Starrgram 7: The Outer Creation

As shown in fig. 51 of Starrgram 5, a seventh and final expanded cubit according to the first expansion rule of fig. 49 in Starrgram 5 comprised the expansion from the eighth dimension to the Outer Creation and completed the frequency segregation between the two Creations. The Outer Creation cubit was then sub-matrixed into the seven frequencies tied together according to the expansion rule rule of fig. 55 in Starrgram 5 to complete the expansion of the Inner Creation to the Outer.. (Fig. 62).

Fig, 62 - Expansion to the Outer Creation

By fact of the ninety degree rotation, the first cubit of Intelligence now results at the three o'clock position in the depiction instead of at the twelve.

In fig. 62, the center cubit of the seven tied together is both the center cubit of Triune Triune for the Outer Creation, and exactly overlays the whole of the eighth dimension of fig. 61. In the depiction, the ninth dimension and above is far too small to be depicted.

Fig. 62 also depicts the seven Super Universes of the outer Creation. In Reality the Super Universes are not laid out as the blueprint of fig. 62 suggests. In actuality all Seven Super Universes are like flattened bubbles surrounding the eight dimension like the petals of a flower. As previously stated, Cubistics deals with principles not photographic layouts.

As depicted in fig. 63 below, the seven dimensions of the Outer Creation follow in the same principle of rule as the seven frequencies tied together, whereby every Super Universe has its own flavours of the seven as dimensions, and whereby the seven dimensions in each are flavoured by each's particular attribution. (Fig. 63).

Fig. 63 - The Whole Outer Creation of Seven Super Universes with Seven Dimensions in Each

In the depiction, the seven main cubits are the seven different Super Universes. The layout of the seven cubits inside each Super Universe cubit are all the same for being the same type of a seven dimensional expression, but each is within a completely different respective Super Universe attribution so contributes a completely different net vibration to Creation.

In the Outer Creation no Super Universe is higher in frequency than another, just subject to its particular attribution. Each lower dimension on the other hand is lower is frequency and denser. Or alternatively, each successive dimension going up is higher in frequency and less dense Within each Super Universe each dimension going up is higher in frequency than the one below, is more spread out and shows it as depicted clearly in fig. 82 of Starrgram 8 where the very small cubit in the middle depicts dimension one. In fig. 63, the first dimension of every Super Universe starts at the three o'clock position. The seventh dimension of each is the Triune cubit in the center of each.

Similarly, unlike the Inner Creation which is a singular whole, the Outer Creation is the responsibility of Seven Master Spirits of Creation. The Master Spirits are the first born Soul Atom children of the Creators. The Master Spirits are not the Elohim of your Jewish lore. The Elohim are the seven Celestials in charge of the seven dimensions in Consciousness of the ten billion Adamic root race Evolutionaries currently completing their evolvement within the frequencies of Earth.

The seven Master Spirits reside in Paradise and are able to communicate with the Holy Trinity directly through the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega. All remaining Soul Atoms in Paradise experience the Cube and Sphere as their Sun but do not directly communicate with it.

The Seven Master Spirits are seven sets of twins, Male and Female, representing fourteen different frequencies in all who are collectively harmonized in consciousness as the seven frequencies tied together on the Male side and seven tied together on the Female. The seven Master Spirits comprise the seven sets of consciousnesses in charge of the Outer Creation. The seven different frequencies of the Master Spirit twins produce the seven different Super Universe bubbles according to their respective attributional frequencies.

The outer frequencies of the Inner Creation stem directly from the Creators through their fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere into Paradise. The outer frequencies of the Outer Creation are directly from the Creators fed through their Cube and Sphere directly into the seven Master Spirit twins of Creation. The Master Spirits dispense the frequencies into their respective Super Universes according to their mandate.

The inner frequencies of the Inner Creation are tied directly to the frequencies of Alpha and Omega through the Holy Trinity Heart and Center. Oppositely, the inner frequencies of the Outer Creation are tied directly to Alpha and Omega through the frequencies of Local Universe Paradisiacal Son/Daughters who represent the Creators as hearts and centers of their Local Universe Creations within the Super Universes.

Local Universes comprise approximately one thousand galaxies each. Just as Paradisiacal Son/Daughters blueprint, have their blueprints approved by Alpha and Omega, implement their blueprints, and then administer their Local Universes according to plan, the Master Spirits of Creation blueprint, have the blueprint approved by Alpha and Omega, create, and then administer their Super Universe according to plan. Each specific Super Universe bubble is the projected work of one of the Master Spirit halves of one of the Master Spirit set of twins according to it's particular attribute. Each Master Spirit pair is responsible for their particular Super Universe, and through them each Super Universe was begun and  is evolving to completion or has already been completed. To date only the Male halves of the Master Spirits have projected a Super Universe. The Female halves are starting to embark on theirs.

