower magnetism is an application of the electromagnetic field effect as it appears within Matter Substance, and is strictly a consequence of particle spin. Spin causes the top and bottom polarities of the Starr of David electromagnetic field to become much more dominant and the field lines to become much more strongly defined.

By symmetry of the two triangles of the Starr of David, their polarities are such that every two lines which meet a staff line at the corner of a triangle have the same polarity. The intersection point at the twelve o'clock position are from the negative lower triangle and the intersection point at the six o'clock position is from the positive upper triangle. (Fig. 103).

Fig. 103 - Pole Polarities

When the cubit of fig. 103 is spun horizontally around its vertical axis, the outgoing v shapes past the points at the twelve and six o'clock positions become virtual pole vortices. The vortices are like cone shaped shells extending outward from the top and bottom field positions. The extensions of the rods at the top produce second wider virtual vortexes. The two combine to make the fields at the vortexes very intense.

You arbitrarily call the vortex at the top the North pole because it currently attracts to the magnetic North pole of the Earth. For similar reason, the vortex at the bottom you call the South pole. In the depiction, an atom is arbitrarily depicted as spinning clockwise. In mind's eye, view the image as spinning clockwise, view the white V above the N at the top as a vortex and similarly the white V below the P at the bottom as a vortex. Similarly view the upwards pointing rods V from the center point as a vortex, and the downwards point rods V from the center point as a vortex. (Fig. 104).

Fig. 104 - Magnetic field of a Spinning object

Through the spin, the circle takes on the characteristics of a sphere, the cube becomes opaque, the Y Factors take on the characteristic of wide Substance/Energy vortices, enhancing the horizontal component of the field along the horizontal rods, and the electromagnetic field of the Starr of David takes on a fat donut shaped torus around the particle as a net magnetic field.

While like polarities attract and opposites repel at the upper levels of consciousness because of their founding principles, opposite polarities attract and likes oppose at the magnetic poles level because of the resulting magnetic field.

Like the background fields, the Starr of David polarities of two cubits meeting end to end are of opposite polarities in a cubistic matrix. The Starrs of David within the matrix are further held together because the directions of the magnetic fields flow into each other, making cubistic matrix configurations very stable. The polarity power of a magnetic field is far greater than that between the original polarities because many more levels of consciousness have been involved in its creation. and the animus of the circle of Intelligence has been increased to a virtual sphere. (Fig. 105).

Fig. 105 - Polarized Fields

The combined new animus's, plus power in the vortexes allow the spinning objects to stand free of each other as independent materializations. That like poles of a magnetic field can be physically seen to always repel and opposites attract in the third dimension, is strictly the result of Matter Substance materializations.

Because of their torus shaped magnetic fields as per fig. 104, material objects can be placed adjacent in ways that Starrs of David in cubistic matrixes cannot no matter how large or how small.

When two gross magnetic field objects are placed side by side in a same poles proximity, the dominant pole related field line directions collide.

The combination of the 'out' facing lines at the south pole, plus the 'in' facing lines at the north pole, plus the effect of the rounded magnetic lines at the center, wheel one or the other object or both around into opposite adjacent pole alignments, so that the dominant field line directions flow into each other again positive to negative.

Two physical magnets can therefore clamp together side by side, a position not possible in the higher dimensional matrixes.  (Fig. 106).

Fig. 106 - Clamped Magnets

In clumps of Ordinary Matter Substance the atoms can also re-align back to a proper cubistic matrix alignment so that the pole vortices of the atoms become cubistically aligned end to end again.

The effect between the poles is accumulative. Both the top and bottom, plus sidewise field directionalities of one atom, intermesh compatibly with the top and bottom plus sidewise directionalities of those adjacent.

The net effect is that the whole piece becomes magnetically unified as though it were an individual cubistic matrix all of it's own in an effect called magnetization. In iron, cobalt, and nickel the effect is many times more pronounced. (Fig. 107).

Fig. 107 - Principle of a Magnet

In molecules, atoms, and nucleuses the magnetic alignment is opposite. The power of the rods supersedes the power of the magnetic fields, the poles sit parallel instead of opposite as in fig.106, and the atom and particle spins whenever occurring are in the same direction. (Fig. 108).

