Starrgram 8: The Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega was the first projected outcome of the Holy Trinity self of Alpha and Omega. The cubit is the thirteenth dimensional universal outer projected expression of their Cube and Sphere. Paradise was the first outer projection of Alpha and Omega by use of the cubit.

The Inner Creation is the first expanded projection of Alpha and Omega. The Outer Creation is the first expanding projection of Alpha and Omega. The Outer Creation comprises the seven Great Super Universe bubbles. The bubbles surround the Inner Creation like the petals of a flower.

Each Super Universe is also seventh dimensional. Both the Super Universes and the dimensions are based on the seven permutations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. The permutations are: 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Substance/Energy (Expansion), 5. Intelligence/Substance (Perfection), 6. Intelligence/Energy (Creation), and 7. Intelligence/Energy/Substance (Completion, pure Triune Being, the day of rest). Both the Super Universes and outer dimensions are called the 'Seven Days of Creation'. In Genesis within your bible the 'Seven Days of Creation' actually refers to the seven dimensional permutations.

The Outer Creation bubblers were created in the same sequence of order as the permutations, each Super Universe based on the particular permutation. The Super Universe of Intelligence was started first. Being the Super Universe of Intelligence does not mean that Substance and Energy are not present, just reduced in capacity. The Second Super Universe of Energy began by bifurcation off the first and so on.

The dimensions on the other hand are not separated or parallel, they nest interactively according to frequency from the first up to the seventh..

Ordinary visible light re-appears in narrow bands at higher and higher dimensional frequencies like the note C of the musical scale. Societal materializations in Creation exist only within the bands of visible light. The octaves of visible light in which societal materializations occur are the fifth dimension, seventh dimension, ninth dimension, eleventh dimension, and thirteenth dimension. Societal materializations can also exist abnormally in the third dimensional band of visibility as time line aberrations such as on Earth. Time lines situations are very temporary and are not a part of the normal everlasting fabric of Creation.

Very, very few such third dimensional time line materializations actually exist, about twenty five hundred in total, spread across the thousand galaxies of this Local Universe. Most are in the Orion and Draco Solar Sectors. Such third dimensional time line situations as do exist are miscreants, temporary aberrances resulting from the Luciferian's attempt to create a Self Will Universe responsible only to one's self and free of responsibility to the Creation for the Creators. All such abominable time lines are slated to become reconfigured back into whole, sound, and perfect fifth dimensional Reality through undertaking of the all encompassing inter-dimensional clean up program now in progress called Armageddon. When Armageddon is completed, active time lines situations will no longer be a part of Creation.

The fifth dimension is the bottom line of the Outer Creation Creation.

The seventh dimensional octave of materialization is the mainstay of the Outer Creation.

The eleventh dimensional octave of materialization is the mainstay of the Inner Creation.

The thirteenth dimensional Island of paradise octave of materialization is the mainstay of all Creation.

The dimensions of the Outer Creation were built from the top down from the seventh dimension to the first, each underneath the one above it in frequency. For simplicity of viewing however, the dimensions will be depicted herein one after the other from the first dimension up. The first three dimensions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance work together as an interactive unit.

The first dimension of Intelligence is a single cubit and is the lowest frequency in Creation. Being the dimension of Intelligence does not mean that Substance and Energy are not present, just reduced in capacity. The single point charge states plying the chemistries and physics of the physical plane start from the Breath, starting in the first dimension.

The second dimension of Energy is by a single cubistic expansion of the first based on the first expansion rule of fig. 49 in Starrgram 5. Like the first, being the dimension of Energy does not mean that Substance and Intelligence are not present, just that they are present in reduced capacity. The linear and angular Energy vectors plying the movements of the physical plane, plus thermal temperature statuses comprise much of the second dimension, mirroring the line-like characteristic of Energy.

The third dimension of Substance is by a similar single expansion of the second to the third. Like the first and second, being the dimension of Substance does not mean that Intelligence and Energy are not present, just that they are present in a reduced capacity. Mirroring the cube-like nature of Substance, the third dimension is both characterized by, and fully manifested by discreet stand alone three-directional bodily objects having the first two dimensionalities equally present as background expressions embedded within them as part and parcel of their expression.

The Intelligence, Energy, and Substance frequencies of the first three dimensions work together as a singular triune set, and are that which you call the Physical Plane. For simplicity, it is commonly called just  the 'Third Dimension'. (Fig 65).

Fig. 65 - The First, Second, and Third Dimensions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance - Collectively Called 'The Third Dimension'

In fig. 65, the first dimension of Intelligence is the small cubit in the middle characterized by a dominant red circle of Intelligence. The second dimension of Energy is the middle cubit characterized by dominant blue radials of Energy. The third dimension of Substance is the large cubit characterized by the dominant yellow cube of Substance around the outside. Even though they all look to be of different sizes, all three are of completely equal animus's, working harmoniously together as a fully balanced Triune set. Remembering that it is principles being depicted not layouts.

The fourth dimension is a matter of frequency, not of place. It sits in frequency above the third. It is completely different than the third. Most of you do not believe in a Fourth Dimension. When you are lucid dreaming you are in it.

The character of the fourth dimension is Expansion. Its dimensional attribution is Substance/Energy where Intelligence is the diminished factor. (Fig. 66).