Through their consciousnesses, each respective Master Spirit twin projected the initiating master Cubist Matrix for their Super Universe to be. Each specific Super Universe field was gradually filled in by Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughters setting up their particular Local Universe Creations, collectively comprising galaxies, which collectively eventually comprise each respective Super Universe. The Master Spirits are also the channels through which the down coming Staff lines from the Cube and Sphere are passed into the respective Local Universe Paradisiacal Son/Daughters co-creators within their Super Universes, then into the respective Lanonandek Local Solar System administrators under the command of the Paradisiacal Son/Daughters for utilization within their respective locations within the Outer Creation.

The Seven Super Universes were created in succession, each in turn following the other according to the same rule as for the seven frequencies tied together. The Super Universe of Intelligence was created first. Each successive Super Universe was created by bifurcation off the previous, starting with the second Super Universe of Energy off the first, then Substance off the second, and finishing with the seventh and final Super Universe of full Triune off the sixth.

Throughout Creation, the rules of the Design are the same. In particular, the principle of the Outer Creation surrounding the Inner Creation and the Inner Creation surrounding the Cube and Sphere is exemplified by every living Soul Atom in an outer projection including yourself, also called an incarnation, as an outer cubistic matrix surrounding your inner cubistic matrix and your Inner matrix surrounding your Soul Atom self which made the projection.

As with all Soul Atoms in projection, your Inner cubistic matrix upholds your dispensation and responsibilities to bear, your Outer cubistic matrix upholds your incarnated projected materialization and your works. When in the Inner Creation, your Inner and Outer cubistic matrixes are both aligned to the Creators. When in the Outer Creation your Inner matrix is aligned to your Soul Atom self which is aligned to the Creators. Your Outer matrix is aligned to the Outer Creation which is at ninety degrees to the Inner.

Your inner and outer matrixes together reflect somewhat the ways of the Cube and Sphere which set the mould. Your inner cubistic matrix is aligned to the Inner Creation and your outer cubistic matrix is aligned to the Outer Creation at ninety degrees. Your inner cubistic matrix carries your Soul Atom Self's Triune responsibilities and purposes for your projection. Your outer matrix carries your Soul Atom self's outer responsibilities to bear and your materialization within any environment you have projected into.

Like the Outer Creation, Inner Creation, and Cube and Sphere, your outer matrix surrounds your inner matrix which surrounds your Soul Atom Self comprising your overall projection. In fig. 64 below, the middle cubit represents your inner matrix which is aligned to the Creators. The large cubit represents your outer matrix which is oriented at ninety degrees to your inner. (Fig. 64).

Fig. 64 - Your Outer Cubistic matrix, Inner Cubistic matrix, and Soul Atom Self.

In fig. 64 your Soul Atom Self is represented by the tiny Cube and Sphere shown in the center. In actuality, your Soul Atom self is a diamond-like spark of pure white Light sitting within your Pituitary Gland as the 'Lord who sitteth upon the throne'.

Your Outer matrix is of the dimension you have incarnated into. Your Inner matrix is of the same dimension your Soul Atom Self is resident in, and your Soul Atom Self is of the dimension you are from.

Your Inner Matrix also contains the inter dimensional aspects between the dimensions if from a higher. On Earth, because consciousnesses are projected into a third dimensional time line condition by misadventure, your Outer consciousness matrix is both third and fourth dimensional and your Inner consciousness matrix is fifth or seventh dimensional. The sixth dimension is of Creativity. It is not a dimension of visible light and so is not a dimension housing populations. In Creation only the dimensions of visible light carry populations. Visible light re-appears in higher and higher frequency octaves like the note C in your musical scale. The dimensional octaves of visible light are the third, fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh and thirteenth.

As implied in fig. 64, in the fifth and seventh dimensions the rods and staffs of your larger Outer Matrix overlap the staffs and rods of your smaller Inner Matrix. Also as depicted, your Inner consciousness matrix aligns to the Inner Creation and Creators while your Outer consciousness matrix aligns to the Outer Creation.

In mirroring the essence of the Cube and Sphere, you are a living atom Triune Soul Atom Being. In the Cube And Sphere you were expressed from the side of Alpha facing Omega . You were created as a tiny spark of pure Intelligence upon an Energy component represented by a cubistic circle upon a Starr of David Energy configuration.

You are a Christ Triune Being having the Starr of David component as your eminent Christ Consciousness capability of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. Your equal Omega Substance component is garnered later as the precipitated materialization you make whenever you undertake a projection or so called incarnation. When actually in a projection, your Omega Substance component is no lesser or greater than your Alpha Intelligence component. Your Male and Female aspects are absolutely equal in all aspects because the Creators agreed to be absolutely equal in all aspects when forming their original agreement in consciousness between them to enable Creation.