Fig. 108 - Molecule, atom and nucleus magnetic alignment

The result is that the cubistic members align in the honeycomb fashion you see in figs. 98, 99, and 100. (Fig. 109).

Fig. 109 - Honeycomb alignment

Within Matter Substance, the container factor Energies have mostly to do with temperature and pressure. The staff energies have mostly to do with momentum. The rod energies have mostly to do with charge states, binding energies, and things electrical through the influence of the circle and Starr of David intersections. Through the lower triangle lower love attractions, the bodies are additionally held together gravitationally.

Soul Atoms in projections also emanate the additional attraction from their Starr of David called love. Two of you will pull together at the breast plate through love. The emanations of the upper triangle are that called love, the emanations from the lower triangle are that felt as love.

Through their inner positive action, the Soul Atom of Suns and Planets attract together as family and friends. Through their outer negative gravity action the Suns and Planets attract together as material bodies. Through the attracting polarities of their inner and outer actions combined, the bodies are harmonized together into specific orbits and polarity orientations as solar system, Solar Sectors, and Local Universes.

Through the interactions of their overall electromagnetic and magnetic effects in combination, the individual creations evolve and contribute their expression to Creation at large.

Similarly, that which you call Quantum entanglement is simple. Everything in Creation is of Alpha and Omega, having a male side (Alpha) and female side (Omega), always joined together no matter how far apart. Quantum entanglement is simply the male and female halves of an object always remaining joined wherever the individual halves may individually be, more relating to the Micro world.

Similarly, charges are transferable from one particle to another in quantum amounts as proportional units under cubistic ruling. The overall nature of the amounts is mirrored in what your Scientists call quarks.

In fig. 102, the rod arms at the five and seven o'clock positions connect uniformly with the staff arm at twelve o'clock, and the rod arms at the eleven and one o'clock positions connect uniformly with the staff arm at six o'clock. The original charge unit embodying the staff arm at the six o'clock position and the twelve o'clock unit, act as a pair through the center point.

In each of the two charge states, there are two rods, therefore two components of attraction. Since each charge state mirrors itself across the center point, in the pairing of the two, four of the six overall Energy arms carry a charge component and two do not. Therefore, from four out of six then both halved, a net +2/3 value of charge results.

The two tied together are considered to be a quark and anti-quark pair. The value is positive because four of the six arms have a tie to Intelligence (rods) and only two of the arms tie to Substance (staffs). The net tie is to Intelligence, therefore to positive. Positive means projective in keeping with the nature of Intelligence.

Similarly, in the Energy arms scenario as related to spin angular momentum, the rod arm carries a charge. Since there are two staff arms and only one rod arm with a given spin state, with its similarly paired partner across the center point only two of the six overall arms have a charge state and a tie to Intelligence with four tied to Substance.

Therefore, from two out of six then both halved, a net -1/3 value of charge results with the net tie to Substance. Its charge is negative meaning receptive in keeping with the nature of Substance.

As fig. 102 also shows, there are six different staff arms and six different rod arms in a cubit, producing three different possible such charge state and spin state pairings.

The pairings sit at sixty degrees to each other around the circle. The staff arm components of the three different +2/3 quark pairs are at the six o'clock and twelve o'clock, eight and two o'clock, and ten and four o'clock positions respectively. The rod arm components of the three different -1/3 quark pairs are at the three o'clock and nine o'clock, five and eleven o'clock, and seven and one o'clock positions respectively. Altogether there are the six main different quarks.

Because each quark within the cubit is in a different net location, each quark will reflect a completely different net vibrational characteristic according to rule. The three +2/3 quarks are called by your scientists, up, charm, and top. The three different -1/3 quarks are called down, strange, and bottom. Quarks usually appear as pairs but can also occur separately though always with another quark or pair(s).

The different elementary particles have differing combinations of quarks which help distinguish their nature. A proton contains two up quarks and one down, which is two +2/3 charges and one -1/3, which is a net charge of + 3/3 which is +1, the charge of a proton. A neutron consists of two down quarks and one up, which is two -1/3 charges and one +2/3, which is zero, the charge of a neutron.