Fig. 66 - Fourth Dimension, Intelligence is Diminished

The fourth dimension is a conglomerate of seven sub-octaves tied together, mirroring the seven Super Universes of the Outer Creation.

The expansion from the third dimension to the fourth is in two stages. The first is by a similar single expansion of the third to the fourth to establish a basic fourth dimensional cubit in preparation for an expansion into the seven frequencies tied together. (Fig. 67).

Fig. 67 - First Fourth Dimensional Expansion to a Core Cubit

The second expansion is of the basic fourth dimensional cubit once more up into a main fourth dimensional cubit, where the main cubit is expanded into the seven frequencies tied together as octaves. (Fig.68).

Fig. 68 - Basic Cubistic Matrix of the Fourth Dimension

In the depiction, fig. 67 is the smaller cubit in the middle of the seventh octave cubit in the center. The third dimension is the very very tiny dot in the middle of the seventh octave cubit. The fourth dimension is very much larger than the third. The fourth dimension is much less dense than the third, and the parts in it are much farther apart.

In reflection of the fact that each of the seven Super Universes are themselves comprised of seven dimensions, each octave of the fourth dimension also has the other seven sub-octaves within it as levels. Seven times seven equals forty nine. There are forty nine different Energy levels of the fourth dimension. You call the forty nine levels the astral planes, also called the astral states. Each astral state is higher in frequency than the one below.

The so called 'Causal' Plane is actually the top three levels of the seventh octave. 'Causeless Cause' is by which the Great Even Pool of Darkness always existed. First Cause is the consciousness actions by which the Creators begat to expand Creation. 'Second Cause' is the consciousness actions by which their myriad of Souls Atom Children within are helping to expand Creation. And 'Lesser Cause'  is the consciousness actions taken by the Luciferians to try and impose a Creation pandering to Self upon the existing Creation.

To create the seven levels, each sub-octave in fig. 68 is itself subdivided by the rule of seven as outlined in Starrgram 5. In a manner similar to fig. 55 in Starrgram 6, each subdivision is then shown provisioned with the frequencies of the seven tied together to comprise the forty nine cubits holding the complete frequencies of all forty nine levels comprising the fourth dimension, each level higher in frequency the the previous.. (Fig. 69).

Fig. 69 - The Forty Nine Levels or Astral Planes of the Fourth Dimension

The forty nine astral planes have also been called 'Jacobs Ladder'. In your Bible account, Jacob dreamt of a ladder connecting Earth to Heaven. The ladder connected the third dimension called Earth, to the fifth dimension called Heaven. The ladder represented the forty nine steps representing the forty nine levels of the fourth dimension, representing the upward expansion of consciousness though the forty nine levels from the third dimension to the fifth.

In fig 69, the seven levels are shown in each of the seven sub-octaves in mirror of the Outer Creation as a whole of seven Super Universes having seven dimensions in each. The third dimension shows as the very very small dot in the center of the center the very small cubit in the center of the seventh octave cubit. For mirroring the Outer Creation at large, fig. 69 is nearly the same as fig. 63 in Starrgram 7, with only the center cubit different for depicting the third dimensional triune conglomerate rather than the eighth dimension void been the Inner and Outer Creations.

The Fourth Dimensional conglomerate imparts a universality which is the same throughout the whole of the Outer Creation. In every planet in every Solar System in every Local Universe in every different Super Universe the same fourth dimensional mirror of its entire Outer Creation as a whole exists, albeit tailored to each specific Solar System. Through this same principle of the universal mirroring in each Super Universe, the Outer Creation as a whole remains unified together as a single cohesive harmonized whole, even as every Super Universe is entirely separate unto itself according to its seven frequencies tied together attribution.

The third and fourth dimensions are comprised of Matter Substance. Matter Substance is the lowest frequency of Substance in all of Creation. Under normal circumstances higher consciousnesses do not exist in either the third or fourth dimensions. Such populations as do live within the third and fourth dimensions are said to live within a temporary time line. Planet Earth is currently in a temporary time line fix.

In all, only twenty seven thousand planets in only Christ Michael's Local Universe became subject to the Luciferian metaphysical misappropriation of the Laws of Creation unto self. Most of those occurred around the Orion and Draco Solar Sectors. Of those, only twenty five hundred in all fell to the point of having a third dimension conscious time line population precipitated upon it's surface. The Rebellion did not spread far but was not without its irritations.

Those living within time line situations such as Earth lead very illusionary existences which nonetheless seem very real to them. In particular, that you think the third dimension is all there is within the Universe is a miscreant of the outer world Mentallized Illusion upon the fact that the third dimension can hold a materialization in visible light and you have become subject to one.

You are currently time line constrained in your consciousnesses, and have come to recognize only the testimony of your five outer senses which are attuned to only the frequencies of the first three dimensions and lower fourth. Through seep from your higher dimensional presences, you also have enhanced sensitivities to the frequencies through to the twenty eight level of the fourth. It is through these higher frequency sensitivities that you are aware of the consciousnesses of others and the spiritual potentials within yourself and of Mankind in general.

The fourth dimension is in auric frequencies and is not visible to your five third dimensional outer senses. Most animals see very well in the auric frequencies. Having disavowed most of your other one hundred and five senses which are all attuned to the higher fourth dimensional levels, to you, the first twenty eight astral levels have long since become the all of it.