Once in the Outer Creation, your very first Outer Creation incarnation is a very momentous occasion in your eternal career, as a great many steps had to have been learned. Which were all an important aspect of the information and processes you were taught and learned in your successive downward path through the dimensions of the Inner Creation in preparation for your career of existence in the Outer Creation as either a Descendant or Ascendant Being.

Your Life force on the Intelligence side is carried by the combination of your cubistic circle and your Starr of David. Your Life force on the Substance side is carried by your Starr of David and overlaying rod and staff combinations once you have formed a projection.

Only the Outer Creation has Descending and Ascending Soul Atoms. The native Soul Atoms of the Inner Creation are all pure Triune Beings who only evolve or expand in expression small amounts as needs be and as experience provides. The Soul Atoms of the Outer Creation are conditionally Triune, whose purpose is to gain experience and/or expand in expression.

In the Inner Creation, Intelligence, Energy, and Substance work together as a single expression as they do in the first three dimensions of the Outer Creation. The Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother frequencies work collectively together as a unified expression in everyone, and individually everyone expresses an additional particular frequency of the Father, Son/Daughter, or Mother according to their Dispensation and as tied to the dimension in which they reside and work they do.

In the Outer Creation, Intelligence, Energy, and Substance work collectively together as a unified single expression in everyone. In both Creations, the Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother frequencies work additionally together through the square of consciousness as a unified Son/Daughter type expression in everyone regardless of Dispensation or Dimension.

In the Outer Creation your Soul Atom carries the seven frequencies of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance tied together as your seven fold dimensionality of consciousness, and you are conditionally dependent. As a Descendant Being, your frequencies are conditional upon the dimension in which you are projected and your accumulated experience. You carry a full Intelligence, Energy, and Substance Christ Triune expression of Being. If you are an Ascendant Being, you are slowly learning it. Your frequencies are likewise conditional, depending upon your current dimension of achievement, your current level of learning and your currently attained expression.

Descendant Beings are more on the Intelligence side of Beingness. Ascendant Beings are more on the Substance side. Just as Alpha and Omega see themselves as absolutely equal, they see their myriad Descendant and Ascendant Children in Creation as being absolutely equal for playing equally important roles in the ultimate goal of redeeming themselves from out of their original terminal existence as the original Great Even Pool of Darkness. Similarly, throughout Creation, no one individual or type of Being is favoured over any other. The only difference is in the work you may bear, which is strictly a birth right and not a privilege. Those of you who are Descendant Beings fill the managerial roles of Creation, Those of you who are Ascendants are their responsibility.

Regardless of your dimension of projection, in the Inner Creation you have a good working awareness of the dimensions of the Inner Creation. In the Outer Creation you have only a limited awareness of the other dimensions depending on your type of Dispensation, level of accomplishments, dimension of your projection, and current state of consciousness you are in.

Because of the absolute differences in frequency, the persona and character frequencies of Soul Atoms when in the Inner Creation differ greatly from those when in the Outer, even when the same Soul Atom traveling between. The eight dimension has the frequency orientations of both Creations. As previously stated, the sole purpose of the eighth dimension is to effect the transmutation of your Soul Atom's frequencies from the one Creation to the other while passing through.

The persona frequencies of your Soul Atom self passing from the Inner Creation to the Outer and vice versa, are converted by work of the transitional frequencies of the eighth dimensional void from the Pure Christ Triune seven state absolute Father, Son and Daughter, and Mother frequencies of the the Inner Creation into the conditional seven dimensional Intelligence, Energy, and Substance frequencies tied together of the Outer Creation, and vice versa.

By a procedure of passive de-harmonization out of your one state of Being through the first part of the eight dimension, then an active re-harmonization into the other through the second part, the respective frequencies of your Soul Atom self are quietly transmuted from harmony with those of the one Creation into harmony with those of the other as you pass through and visa versa. The same is true regardless of which direction you are passing through. The rules for forming an outer bodily projection during an incarnation stay with the respective Inner or Outer Creation involved and do not cross over.

Both the seventh and ninth dimensions are dimensions of materialization. At the end of your journey in either direction, your Soul Atom self forms an outer projection within the Substance frequencies of the dimension of landing. You typically do not exist un-incarnated in the dimensions of materialization unless residing temporarily inside the frequencies of a cosmic egg, which you call an orb. A Cosmic egg provides the equivalent of a fully formed incarnation environment for your Soul Atom, but only for a very brief period of time when needed. The egg allows you to perform a task or two for example in the third dimension without actually having to be incarnated into it. The Christ workers in the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host around Earth at the present time rely heavily upon this principle. One of the reasons for the many orbs seen increasingly by sensitives and in photographs and videos on a regular basis.