By these rulings, the original precipitating particles at the bottom of the third dimension coagulate until they are sufficiently developed to take on the full characteristics of the basic fundamental particles under the influence of the fields. The resulting particles are comprised of varying combinations of cubit parts from within the various combinations and orientations of the overall range of cubistic parts within the cubistic range of possibilities available under the rulings. The coagulating fragments take on many forms.

Some of the extremely odd conglomerations of material known to science are fragment clumps which have not yet consolidated to the level of fundamental particles. The clumps behave in non-classical ways because they may contain such as tension, but not yet charge or spin.

In general, magnetic and charge interactions within the background fields help build the precipitating fragments up into quarks and up into the elementary particles.

Charge parities between the elementary particles help build the elementary particles up into atoms. Covalent electron sharing helps build the atoms up into molecules and mass. Magnetic effects orient the macro bodies with respect to each other. Gravity helps bring everything together into greater made order and form.

Other vibrational mix and match combinations of the staff arms, rod arms, Starr of David arms, and circle parts of the cubit yield other families of fundamental and elementary particles. A cubit rotated at ninety degrees in the center of a Starr of David will yield the same types of possible mix and match nexuses, but will have completely different vibrational characteristics because the orientation of the Y Factors belonging to the Son vs. Daughter will all be different against the absolute orientation of the original cubit, which is up. The relative sizes of the components will also be smaller.

The rotation can go in either direction around the center which yields two different possibilities in the Y Factors. Which Y Factor component belongs to the Son and which to the Daughter becomes indeterminate. The actual orientation will depend upon the actual individual delivered circumstances of the rotation and cannot be generic, throwing into uncertainty attempts to pre-determine them.  Reflected somewhat in what your Scientists call the 'Uncertainty Principle'.

Like cubits in general, the cubit inside the hexagon can also be oriented at thirty degrees to the original, or sixty degrees, yielding yet again new families of vibrational nexuses as new families of fundamental particles. Sub matrixed cubits within cubits can be also created at the normal six points around a circle, at the twelve points, at the twenty four points and so on, producing yet more new flavours of the formulations yet again.

In the inter nesting configurations, the new rods will partially overlay the old staffs and visa versa. Given even the exact same mix and matches as with the larger cubit, yet even more new families of fundamental particles will be derived where much of the original positive and negative distinctions will be muted.

If some of the cubistic parts are taken from the original cubit and the remaining from the nested in an even more complex mix and matching, whole new families become derived yet again.

All such variants are under cubistic ruling. Like a Lego set, the fundamental building blocks of Energy arms, Substance cubes, Starrs of David triangles, and Circles of Intelligence builds many things. Under extreme environmental conditions such as particle accelerators, the mixes and matches can even be broken up with new ones occurring for extremely brief periods of time. Some even not occurring within the original natural processes of Creation.

Every object and accumulation of matter substance large and small has an over riding cubit defining it as a domain. Inside the largest defining cubit of any object is a cubistic matrix containing its various components and alignments. As a particle evolves in complexity, the overriding cubit enlarges in size while the internal cubistic matrix increases in complexity.

Photons, molecules, galaxies, Local Universes, and even the Super Universes all have a single overriding cubit defining their overall domain. In any matter substance accumulations, cubistic matrixes exist fractally within the overriding cubit. The matrix of complex molecules alone have many thousands upon thousands of atom matrixes, containing thousands upon thousands of elementary particle sub cubit matrixes, containing thousands upon thousands of fundamental particle sub cubits inside those. Each having its own complex cubistic matrix uniquely defining it.

Stick and ball models of molecules mirror the covalent bonding effect at the staff ends very well. Cubistics though does not mean cubes and spheres with Energy arms sticking out. Cubistics refers to the different cubistic principles comprising the different vibrational aspects of every individual part of every net nexus comprising any conglomerate cubistic vibrational cachet at any level. Not a photographic or hard bodied layout.

As earlier mentioned, electromagnetic Matter Substance comprises propagating standing waves of Matter Substance called photons. Photons of Electromagnetic Matter Substance become emitted from a bodily source when the internal alignments are right, and ride on the auric fields of the backgrounds like a soliton.