Having created all of your instrumentations to work within the third dimensional limits of your perceptibility, your interstellar searchings of the Cosmo also fall far short of a true perspective. Accounting for your illusionary off-world conclusions of science which you consider to be the whole of Creation. You think the Universe is fourteen billion years old, only fourteen billion light years across, and is ancient. When in Reality it is over nine hundred trillion light years across, over nine hundred trillion light years old, and still within its infancy.

For most of you, through your higher senses, the beginning of your normal state of consciousness is the twenty second level, the first level of the fourth sub octave. The twenty third level is where your higher conscious awareness begins. 'The Lord is my Shepherd'. The upper limit for most of you is currently the twenty-eight level, being the end of the fourth sub-octave which comprises the frequency counterparts of the fourth dimension within the fourth dimension.

The thirty-third state is the main stamp of the fifth dimensional frequency component upon the fourth dimension, being the fifth level of the fifth sub-octave. Thirty-three is the level most in harmony with the frequencies of the fifth dimension within the fourth dimension, and is the frequency of transfiguration. At the age of thirty three, Jesus transfigured on the mount in a strengthened exemplification of his embodiment. After his transfiguration Jesus was no longer subject to death.

The main effect of psychedelic drugs is to unplug your awareness from the five senses constraint into one or more of your one hundred and five other senses attuned to the higher levels above twenty-eight. The source of your many so called 'Cosmic experiences'. The so called 'White light' many of you experienced occurred through auric contact with your diamond white Soul Atom self sitting in residence within your Pituitary gland through your enhanced higher sense awareness.

In most cases your consciousnesses were poorly prepared for the onslaught of new higher sense data. The result was a so called bad or frivolous reaction instead of true awakening.

In your current aberrant Earth plane consciousness state, your consciousness must be clear through all forty-nine levels of the astral planes in order to be in complete harmony with Creation. The forty-ninth level is Triune Triune, the state of completion.

Nearly all of you already experience the fourth dimension on a regular basis in that which you call lucid dream states. Lucid dreams are the first direct exposure of the frequencies of the fourth dimension to you third dimensional consciousnesses. The lower fourth dimension is what you call  the 'Spirit World'.

As the frequencies of Earth have already increased rapidly through the cusp of late two thousand and twelve, your dream state experiences are already on a rapidly increasing course of expansion to nearly full time real-seeming adventures for some of you.

Eventually, you will be able to experience the frequencies of the fourth dimension while fully awake as overlays over top of your normal awake state as you walk about. The effect is similar to daydreaming but with your eyes wide awake, not as hallucinations but as real time fourth dimensional experiences already starting to happen in some of you.

You are currently going through a rapid process of consciousness escalation. Since October tenth of nineteen sixty two, your consciousnesses have been expanding through a phase of introductory frequencies through the fourth dimensional octaves up to the forty ninth level. Called in your literatures the Houses of the Mayan Calendar. At the end of two thousand and twelve, the escalations were completed. You are now beginning to be moved up into the frequencies of the fifth dimension. A few of you will lead, the rest will follow.

Your final Planet Earth incarnation if you are worthy, will be back up into Earth's fifth dimension two thousand years from now and not back into the third dimensional time line situation as has been happening for the past three and a half million years. Which will be completely dismantled two thousand years from now. The Mayan calendar foretold in detail of this first wave of consciousness expansion, which ended on December twenty first, two thousand and twelve when the end of the forty nine introductory levels of consciousness had been reached. The next two thousand years will be a full-phase learning by experience and understanding of all of the frequencies of the octaves to the forty ninth level. At the end of the two thousand years most of you will be back within your original fifth dimensional levels of consciousness and back within the fifth dimension where you belong.

Fig. 69 above and previous, have depicted the Outer Creation from the attributional side. The set of drawings starting next will depict it from the Cubistic side.

The fifth dimension is the bottom line of Creation. It is the dimension where the Ascendancy begins their evolution and the Descendancy works with lowest light. The principle of the fifth dimension is Perfection. Those who are attuned to the fifth dimension are said to be Divine. The outer representation of fifth dimensional perfection is the five sided Starr you call a pentagram, usurped by those working with lesser consciousnesses for the lesser purposes of self.

The dimensional attribution is Intelligence/Substance where Energy is the diminished factor. (Fig. 70).

Fig. 70 - Fifth Dimension, Energy is Diminished

In the original frequencies of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self, only original independent Intelligence and independent Substance existed and Energy had to be Created. In mirroring the Great Even Pool of Darkness self, in the fifth dimension the Ascendancy face a Substance and Intelligence environment where Energy is diminished and its true aspect has to be learned.

Just as the Creators, originally independent Intelligence and independent Substance had to learn about the fundamentals of themselves at their most basic level in order to learn about the third potential aspect of themselves at their highest level, the Ascendancy start off as Beings of mostly Intelligence and Substance in the fifth dimension in order to learn about the the third potential aspect of themselves at the lowest level in order to learn about the full  Trinity aspect of themselves at the highest level as eventual Christ Co-Creators at the feet of the Creators in Paradise.

A seminal difference between the nature of the first four dimensions and dimensions five, six, and seven occurs. Rather than just another simple expansion of a cubit into a larger cubit as per the first four dimensions, the expansion of the fourth dimension to the fifth is accomplished by yet another principle of cubistic expansion within the Intelligent Design. Whereby the new points and centers for the new cubits result around the outside of the originating cubit rather than inside.