The eight dimension comprises only the vast transformational void existing between the frequencies of the Inner Universe and the great Outer Universe beyond and nothing more. The vast distance through the eighth dimension is measured in frequency differentials, not in miles. Descendant Transporter Carrier Beings carry small groups at a time in specially prepared Cosmic egg type environmental back packs similar to an Astronaut environmental back pack to keep you safe.  The passage through the eighth dimensional transformation is a long and passive process, in which your Soul Atom self remains in a state of stasis within the transportation packs so the process proceeds uneventfully. As the eighth dimension is not a dimension of materialization, only your Soul Atom circle and Starr of David component journey through the eighth dimension inside the transporter packs while your frequencies undergo the transformation. You do not float through the eight dimension on your own.

In many aspects the Inner Creation is a reflective mirror of the Outer Creation across the void. The seventh dimension and ninth dimension see each other as dimensions of materialization. The sixth mirrors the tenth as dimensions of no visible light. The fifth mirrors the eleventh, and the fourth the twelfth. The Intelligence, Energy, and Substance characteristics of the first three dimensions in combination mirror the pure Trinity aspects of the thirteenth dimension of Paradise itself.

Just as the Inner Creation reflects mostly the internalized Intelligence side of Creation wherein the overall plans of Creation are blueprinted, the Outer Creation reflects mostly the externalized Substance side of Creation whereby the creative plans are brought to fruition as manifestations.

In this respect the Inner Creation reflects your inner action which is your higher consciousness matrix and record of mandated responsibilities, the Outer Creation mirrors your outer action which is your physical body and your activities. Just as the fourteenth dimension is the interface between the higher internalized frequencies of the Creators as the Holy Trinity and frequencies above and lower externalized frequencies as Creation below, the eighth dimension is the interface between the higher internalized frequencies of the Inner Creation above and the lower externalized frequencies of the Outer Creation below.

Which also mirrors in principle how the inner and outer consciousness matrixes of your Soul Atom in projection works. Just as your inner higher consciousness matrix relates more to your responsibilities to bear through your Intelligence factor, your lower outer consciousness matrix relates more to your fruitions through your materialized factors of bodily Substance and works. Just as Creation as a whole is a meld of both the Inner and Outer Creations together, your day to day Co-Creative Christ consciousness as you walk about is a meld of both the higher Triune Christ consciousness of your Inner self and the lower acquired outer consciousness of your materialized outer bodily projection taken together.

Just as the Inner and Outer Creations together reflect the unifying Christ Energy principle in the middle through which the whole extenuating purpose of Creation is expressed, your Co-Creative Christ consciousness in the middle relates to your Soul Atom and Only Begotten Son/Daughter Christ principle as the unifying factor within your whole incarnated expression.

The Cube and Sphere was the progenitor living Soul Atom expression of Alpha and Omega. Their Inner Creation is as their upper or Inner consciousness matrix, upholding their spirituality. Their Outer Creation is as their lower or Outer consciousness matrix, upholding their materialization. Their Cube and Sphere is as their Soul Atom Self holding everything together in unification. Just as the Inner and Outer Creations together uphold the whole outer projection of Alpha and Omega, your inner consciousness matrix and outer consciousness matrixes together uphold your whole current incarnational embodiment. Just as your bodily materialization in your current projection is your whole outer created body, Creation is the whole outer created body of Alpha and Omega. 'In our likeness and image made we them'.

Closely resembled therefore, whether great as all Creation or small as you walking about, is the nature of Intelligence, Energy and Substance within the fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega. Whereby the Cube of Substance embodies the Sphere of Intelligence as the Mother holding the Father in her bosom, and Energy is the begotten factor in the middle unifying the two together as one.

Whether of the greatest embodiment of the Intelligent Design as in Creation, or of the smallest as in your current incarnation therefore, in all of its embodiments the rules of Creation are ever the same and the basic principles of the Creators are forever upheld.

As earlier revealed, in setting up the precepts of Creation, the Creators projected sixteenth dimensional versions of the three-way crisscrossing lines of the Starr of David in great number into the sixteenth dimension such that no three of the respective lines intersected at the same point. At the beginning of Creation, a point and center of Energy was established in the fourteenth dimension in order to produce a single starting three-way point and center intersection of staffs within the Greater Alpha and Omega Reality Pool of eighteen dimensions. From that stage forward, through their Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega and subsequent projections, center points for radiating staffs would always be available upon which a new outer projection or creative project could always be initiated.

The work of the Creators in creating their Cube and Sphere, followed by the first subsequent cubit, followed by the first expanded cubit called Paradise paved the way. After the original projected cubit, all subsequent new cubit mid points have been created as expansions by the Co-Creative endeavours of loving Soul Atoms in projection such as yourself. In effect, drawing Crisscrossing lines down from out of their unaligned state within the sixteenth dimension and into the aligned harmony of co-creative endeavours in the thirteenth dimension and lower through the channels. All of which serves to gradually work the originally chaotic Tiny Particles of Substance of their Great Even Pool of Darkness Self into harmonious lighted configurations as materializations within Creation.