The underlying difference between Ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter Substance is that Ordinary Matter Substance is based mainly on the cube whereas Electromagnetic Matter Substance is based mainly on the Starr of David.

Ordinary Matter Substance is configured in the normal cubistic matrix orientation. Electromagnetic Matter Substance is configured from a cube and Starr of David pictured sitting in the hexagram rotated at ninety degrees at the center of the Starr of David of fig. 104 above. (Fig. 110).

Fig. 110 - Basic Cubistic Matrix of a Photon

As fig. 110 shows, electromagnetic Matter Substance has a large and a small Starr of David which are at thirty degrees to each other, which meet at the six circle intersections in common. One is in the original cubit position oriented to the Outer Creation, the other is on the rotated cube in the middle oriented back to the Inner Creation, giving the photon a very stable quotient of being. That the circle interacts with two Starrs of David gives the photon a very powerful positive charge state relative to the background fields.

As fig. 110 also shows, photons have no outer cube component. They do have a cube with a diminished Substance attribution nested on the hexagon inside the arms of the original Starr of David, so they have very little relative mass.

Photons also have no inner cube rods so have no charge configurations. A photon also has no outer cube staffs, and the inner staffs are aligned along the original cube rods, muting their connectivity.

Because the outer cubit charge effect overlays the inner staffs, plus the fact that the staffs connect directly with outside cubes throughout their rod overlays, a photon interacts readily with Ordinary Matter Substance and converts with it directly.

That both the inner and outer Starrs of David tie to the circle outside the cube rather than inside, and that the circle intersects with both Starrs of David at the same place, gives the photon a distinct double edged electromagnetic effect. Hence the term, 'electromagnetic' Matter Substance.

The hallmark difference between Electromagnetic Matter Substance and Ordinary Matter Substance is that the charge state intersections of the circle and Starr of David occur outside the cube rather than inside. This allows the power of the charge states to emanate freely outside the cube along the Starr of David emanations parallel to the staffs.

As the main photon Starr of David is aligned parallel to the radiation of staffs, and the cubistic mass is very small, photons are optimized for propagation along its lines of force in an effortless solitonic motion within the background fields.

In the third dimension, a photon is tied to the Lower Triangles of the background fields through its Lower Triangle. Background field pry effects limit the rate of propagation to the harmonious constant 'C'.

At the auric level they are tied to the Upper Triangle of the background fields through their Upper Triangle and the rate of propagation is many times greater.

Particles of Ordinary Matter Substance cannot propagate freely at the speed of light because the Starr of David emanates parallel to the rods, whereby rods serve to hook things together through their charge state interactions. The net emanation arrays of mass objects are also disparate and also contain many mass cubits in its overall cubistic matrix.

Mass objects need work to force a net gyroscopic change in the accumulated angular momentums of all its parts and parcels, sufficient to allow it to adopt a new motion within the background fields as the overcoming of inertia.

When a moving mass object meets another, its gyroscopic momentums release Substance/Energy packets which are passed into the other object along the staffs. This forces the Energy of its gyroscopic accumulations to convert into a re-harmonized organization of its net array as the transfer of momentum.

When a window of opportunity opens up within the overall pairings between a vibrational cachet of Ordinary Matter Substance and the background field, a photon will emit out effortlessly and the original cachets will reconfigure accordingly. Photons are similarly effortlessly absorbed. Energy is universally transferred from one point to another at quantum levels by this mechanism.

Electrons are like photons but have rods associated with the inner cube. Hence electrons are considered a part of Ordinary Matter Substance. (Fig. 111).

Fig. 111 - Basic Cubistic Matrix of an Electron

The electron similarly has two Starrs of David connections at the cube corners, therefore electrons propagate through the background fields at a somewhat similar optimum rate as photons. The circle of Intelligence is still diminished however, and the inner Starr of David arms lie parallel to the rods so some of the electromagnetic effect interacts with the rods.

The two combine to restrict the propagation by converting the method from linear to angular and speed of propagation to a hundredth that of light.

Because rods help serve to bind particles together, the domain of propagation is likewise reduced from the background fields at large to just that of the auric fields of atoms.