Just as six equal sized cubits were centered around a seventh to form the seven tied together comprising the fourth dimension, for the expansion to the fifth dimension twelve new equal sized cubits end up surrounding the fourth dimensional matrix with each the same size as each of the fourth's original seven cubits. Each having a completely different net vibration. The twelve new cubits both defines the nature of the fifth dimension, and imparts considerable information about it.

The expansion is again quite simple to depict. Again, rods play a definitive role. In the depictions, for clarity of viewing, fig. 68 above is used as the starting point rather than fig. 69. Understanding that it is actually fig. 69 in full which is being expanded.

Out along the staffs at each of the six main corners of the outer cube in fig. 68 exists an intersection with two extending rods. Out along the extended rods in the middle of each of the six sides of the outer cube exists an intersection with two extended staffs. Comprised altogether are twelve respective rod and staff intersections.

A set of six new Crisscrossing lines is depicted as being brought down from the sixteenth dimension, processed into alignment with the directions of the staffs at the middle of the cube, and passed through the twelve respective staff and rod intersections around the corners of the cube. Again, for the sake of brevity, only the seven main octaves of the fourth dimension are shown as per fig. 68 and not also all the levels as per fig. 69. (Fig. 71).

Fig. 71 - Six New Staffs Through the Twelve Corner Staff and Two Rod Intersections

A second set of six new Crisscrossing lines are brought down from the sixteenth dimension, processed into alignment with the directions of the rods, and depicted again through each of the six respective rod and two staff intersections out the sides of the cube, passing through the respective staff and cube corner intersections. The two vertical lines at the side tips of the cube, plus other cube tips help you spot them better. (Fig. 72).

Fig. 72 - Six New Staffs Through the Corner Staff and Two Rods Intersections

Finally, a third set of six new Crisscrossing lines are brought down from the sixteenth dimension, processed again into alignment with the directions of the rods, and depicted through the six respective staff and two rod intersections around the corners of the cubes. To avoid confusion of viewing, the two previous sets of six new lines are not shown. (Fig. 73).

Fig. 73 - Six New Staffs Through the Side Staff and Two Rod Intersections

The collective intersections of all three new sets of brought down staffs, combined with their collective intersections with the original staff and rods shown together, create the starting mid points for twelve new Energy Point and Centers around the cube. (Fig. 74).

Fig. 74 - Twelve New Energy Points around the Cube

To complete the twelve new competent points and centers around the cube, in conjunction with the original Starrs of David, a new Starr of David is depicted around each new point and center mid point, creating six new complete Point and Centers surounding the cube. For ease of viewing of the Starrs of David, the view has been somewhat enlarged. (Fig. 75).

Fig. 75 - New Starrs of David creating the Twelve New Point and Centers

To continue the expansion to the fifth dimension, through the arms intersections of the new Starrs of David, twelve new circles of Intelligence can be depicted. (Fig. 76).

Fig. 76 - Twelve New Circles

To set up the completion of the expansion of the fourth dimension to the fifth, at each of the six intersections of the original radiating staffs and outermost points of the respective new Starrs of David, a new large cube can be depicted. At the conjunction of the new cube and existing Starr of David Points, new cubes of Substance can be depicted around every new circle. And finally to finish the expansion, a fifth dimensional circle of Intelligence can be depicted through the appropriate Starr of David arms intersections to complete the expansion of the fourth dimension to the fifth. (Fig. 77).

Fig. 77 - Fifth Dimensional Component of the Outer Creation

The outermost ring of twelve new cubits cubistically depicts the fifth dimension where Energy is diminished.

As seen in fig. 77, through the commonality of Substance, the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are tied together as a conglomerate. The third and lower fourth dimensional Substance portion of the conglomerate is called Matter Substance, the upper fourth dimensional and fifth dimensional Substance portion is called Morontia Substance.

The Morontia Substance portion of Planets and Starrs are all part and parcel of the Planets and Starrs you see, but are outside of your normal vision and the scope of your apparatuses because the frequencies are too high.

The twelve newly depicted cubits, all diminished in Energy, represent the cubistic expansion of the fourth dimension to the fifth. The twelve new cubits in and of themselves comprise the fifth dimensional portion of a Super Universe's overall seven dimensionality. Depending on their location and frequency in Creation, they also define each solar system's particular Solar Law. Every Solar System in Creation is known by its unique Solar Law. Teleporting from one Solar System to another involves knowing its Solar Law.

In keeping with fig. 77, the Starrs and Planets you see are all third, fourth, and fifth dimensional Substance based. What you see with your limited five outer world animal senses is only the lower Matter Substance frequencies comprising the third dimensional visible frequency of materialization sitting under the fourth dimensional center cubit, the only part of Creation your outer five senses are privy to. Ironically. Your flat Earth proponents have it right just as much as they have it wrong, it is Earth's fifth dimension that's flat not its third.

Similarly, the less dense higher frequency auric Matter Substances of the fourth dimension have much less inertia than the crude Matter Substance of the third. Morontia Substance of the fifth dimension is distinguished from the Matter Substances of the third and lower fourth dimensions in that it has no inertia whatsoever. In Morontia Substance materializations, you move around by thought re-configurations, not by expending physical Energy against inertia.