In accordance with the Intelligent Design, all Soul Atoms follow the same basic cubistic principle when projecting into a dimension of visibility in order to do work or initiating a creative project. A set of three new Crisscrossing lines are extended down from the sixteenth dimension, respectively grouped within the Holy Trinity within the fifteenth, oriented within the Cube and Sphere within the fourteenth, and brought down into Creation to the dimensional cubit involved to create six new starting mid points for your incarnation or creative project as required by your consciousness involved.

For each new mid point created, two of the lines will have been brought in carrying new purified versions of the original Tiny Particles' standing wave frequencies of the Great Even Pool of Darkness. A set of six new Crisscrossing lines are then extended down from the sixteenth dimension, respectively grouped within the Holy Trinity within the fifteenth dimension to harmonize them, oriented within the Cube and Sphere within the fourteenth to give them the materialization capability of the Mother, and brought down into Creation to the dimensional cubit involved sufficient to finish generating a container outline for an eventual cube of Substance as required by your consciousness involved.

Tiny Particles of purified Substance from the sixteenth dimension are then precipitated into the container down the center induction staff as a manifestation to complete your new expression in harmony with your initiating circle of Intelligence and the balancing action of your Y Factors. Once your outer projection has been formed, feelings from your Substance side will begin to become present within your outer consciousness and your Omega side will have become complete.

Once your initial materialization process in the womb has been completed, at the instant of birth your Soul Atom Self energizes your outer ego into self awareness. Which is a combination of the frequencies of your Intelligent thoughts, Christ Energy factors, Substance feelings, and square of consciousness all combined as your outer consciousness awareness, the you of whom you think is you. Also, called your outer ego.

If it is a work which you are initiating instead of an incarnation, the same type principles apply. If it is a creative idea which you are initiating instead of an incarnation or work, the same principles applies again minus the final precipitation of standing wave Particles down the induction line from the sixteenth dimension as the Substance Materialization needed. The Substance container stands as a virtual materialization.

To meet the ever expanding needs of Creation, the Intelligence of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy in the sixteenth dimension is constantly replenished by an unbreakable tether from the Breath in the eighteenth dimension, drawing down grabs of Intelligent Breath through connection of Alpha alone in the seventeenth dimension and into the sixteenth as needed.

The Substance of the Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy in the sixteenth dimension is constantly replenished by flows of Tiny Particles of Substance down from the eighteenth dimension in the form of the adamantine crystals through connection of Omega alone and in the seventeenth dimension into the sixteenth as needed. The respective Crisscrossing lines of the sixteenth dimension and the Pillar of Substance are continuously replenished by Omega according to need within the sixteenth dimensional frequencies of Omega.

The ever increasing Energy needs for both the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy and Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy are also constantly drawn from the upward Upper and Lower Triangle lines of the ever expanding Christ Consciousness Starrs of David connectivity of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter below as glorifications for the Creators into the sixteenth dimension on an ever upwards expanding basis as Creation below ever expands. As more and more of the Upper and Lower Triangles are brought up from below, more and more of the grabs of Breath and Adamantine Particles of Substance are able to be brought down from the Even Pool in an ever expanding continuity.

By the gradual ongoing incorporating of the Crisscrossing lines and frequencies of Tiny Particles of Substance into materializations, the Creators are gradually converting the Darkness of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self into pure Triune light under their Will, Desire, and Action.

When undertaking your responsibilities in an incarnation, you usually project into the same dimension or downwards into a lower dimension. Your inner matrix materialization of any downward projection you make will be of the Substance of your Soul Atom's dimension of office. The Substance of your outer materialization will be taken from the frequencies of the dimension into which you have projected.

Once you form a projection in any dimension, the Intelligence factor of the Father in both your upper and lower consciousness matrixes will be present through the circles. Your Christ factor of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter will be present as your normally oriented Starr of David. Your outer consciousness awareness will be from a three-way combination of your circle, your rotated Starr of David, and the feeling frequencies of your rotated Substance materialization.

In making or expanding any creative project, the same overall cubistic process applies A cubistic blueprint of the project is like an inner matrix. The finished result is like an outer. Your original idea and finished result is represented by the circle and Starr of David field lines upholding the plan. The planning and actual action taken is represented by the Y Factors. And both the intended and outer finished result is represented by the cube.

Every created project and every stage along the way is the result of the idea which preceded it. It is possible for many consciousnesses to collaborate together in harmony through arcs in consciousness towards a finished creative project. The very essence of Co-Creativity. You form an arc in consciousness with anyone with whom you make an agreement.