Though protons and electrons are charge state opposites, electrons do not derive their charge value from Quarks. In the matched pair of charge states at the twelve and six o'clock positions of fig. 97, four arms have a circle charge connection with the Starrs of David and two do not.

Electrons have the two additional Starrs of David intersections inside at the normal rod charge points. At a times two rate for the double Starrs, the net effect is therefore 8 minus 2 which is 6. In parallel with the formula for quarks, this gives it a net quotient of 6 out of 6 which is 1. Because the active charge arms are also configured along staff arms connected to an actual inner cube, it has a Substance reflecting charge value, therefore negative. I.e. a charge state of -1, the charge of an electron.

Because of their similarity to photons, electrons and photons can inter convert. Through the binding effect of rods, electrons can also wander around through the auric fields of atoms in proximity, binding the atoms together through a shared attraction with their protons.

That which you call electricity is produced by electrons wandering down the cubit staffs of an Ordinary Matter Substance molecular medium under influence of the Starr of David electromagnetic fields. As fig. 107 implies, the three staff polarity directions are in the same general direction within each cubit in the molecular lattice.

Electric current within any conductive medium is along the three interlocking staff directions of the atoms within the conductor. not forgetting that even a small piece of conductor medium can be many many millions of atoms across and down.

Since physical mediums can lie in any spatial direction, for ease of depiction and consistency of the drawings only, the three down directions are arbitrarily shown as downward. (Fig. 112).

Fig. 112 - Electrical Current in a Conducting Medium

An electron can flow along any path having an arrow. If the medium is a solid like a wire. a current will not flow unless driven by an electromotive source such as a battery or generator connecting the end polarities of positive to negative. The negative terminal of the source would be connected to the end of the conductor depicted as positive at the bottom. The positive terminal would be connected to the negative end at the top.

The current would flow through the power source itself in a respective upward direction, such that a continuous loop of current would set up running down the conductor of fig. 105 as electricity. As fig. 112 also implies, individual electrons would wander down the staffs in an arbitrary path from one atom to the next, even if in a million consecutive steps in one sideways direction and then another as they moved down the conductor following the assorted possible paths along the staffs.

Since even a normal sized conductor can be many many billions of cubits across and down, and the available staff connections vary considerably according to the type and purity of the medium, electrons can take a very varied and meandering path through the material limiting the speed at which the electrons seem to flow through the conductor. In actuality, the current doesn't move along though the interior of the conductor. A virtual magnetic jacket is set up outside the conductor from pole to pole, and the flow occurs there.

If the medium were gaseous or plasmic and the current flow a static surge such as lightning striking the ground, the cloud above would be the respective positive terminal and the ground below would be the negative. For your reference, the complete structure of the electron is presented in Starrgram 19.

Like photons, neutrinos are born out of Ordinary Matter Substance by emission. The difference is that like electrons, neutrinos also have rods. The cube is likewise taken from the rotated hexagram inside the larger Starr of David, so neutrinos likewise have very little mass. The circle is taken from the Starrs of David of the smaller rotated cube so neutrinos also have very little significant charge. (Fig. 113).

Fig. 113 - Cubistic Matrix of a Neutrino

With a yet smaller circle and no double Starr of David connection to the circle at each corner of the cube, neutrons are not electromagnetic. With only the one circle and Starr of David intersections, the charge state rod intersections are very weak. Neutrons do not interact readily with anything. Once emitted, neutrinos tend to stay emitted.

The net Starr of David emanations outside the cube however are the same as a photon. With the same staff and Starr of David emanation effect as photons, neutrinos propagate through the background fields at all but the same optimum rate as photons. With a relatively greater Substance attribution, each staff arm is enhanced within the spin configurations, so neutrinos also have a very high component of angular momentum.

Your scientific conclusions that the Universe was much more awash in neutrinos relative to electromagnetic forms than today is illusionary. Since neutrinos do not interact, relatively more will pass over the distance to your current detection points unaffected than photons from the same source. As the net distance to your collection plates grow, the net accumulation of neutrinos grows.

Neutrinos can also sometimes have a cube of Substance inside the circle, which can jump from one neutrino to another as extremely small transfers of mass whenever frequency alignments are appropriate.