The Matter Substances of the third and lower fourth dimensions are aggregates of cubistic matrixes held together by the magnetic attraction of the positive and negative end poles of the magnetic fields around the Starrs of David in their component parts. The modularized material object bodies are free to move around in any orientation with respect to each other.

To move any cubistic aggregation of macroscopic material bodies requires the expenditure of Energy to detach them from one magnetic cubistic setting into another as they move about. Having to detach and resettle them on an ongoing basis reflects as inertia and their motion is reflected as momentum.

In Morontia Substance it is the materializing process itself and not the materialized bodily object per se' which moves around. When you move something around in Morontia Substance, the Morontia Substance shape constantly materializes in front of the motion by thought on an ongoing basis, even as it constantly dissolves again in back similar to a soliton.

The process is seamless. The net effect is that the Morontia object appears to move seamlessly along similar to third dimensional motion, whereas in fact it is only the materializing process itself which is undergoing the constant ongoing relocations, not the object itself.

Thoughts are the locomotor and not the mechanical expenditures of Energy as Energy is diminished. Similarly, as you walk about in the Morontia worlds your cubistic self undergoes the changes on an ongoing basis under the influence of thought, accommodating your passage harmoniously along without the need of physical Energy.

By this method you are able to move freely about by the thought processes of levitation only. The process is the same when you move any formed Morontia materialization around. You materialize the formation in front and de-materialize it in back on an ongoing basis as the materialization process itself moves along. Constituting the equivalent of motion under the influence of your consciousness but inertia free.

Similarly, all activities in the fifth dimension and higher are conducted perfectly. It is only in the lower frequency third dimensional state of Mankind that shoddy outcomes are considered acceptable. Cost, speed, and corner cutting supersedes quality almost by decree.

As with the higher aspects of the fourth dimension, the fifth dimensional aspects are not visible to your lower five senses because the frequencies are too high.

Similarly, Morontia colors in visible light are very vibrant. The very vibrant backlit red, yellow, and greens of your earth plane traffic lights are a good example of how bright and lively everything looks to everybody in the fifth dimension, who think of it as completely normal.

Similarly, unlike to third dimensional eyes, to fifth dimensional eyes the Universe is rich and full. Vast visible fourth and fifth dimensional Substance containers and Energy links ply between the Solar Systems and Galaxies like the physical plane utility and transportation links of your third dimension. Solar Systems and Solar Sectors are likened to cities and municipalities.

To seventh dimensional eyes, a whole galaxy is like a great country with many cities, municipalities, and suburbs from its Starr and Planet parts. A Local Universe of a thousand galaxies is like a single planet with a thousand different countries.

Similarly, the Garden of Eden was not a place someplace on Earth's surface. It is Earth's fifth dimension. In particular, it is your own fifth dimensional body which is a component part of the fifth, collectively referred to as the Garden of Eden in reflection of the fifth dimensional perfection of its expression. Also, in reflection of the fact that the original Morontia floras of Earth's fifth dimension were upheld by frequency inductions from the Edentic worlds in the Cygnus the Swan constellation. Just as Earth's current third dimensional therapeutic floras are upheld under Edentic world influences by special dispensation.

When you were cast out of the Garden by Luciferian miss-adventure three and a half million years ago, you were effectively cast out of your own fifth dimensional Morontia materialization into subjugation within the rude lower material Substance bodies of the third dimensional animal world.

The animal world had originally been precipitated within the third and fourth dimensions of Earth for therapeutic purposes only of the planet. That your strictly three dimensional lower physical bodies are currently considered to be the totality of yourselves by yourselves, is only because your dependence upon your lower five senses precludes it. Through three and a half million years of precluded third dimensional thought, you have built up your current rigid crystallized thought structure about Reality called the 'Mentallized Illusion'.

The reality is that even in your third dimensional subjected state, the bodies you walk around in contain all due fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional Substance vortices wrappings. You  are all still Triune Celestial Christ Beings or to become Christed, even though most of you at the moment are not aware of it but sooner or later will have to.

The character of the sixth dimension is creativity. Its dimensional attribution is Intelligence/Energy where Substance is the diminished factor. (Fig. 78).

Fig. 78 - Sixth Dimension, Substance is Diminished

The rule depicting the dimensional expansion of the fifth dimension into the sixth follows the same pattern as did the expansion of the fourth to the fifth. Using the assorted external staff and rod intersections as found in the fifth dimension depiction of fig. 78 as the new starting points, three new sets of six staffs each are brought down from the sixteenth dimension to create six new rows of Point and Center Energy mid points around the outermost cube structures of the fifth. Eighteen new complete Point and Centers are created instead of twelve.

The respective Energy, Intelligence, and Substance parameters are subsequently filled in to complete the set of eighteen new cubits comprising the sixth dimension. The eighteen new cubits of the sixth dimension are each the same size as the twelve new cubits of the fifth. (Fig. 80).

Fig. 80 - Sixth Dimensional portion of Creation

The outermost ring of cubits depicts the sixth dimension. As you can see in fig. 80, Substance is diminished. The sixth dimension is less a dimension of materiality and more of a dimension of pure creative thought. The sixth dimension represents a decided break from the Substance continuity of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions. It is the inter-phase between the mainly Evolutionary frequencies of the fifth dimension and mainly Dispensary frequencies of the seventh.