In your current condition on Earth, whenever you have an outer consciousness thought which has become sufficiently harmonized with a similar thought posted for your benefit within your upper consciousness matrix by your Reality Soul Atom self, the greater thought will pass on down through the common attunement of the circle to your outer consciousness matrix as that called illumination. The same is true for problem solving. If your purpose is pure, the answer will always be given and will appear in your consciousness as a spark of recognition. 'Ask and ye shall receive'. If not necessarily tomorrow, always eventually.

When you are seeking an answer to a question or solution to a problem, the initial question pattern will be held in your outer consciousness matrix. The answer or solution pattern will be posted down from your Reality Soul Atom self as a new pattern. The first pattern relates to Intelligence for being at the start or idea end. The second relates to Substance as it looks towards the end result or materialized product.

When the two connect within your consciousness,  A resulting pattern of light frequencies results from the fusing aspects of the Intelligence side and the Substance side merging together, pushed up as a spark of recognition within your outer consciousness which thereby becomes alerted. The answer side is then able to move freely down into your outer consciousness awareness through the newly opened channel as a grasping of the given solution in order to implement it.

The recognition doesn't triggered the light, the light triggers the recognition though the two are simultaneous. Some such sparks are intense enough that you consider the event a 'Light bulb' moment in which you are likely to exclaim 'Aha' or 'Eureka'.

Since a fusion within the Intelligence and Substance aspects is always involved, the 'in the middle' spark of recognition is a Universal event working the same in principle within all consciousnesses throughout all frequencies of all dimensions as it did originally within Alpha's discovery of Omega within the original Great Even Pool of Darkness as light created.

It was by coming to understand that a new found 'in the middle' event had occurred from their first ever original contact between their frequencies and consciousnesses of Breath and Tiny Particles within their Great Even Pool of Darkness self that Alpha was eventually able to work out a way with Omega to elevate their newly discovered light into their Absolute Only Begotten Son/Daughter third aspect of themselves with attribute of Energy as the active ingredient in their co0nsolidated family plan to end their causeless slide into oblivion forever.

If your question is about spiritual matters related to either yourself or others, the resulting answers are often considered to be what you call epiphanies.

The principle of epiphany is how Ascendant Beings evolve. If you are an Ascendant, at the beginning of each incarnating projection your inner and outer matrixes are usually completely consciously seperately distinct until your outer is brought into alignment with your inner by the harmonious conscious activity of your outer consciousness activities in your daily affairs and constant everyday spiritual epiphanations. Gradually building through incarnation after incarnation towards a resulting full alignment of Christ Consciousness awareness.

The proper responsibility of all Ascendant Soul Atoms is to achieve that alignment. Proper alignment means that your rod and staff overlays are working in harmony, and that your outer consciousness matrix does not carry frequencies which are not in harmony with your inner consciousness or to Creation.

If you are a Descendant Being, in any higher dimensional projection, your inner and outer matrixes start off well harmonized. When caught within an aberrant condition such as a third dimensional time line projection like Earth, your current responsibility is to get back into that alignment.

Since Man's demeaning fall into the third dimension over three and a half million years ago, volunteers from all over Creation have been incarnating into Earth to help alleviate the condition. Very recently Christ Michael and his angels won a war in heaven and cast 'the Dragon' into the Earth. Meaning that the conglomerate lesser condition comprising all those still contaminated by lesser frequencies of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus within their consciousnesses, were bundled into the now completed incarnating frequencies of Earth as the so called burst of Baby Boomers.

The Descendancy on Earth within the voluntary and within the 'Casted Dragon' all have the same responsibility to come back into alignment before them. The current responsibility of the Ascendancy within the Earth plane incarnate is to discover the alignment. Whether you are of the Ascendancy or of the Descendancy you move ever closer to the alignment through successive epiphanies and positive works.

In the materialization processes of Creation, the Substance/Energy radiations of the staffs begin at the top of Creation in the sixteenth dimension and are passed on downwards through the staff continuities within the assorted dimensional cubistic matrixes in succession.

Staff lines are continuous throughout the dimensions and from domain to domain within a dimension, carrying their original cubit purpose plus the aggregate vibrational information accumulated from domain to domain and dimension to dimension as increasing materializations. Materializations of any frequency in any dimension are capitulated through this pipe. The pipe for any Soul Atom in any projection anywhere within Creation is called the Silver Chord.

The original chaotically oriented standing waves of the Tiny Particles of Substance in the Great Even Pool of Darkness are converted into ironed out harmonized light forged standing waves in the sixteenth dimension and moved down the pipe. Staffs can carry many independent Substance frequencies simultaneously, segregated by frequency. The Substances and Energies move up and down in both directions as packets and do not interact or combine.

The staff Substances and Energies as started, begin from the top down in the sixteenth dimension. Such new frequencies as are started within a lower domain co-exist with the frequencies of all the others above in which they are inter-connected in the pipe as a common trunk.