As you can also see in fig. 80, the attunement from the sixth dimension to the fifth is harmonic through Intelligence. Through the attunement of Intelligence, material Co-Creative plans are passed on down from the seventh dimension through the sixth into the fifth. From the Substance alliances of the fifth they are passed on down into the fourth dimension and third dimension as implementations if and when called for as physical change.

The changes then take place accordingly, providing yet further frame worked scaffolding in the lower Substance and Energy frequencies of the third and fourth dimension for yet even more fifth dimensional evolutions to exist. Thus Creation ever expands.

From the Creator Son/Daughters in the seventh dimension, the Creative intentions of the Creators are passed on down through the creative harmonizations of the sixth dimension to the board rooms of the fifth dimension as expansions to be undertaken by the respective inter-dimensional fifth dimensional Descendancy administrators in responsibility.

In you, the same principle applies in principle when manifesting complex expressions in Creativity. Following the two types of respective expansions, as fig. 56 of Starrgram 5 barely begins to imply, the cubistic matrixes underlying even simple creative endeavours can be myriads of thousands of cubits in size and involve many many assorted cubistic expansions and all variances of cubit sizes and attributions in between.

Creative motivation stems from frequencies that are passed on down from your Triune Soul Atom self within your seventh dimensional aspect of your Inner consciousness matrix through the frequencies of your sixth. If your creative activities are in harmony with the Creative purposes of the Creators, it is directly through your sixth dimensional attunement to your seventh dimensional Christ Triune Atom in residence within your Pituitary.

All creative works, be they ever so little or ever so great, ever so elegant or ever so plain, are from your Christ Soul Atom in attendance. Your outer consciousness component in and of itself cannot create, only react. It cannot create until you are in complete alignment with your inner Christ Triunes Celestial self, which then becomes one and the same. The ultimate steadfast goal of all consciousnesses in an outer world incarnation.

If it is a special responsibility you are being asked to undertake, it will be from the higher dimensional administrators above you, passed through from your Whole Soul Atom Self to your Ovarian Soul Atom Self in your pituitary. The Revelatorium series are being produced from above on an ever expanding basis by this process of illumination.

If you are in tune with your inner action, it is with the creative influences from your higher inner action. If not, it is from the outer stimulations of your outer worldly existence with enough of a creative aspect from your higher self getting through to get you by.

Under normal circumstances you would express your Christ Co-Creative responsibilities to the Creation from the harmonies of a fifth or seventh dimensional projection. Because you are currently bound within the un-harmonious limitations of a third dimensional materiality, an additional step has been incurred whereby a veil exists between your fifth dimensionality and your third within your consciousness. The veil blocks passage of most of your true Christ Creativity to your outer consciousness in most of you.

Consequently your attunement is to the mentallized illusion instead. Namely, the accumulated mentallized thoughts of Mankind over the last three and a half million years through the errant loss of your original attunement to your higher Christ self. The condition persists until you start punching through the veil by starting to aspire to re-attune again to the Will and Desire of the Creators again, and away from the lesser crass material pursuits and allurements of Mankind. A process which is starting to occur in many of you.

The rule is simple. Sincerely wanting to aspire creates sufficient Desire through your square of consciousness to break through the third and fourth dimensional veil of crystallizations in your Outer consciousness matrix, and starts a process of re-alignment again with your inner. Adherence to the spiritual laws Jesus Christ gave two thousand years ago assures it, the reason the laws were given.

You have to be sincere, else only further crystallizations will result out of additional resulting mis-alignments. Once you start realigning in earnest, the process will expand faster and faster as long as you remain sincere. Similarly, your condition has been a long time in the making, do not expect it to clear up overnight. Once you are back on track, life becomes a whole lot easier.

The character of the seventh dimension is full Triune completion. Its dimensional attribution is Intelligence/Energy/Substance. There is no diminished attribute. (Fig. 81).

Fig. 81 - Seventh Dimension, No Diminished Attribute

The seventh dimension is where the Ascendancy starts learning to work with full Triune expression and the Descendancy works with normal light.

If you are of the Ascendancy, you learn about Christ in the fifth dimension because Energy is diminished. By the end of your sojourn in the fifth dimension you will have taken on the full outer awareness of a Christed Son.

In the seventh dimension you begin to practice Christ expression because Energy is in full attribution. By the end of your sojourn in the seventh dimension you will have taken on the full Christ inner awareness of a Christed Son, ready to move back up through the eighth dimensional portal into the frequencies of the Inner Creation on your ever upward progress towards the feet of the Creators in Paradise for eventual Trinitization as a fully anointed Christed Triune Celestial Being as are the Descendancy.

The reason that Ascendant Beings exist is that they produce ever expanding Energy and Consciousness expressions of the Only Begotten from the frequencies of the fifth in their expressions, and expand it upwards step by step on their eventual migration back to Paradise. The reason that Descendant Beings exist is to insure that migration. As their expanding Christ Energies pool at the top of Creation, more and more flows of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance from the Even Pool are able to be brought down into the Creative process underneath.

The ongoing harmonic relationship between the two types of Being is how Creation is ever expanding upwards towards eventual completion. The two types of Being by design are of equal value in the eyes of Alpha and Omega. You Ascendants are the key to Creation's ever ongoing expansion and you Descendants are the key to their ever ongoing successes.

The rule of expansion for the sixth dimension into the seventh follows the same rule as did the expansion of the fourth into the fifth and the fifth into the sixth. Using the external staff and rod intersections as new Point and Center starting points, three more sets of staff lines are brought down from the sixteenth dimension to create six new rows of competent Points and Centers of Energy around the outermost cube of the sixth.

The respective cubit parts are filled in increasing the net number of new cubits around the outside from eighteen to twenty four, comprising the seventh dimensional component of the overall outer dimensional matrix of each Super Universe. (Fig. 82).

Fig. 82 - Seventh Dimensional Component of the Outer Creation

Dimension seven completes the depictions of the dimensions from the dimensional side, even as they stay faithful to the attributions side. The outermost ring of cubits in fig. 82 depicts the seventh dimension.

The term Seventh Heaven is not just a turn of phrase. The seventh dimension is the mainstay of the Outer Creation, where the evolution learn to put Christ expression into practice and the Descendancy work with normal light.

Because of its full stand alone Substance attribution, the seventh dimension has its own Substance characteristic. As fig. 82 also clearly shows, the seventh dimension is materialized independently from the materialization of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions. Seventh dimensional materialized Substance is called 'Architectural'. The seventh dimensional equivalent to Planets and Starrs are called Architectural Spheres. As the seventh dimension is the main stay of the Outer Creation, far more Architectural material is present within the Galaxies than respective Morontia and Matter Substances. Your Scientists can't see it because of the high frequencies, but do see its influences as so called 'Dark Matter' and 'Dark Energy'. Proposing that it constitutes about eighty five percent of the known Universe.

As fig. 82 also shows, just as the first Super Universe of Intelligence is very small and the last Super Universe of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is very large, the first dimension of Intelligence is very small and the seventh dimension of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is very large.

As also in the third dimension, seventh dimensional materialized objects stay materialized. As there is no inertia however, all movement in the Seventh Dimension is by the instantaneous process of tele-phasing under the direction of pure thought. In the seventh dimension, areas are not specified as co-ordinate locations as in the third, but as different frequency allocations all in the same place. Because of your current third dimensional constraints, you envision teleportation as traveling from point A to a different point B. In the seventh dimension all points are at the same place, the difference is only in their frequency make ups.

The same single place has myriads of different frequencies co-existing in it. The locational differences are in the vibrational make ups not in co-ordinate locations. Unlike the levels of the fourth dimension, the frequencies are not higher or lower, just differing.

By analogy, a small drop of crude oil no matter how big or how small, contains all of the differing frequencies of all of its differing petroleum derivatives evenly distributed within it. Earth has myriads of differing cities, towns, municipalities, and country domains discretely distributed around its surface at all points of the compass as places. Envision instead, an environment where all the cities and towns are all in the same place but each has a different frequency like the different petroleum products distributed evenly throughout a drop of crude oil. Seventh dimensional teleporting from one point to another merely requires you seamlessly de-harmonizing your vibrations from those of the first frequency into harmonization with those of the second.

Without motion you basically phase out of the frequencies of the vibrational state of the first location into those of the second without actually going anywhere. Yet you still experience a complete change of place.

You do that a little of that when dreaming in the seventh astral sub-octave, which reflects somewhat the nature of the seventh dimension. You change scenes instantly with no sense of having traveled between.

The Inner Creation takes it even further. Everything is everywhere and also part of everything else. In any particular domain, like in a merge, you are everywhere and also part of everyone else but having your own particular frequency within it. Everyone else recognizes your particular frequency just as you recognize the particular frequency of everyone else. Your Sci-Fi TV series Deep Space Nine had a bit of it. The station chiefs head of security was a changeling from a race of people whole lived all together merged as one within a large lake yet were still individuals.

In Paradise you are only one step below the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega and the Beatific levels are very high. In Paradise you are almost as one with the Creators and everyone else, and are aware of the oneness.

Fig. 82 also shows from another perspective how the clumped seven frequencies tied together of the fourth dimension, plus the collective third dimension under that are of a completely different cubistic makeup than are the vibrations of the higher three dimensions which are each comprised of successive vortex wrappings of similar sized cubits.

The sixth and seventh dimensions are tied together through Energy. The third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are tied together through Substance. The fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions are tied together through Intelligence.

The Energies of the third and fourth dimensions are completely different than the Energies of the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions respectively, being mainly to the physical and auric. The Energies of the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions are to the spiritual.

There are no counterparts to the auric frequencies of the fourth dimension in the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions as there are no expansionary sub-octaves or levels within them.

As attribute of both Intelligence and Substance, the fifth dimension is also the perfect stand alone common denominator between the Substance connectivity of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions and the Intelligence harmonizations of the sixth and seventh.

Cubistic expressions are expandable through the numbers six and seven but not through the number five. The number six relates to the twenty-four Families of Creation, the one hundred and forty four astrophysical facets of the throne, and the one hundred and forty four thousand principles of Galactic Law called the Chosen Ones.

The number seven relates to the Seven Days of Creation, the forty nine levels of the astral planes, and the fourteen dimensions under the Holy Trinity.

The number five relates to perfection because it stands alone within the principles of Creation, reflecting both the five dimensions of the Creators above Paradise which preceded the first expanded outer projection of the Creators as Paradise, and also the five cubistic dimensions of the Inner Creation including Paradise.