The frequencies moving down the staffs carry information about the existing higher frequency cubits above into the newly created cubit structures below as part and parcel of the lower dimensional cubit's informational unity within the whole. Harmonious frequencies moving back up through the staffs carry purified information about a newly created cubit's created expression back up into the Creative matrixes overhead making those overhead greater made.

Substance in the third and fourth dimensions are in the form of Matter Substance, unique to only the lower dimensions. Substance in the fifth dimension is inertia free Morontia. Substance. In the seventh dimension is in Architectural frequencies, homogeneous throughout a domain but differing from domain to domain. In similarity with the primary frequencies of Father, Mother, Son/Daughter characterizing the Inner Creation, Architectural Substance, like third dimensional Matter Substance is in the form of an amalgam combined with Intelligence and Energy, yet keeping their individual attributional characteristics.

All upward moving Starr of David and staff frequencies are passed up through the Creative Son/Daughters, and through the Cube and Sphere to the Holy Trinity for their glorification. Then up into the sixteenth dimension for re-utilization and expansion.

As the net frequency of any new cube of Substance is from the net frequencies of the precipitations coming down from the Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy on an ongoing basis, and the net frequency of the Pillar is ever changing on an ever ongoing basis by the new Tiny Particles moving in from the seventeenth dimension above as continuous replenishment, plus, as the Energies of the Lake and Pillar are always changing by the ever upward expanding Christ consciousness of the Son/Daughter, plus, as newly glorified Substance is always moving up from the creation below for continuous re-utilization, the net frequencies of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy and Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy can never be the same two ticks in a row.

Every down coming circle of Intelligence and precipitation of Substance carries the respective net vibrations of the Lake and Pillar of the instant. Consequently, no two down coming circles and precipitations can ever be of the same exact net vibration anywhere in Creation. Consequently Creation can never become stagnant as no two identical frequencies can ever occur.

The net frequencies of every new expression in Creation is, and by very default of the Intelligent Design, completely unique. Every newly made frequency in Creation is ever uniquely different from any other and will always continue to be ever unique. This factor, combined with the fact that no two cubits or cubit parts of a cubit can ever be the same as revealed in Starrgram 5, make the Intelligent Design of Creation completely open ended and powerful beyond all limits.

Similarly as previously explained, as well as necessarily required for expansion as shown in Starrgram 5, rods create localized domains. The rod energies stem from a conversion of some of the identifying staff frequencies at the midpoint intersection, continue by a conversion of some of the identifying circle frequencies and Starr of David frequencies at the arms intersections, continue further by helping to establish some of the identifying cube frequencies at the sides as the boundary of the domain, and finish as extensions of some of the originally converted staff frequencies out past the cube sufficient to allow new expansions to occur.

Rods contain frequencies of both polarities and are neutral within the laws of polarity. Once created within a cubit, rod Energies radiate out from the mid point of the cubit as propagating frequencies within a domain like the spokes of a wheel.

Rods are instrumental in expanding a cubit or in creating new cubits, but do not readily co-exist with rod radiations from other domains. Rods cannot radiate completely out past the cubit because they meet the sides of the cube at ninety degrees and most of their frequencies become absorbed. Most of the staff frequencies of rods are stopped at the outermost cube sides as a continuing part of the cubit's materialization process at the boundaries of the containers. Rods however do extend somewhat past the cube sides as partial radiations because of the converted staff Energy frequencies which help begin them at the mid points.

The rod frequencies of one cubit do not connect consecutively to any other as do the staffs. Rather, as shown in fig. 63 above some rod lines never connect, while others meet end to end at a staff line. At the staff line the respective rod radiations are absorbed by the staffs and nothing is left to pass over into an oncoming rod. Once having passed beyond the sides of the cube, when rods eventually do meet an oncoming rod frequency from another domain there is very little left to interact and the characteristics of the respective domains remain intact.

In any cubistic matrix the rule is the same, the radiating rod Energies allow rods to participate as mid point actors in expansion activity, and through lack of full continuation of the Intelligence and Substance aspects past cube sides, the domains of issuance remain distinct. One Planet is distinguished from another, a Local Universe is distinguished from another, the fifth dimension is distinct from the sixth. Within your current projection you are distinct from anyone else. Super Universes are distinct from each other.

Within Soul Atom projections in the third dimension, the rods of one individual can influence those of another over a limited range at the auric level due to the overlap of the rods and staffs within their combined inner and outer matrixes. If your frequencies are mostly from your inner matrix, you are deemed Saintly. If they are mostly from your outer matrix and your outer is in disharmony with your inner, you are considered despotic.

Like staffs, the extending parallel lines of the Starr of David also connect domain to domain and dimension to dimension. The downward increasing Energies carry the blueprinted plans and purposes of Creation. The varying frequencies of the smaller and smaller different Starr of David line segments aggregate within the larger and larger Starr of David lines of a matrix, as ever increasing information about the matrixes below as the matrixes become more and more complex. The smaller and smaller created Energies aggregate back up as part and parcel of the ever expanding Christ expression of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

The vibratory rates of your Starrs of David are determined by consciousness through your original Alpha component of your Soul Atom self, plus through the power of the polarity between your Will and Desire within your motivations as reflected by the power of your Y Factors in your Co-Creative thoughts and responsibility taken.