A full attribution of Energy is the only factor which is equally common on either side of the fifth, as Intelligence is diminished in the fourth and Substance is diminished in the sixth.

The six and seventh dimensions are Christ interactive frequencies. The fifth dimension is the starting point for the Evolutionary's Co-Creative activity, where the Spiritual truth about Energy is brought forward to them by learning. From their fifth dimensional Reality attunement to the seventh, the Evolution aspires to be Triune.

Throughout Creation the consciousness laws of Energy are projected through the Starrs of David. The formulative laws of Energy are projected through the staffs and rods. The bonds between the consciousness laws of Energy and formulative laws of Energy uphold the creative purposes of Creation.

The bonds between Intelligence and Energy upholds the creative plans of Creation. The bonds between Substance and Energy upholds their materializations.

The bonds between Intelligence and Energy also uphold your individualized Soul Atom endowments in Creation. The bonds between Substance and Energy upholds your productivity. The first reflects your Beingness in Creation, the second reflects your Outer part in Creation which you lovingly help expand.

The new rule of expansion does not stop with the current Super Universe. In actuality both expansion principles can be continued forever and without limit.

All creative endeavours in Creation are based on the same rules of expansion as the above and originally. At every newly resulting point and centers, new cubits are put into place. The respective cubits are filled in accordance with the nature of the project and consciousness frequencies of the party or parties involved in the undertaking. The whole eventual manifested result is produced in accordance with the original blueprint for the project, and Creation is expanded yet again.

Whether done inside the cubit as in figs. 50 to 54 in Starrgram 5, or outside the cubit as in figs. 71 to 82 above, expansion of any creative project of any size in any frequency anywhere in Creation is the same. New Crisscrossing lines are brought down through the channels from the sixteenth dimension to set up and establish new competent Point and Centers of Energy as the case may be. Cubits are created and expanded until the project is complete.

Throughout all frequencies of all dimensions, a progressing record of your part in Creation is kept at every step along the way by the constant recording of the ever changing Akasic supra overrides within your net electromagnetic field. The recordings are part and parcel of your Akasic record. As your recorded field lines are not substantive, Akasic records can be compressed almost infinitely small for storage purposes without degradation or loss of content without limit.

As mentioned in Starrgram 6, the inner Creation is radiated in parallel lines to the Creators, whereas the Outer Creation is radiated at ninety degrees. As you can see in Fig. 82, rods intersect Y Factors and cubes at ninety degrees. Starrs of David intersect Y Factors and Cubes at ninety degrees. A very arbitrary depiction of an expansion around the Outer Creation, with a Cube and Sphere at the center to represent the Inner Creation and higher dimensions, suggests how the Outer Creation is radiated in parallel lines at ninety degrees to the Creators.

In fig. 83 below, the vertical white lines of the Inner Creation intersect the horizontal blue lines of the Outer Creation at ninety degrees. Similarly in the other two respective sets. (Fig. 83).

Fig. 83 - Arbitrary Depiction of Creation Radiating in Parallel Lines at Ninety Degrees to the Creators

Also depicted by fig. 82, is the seven fold dimensionality of a Creator Son/Daughter's Local Universe. A Cube and Sphere is arbitrarily used to represent the presence of the Triune Living Soul Atom Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughter Being at the center of their Creation. Creator Son/Daughters hold the overall Inner dimensional matrix of their Super Universes in their consciousnesses as their purpose of Being. They also hold all the Overall Outer material matrixes of their Local Universes as the outcomes of their purposes. (Fig. 84).

Fig. 84 - Creator Son and Daughter at the Center of Their Local Universe

For being of the same principle of rule, fig. 84, is also an arbitrary representation of your own seventh dimensional Triune Christ Living Soul Atom self within your pituitary gland.

Fig. 84 also gives a good sense of your seven dimensions in consciousness, showing clearly the outer vortices wrapping around your inner matrix self comprising your attunement to the higher dimensional factors. The vortexes are twelve for the fifth dimension, eighteen for the sixth, and twenty four for the seventh. In the third dimension of Earth, your outer consciousness matrix is tied mainly to the third and fourth dimensional aspect and your higher inner consciousness matrix to the fifth, six, and seventh. In a proper fifth dimensional existence, your outer consciousness matrix would tie mainly to the fifth and your higher inner consciousness to the six and seventh. In a seventh dimensional existence, both would be tied to the seventh.

Currently on Earth, through your Intelligence you are tied to the Seventh Dimension. Through your Substance you are tied to the third. Through your Christ Reality Triune Soul Atom you are a living particle of the Creators who has formed an 'outer' bodily projection to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators in Earth's third dimensional time line abnormality. 'Outer' means you have formed an Outer bodily manifestation within a dimension of visibility as an incarnation in order to function within the third and fourth dimensional frequencies as a Christ Co-Creator to the Creation.

At the moment you are temporarily mired within the lower Substance frequencies of the third dimension by misadventure, living very mediocre third dimensional existences scarcely aware of the great Christ powers within you. Most of you are working very little in true Christ love and service to the Creation for the Creators and urgently need to address your condition sincerely in order to start becoming properly prepared for the higher frequency changes of Reality already starting to come in now.

If not, you will become locked into repeated lower dimensional incarnations for hundreds of thousands of years if not more until you do. The next optimal time for progression out of your third dimensional existence is seven hundred and fifty thousand years from now.