The greater your Soul Atom's originating circle of Being and capacity of Will and Desire, the greater the power in the vibration and fields of your Starr of David and your consequent Y Factors. The greater the vibratory rate of your Y Factors, the greater will be your resultant incarnated projections and created manifestations.

Creator Son/Daughter Soul Atoms starting up whole Local Universes of a thousand galaxies each have very very large circles of Being. If you are an Ascending Soul Atom starting out evolution in the fifth dimension you have a very small circle of Being. The resident Soul Atoms of the Inner Creation all have large circles of Being. The seven Master Spirits of Creation upholding whole Super Universes within their consciousnesses have the largest originating circles of Being.

Just as the seven Master Spirits pairs were able to start up whole Super Universe bubbles within their consciousnesses, Creator Son/Daughters are able to start up whole Local Universes within their consciousnesses.

Similarly, in their higher frequencies Starrs of David are responsible for that called Spiritual. The Spiritual expressions of love and light you experience as you walk about on Earth are from the presence of the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional Starr of David frequencies within your Upper consciousness matrixes. The physical Energies walking you about are from the Lower Triangle component of your Outer Consciousness matrix. In the fourth dimension, the lowest frequencies of the Starrs of David are responsible for that called gravity, electromagnetism, and magnetics.

Throughout all of Creation, in the original animus set up by the Creators for expansion, like polarities attract and opposites repel. Though opposites, the opposing vibrations of the Upper and Lower triangles of the Starr of David are interwoven to lock them together. Whereby they emanate outward together as a combined power of attraction of both polarities.

The emanating attraction of the Upper triangle component is experienced in all frequencies in all dimensions as that thought of as Love. The emanating attraction of the Lower triangle is experienced in all frequencies of all dimensions as that felt as Love.

The Lower triangle emanations operate additionally within the Matter Substance frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions as the attractive power known as gravity. The lower frequency gravity attraction helps keep the Outer Creation together as function and form. The higher frequency Love attractions help keep the Outer Creation together as family and friends.

In the descending order of the dimensions, the downward outward moving frequencies of the staffs feed out through the bottom of each cubit into the inward downward moving staff frequencies of the next cubit below. The continuous Substance materializations from the sixteenth dimension to the lowest levels of Creation are brought down through this interconnection.

The outwardly radiating rod frequencies generating from the mid point of your outer matrix, superimpose on the staffs of your inner matrix and are converted into new staff frequencies which move back up the staffs independently of the normal downward and upward moving frequencies already present as new information back to the Creators. Becoming part of the ever upward migrating whole.

From even the lowest levels of consciousness in Creation, the frequencies of all accomplished creative works are returned up the pipeline to Alpha and Omega for their glorification. The continuously successful works of Soul Atoms in projection also glorify the Intelligence of the Creators by the ever increasing number of circles of Intelligence in Creation whose plans all creative purposes serve.

Through Co-Creative endeavours, more and more mid points are being created and more and more staff lines are becoming fixed in from out of the Crisscrossing lines in the sixteenth dimension. More and more Starrs of David are being emanated, more and more materializations are becoming completed in manifestation and more and more rods are being created in Co-Creative result. Allowing yet more and more circles of Intelligence to be brought down from the sixteenth dimension, yet more Starrs of David to be created, and yet more and more Substance to be brought down enabling yet more and more expansion.

Creation is ever expanding according to the rules of the Intelligent Design. The ever expanding total Christ expression of the Only Begotten Son and Daughter is ever expanding under the guidance, direction, and protection of the Holy Trinity. Energies of the ever expanding Christ Consciousness of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter pool upward into the Energy factors of the sixteenth dimensional Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy and Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy in ever increasing capacity. As their capacities increase, more and more Breath and Tiny Particles are able to be brought down from Alpha and Omega's Great Even Pool of Darkness self into the sixteenth dimension in parity and converted into frequencies of light.

The ever upward returning frequencies of glorified Substance and Energy pool within the Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy. The ever upward returning frequencies of glorified Intelligence pool within the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy. As more and more of the Tiny Particles of Substance become harmonized into conscious cubistic structures within Creation at large, more and more of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self becomes converted out of darkness into light.

Through Alpha and Omega's expansions, Creation is gradually becoming a Beatific mirrored equivalent of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self, cast in the frequencies of pure light through the ever expanding ongoing presence of Energy. By their order they work their darkness into light.

Eventually, sufficient Energy animus will have become pooled to convert the remainder of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self into the pure everlasting Triune frequencies of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance as the last and final singular event.