Starrgram 16: Proof of the Design

As said at the beginning of this revelation, Creation is the Will, Desire, and Action of Alpha and Omega to expand themselves within themselves according to plan. As also previously stated, the Intelligent Design is the modus operand employed by the Creators to redeem themselves from out of their fated entropic state of no longer existing with the Even Pool.

Their Intelligent Design of Creation actually does exist, has a specific purpose, is dirt simple, infinitely powerful, and is based on only a few simple rules. By the Design, every aspect of Creation is by order of rule and every rule has a specific role to play.

As has been shown, the Design can be rendered into a simple geometric format. The geometric rendering of the Intelligent Design herein is the most comprehensive yet simplistic form of Design ever yet presented in front of the Evolutionary levels of Creation including Earth. Under normal circumstances the Intelligent Design is learned ever a long period of time as part and parcel of the Ascendancy's firth dimensional gradual learning of the Christ aspect of themselves. On Earth until recently, the collective mass consciousness of the population was to low in frequency to absorb it correctly.

However, it is now possible. The Design as is being presented herein is able to produce Creative results without limit and without end.

As originally stated, the Intelligent Design is geometric in nature, a large expansion of the Metatronic Geometry of Atlantis. To recap the earlier Starrgrams, the core components of the modus operand are formulated through a program of geometric interactions called 'Cubistics'. The Holy Trinity is not a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost as you are currently being taught, it is a fully consecrated family principle of Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter. 'As above so below'. The Holy Trinity is at the heart of Cubistics.

Within the Holy Trinity, the personae of the Father is 'Alpha', the personae of the Mother is 'Omega', and the personae of their Only Begotten Son/Daughter is 'Christ'. The term 'Creators' is usually taken to be Alpha and Omega together, Father and Mother, which you currently call God. The terms 'God' and 'Creators' is not used in the higher dimensions. Alpha and Omega is used in the fifth and seventh dimensions. 'The names 'Alpha' and 'Omega' were given to you at both the beginning and end of the Biblical 'Book of Revelations', but you completely ignored them.

The Intelligent Design backbones upon the family principle in a fundamental way. The attribute of the Father is 'Intelligence'. The attribute of the Mother is 'Substance'. The attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is 'Energy'. Creation comprises only consciously caused outer manifestations of their Intelligence, Energy, and Substance under the guidance, direction, and protection of their Holy Trinity Self. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is.

As previously outlined, Alpha and Omega are the entirety of the eighteenth dimension on down to one. Outside of Alpha and Omega nothing exists. Their Creation part comprises the thirteenth dimension and below. Their eighteenth dimensional self is called 'The Great Even Pool of Darkness'. The Great Even Pool of Darkness comprises only Intelligent Breath, Tiny Particles of Substance, and the frequencies of Vibration. The Breath, Tiny Particles, and Vibrations are causelessly entropic, constantly falling ever lower and ever lower in vibrational frequency towards an eventual ultimate absolute cessation of existence at absolute zero.

The purpose of Alpha and Omega's Intelligent Design is to convert their original 'uncaused' entropic eighteenth dimensional vibrational frequencies of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance into everlasting 'caused' non-entropic versions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance outer manifestations called Creation. Creation is the incarnated outer body of Alpha and Omega, just as your physical body you can pinch is yours.

Their Intelligent Design is being continuously brought forward within a scaffolding of lower and lower frequency segmentations called Dimensions which Alpha and Omega established within themselves in preparation. The dimensions are eighteen to one. Their Great Even Pool of Darkness comprises the entirety of their eighteenth dimension. Their Holy Trinity Self comprises the entirety of their fifteenth dimension. Their Holy Trinity Self and above is completely un-materialized. Their Created Outer body self, known as 'Creation', is their thirteenth dimension and below and is completely materialized. The whole of their fourteenth dimension is their created interface called 'The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega'. The Cube and Sphere is the interface between their un-materialized frequencies in their fifteenth dimension and above, and their materialized frequencies in their thirteenth dimension and below.

As stated at the beginning of this disclosure, the Design depicts in a geometric format. As discussed in Starrgram 4, a core component of the design is the geometric principle called a 'Cubit'. Cubits are like building blocks, similar to Lego pieces that can build many things. A collection of cubits ordered according to rule is called a 'Cubistic Matrix'. Cubistic Matrixes are discussed in detail in Starrgram 5. By 'Cubistic Matrixes all of the Outer Creation has been blueprinted and expressed.

Like a blueprint, Cubistic matrixes hold all of the information needed to produce a Creation at the planning stage. Like an architect's master blueprint files archived afterwards, they hold all of the basic principles of the Creation when completed. In a cubit, red circles stand for the Intelligence of the Father, yellow hexagons stand the Substance of the Mother, blue lines stand for the outer Energy principles of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and the white lines stand for the inner Energy principles of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega was started in August of nineteen ninety seven. The Intelligent Design of Creation was originally portions of the original Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega. The Revelatorium was first put up on the Internet in early May of nineteen ninety nine. The fact can be verified by Internet Archive's 'Wayback Machine'. The drawings for the Revelatorium came through during the winter of two thousand and two, which can also be verified by the Wayback Machine. The original Revelatorium was separated into the now current two different books in two thousand and seventeen.

The Intelligent Design has recently shown up in the third dimension in a number of significantly confirming ways. Fig. 107 below, taken from Figure 82 in Starrgram 7, is the basic cubistic matrix depicting the seven dimensions of the Outer Creation rotated ninety degrees. The original figure came though 'as is' in the winter of two thousand and two as part and parcel of the original figures for the Revelatorium. Figure 82 is a cubistic matrix. As discussed in Starrgram 4, each distinct little yellow hexagon is called a 'Cubit'.

As also previously discussed, in any cubistic representation the red circles represents the presence of Intelligence, the yellow hexagonal cubes represents the presence of Substance, the straight Y Factor blue lines represent the outer presence of Energy, the crisscrossing blue lines extending out past the Y Factors represent the presence of the radiating action of their outer Energy, and the white crisscrossing lines of the Starrs of Davids' represent the presence of their inner radiating action of Energy.

Similarly, as further explained in Starrgram 5, any thick representation of the color means the particular attribute is in normal presence. A thin representation means it is diminished. By this ruling for example, in Fig. 107 below, in the second most outer ring of cubits, Substance (yellow) is diminished while Intelligence (red) and the Y Factor energies (blue) are in normal attribution.

Since the second outermost ring depicts the sixth dimension, what is been shown in Fig. 107 for example, is that the attribution of the sixth dimension is Intelligence/Energy where Substance (yellow cubes) is diminished.

As likewise detailed step by step in Starrgram 8, the outer ring of twenty four cubits in Fig. 107 depicts the seventh dimension with no diminished attributes. The third ring in of twelve cubits depicts the fifth dimension where Energy, (blue lines) is diminished.

Inside the fifth dimensional ring of cubits is a conglomerate of seven different cubits tied together representing the fourth dimensional collective of diminished Intelligence (thin smallest large red circle). Inside the center cubit of the conglomerate which is hard to see for being so small is the first, second, and third dimensional union of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance which act together as one and is popularly called the third dimension. Which are collectively depicted as one cubit. Fig. 107 in total depicts the frequency attributions of all seven dimensions of the Outer Creation at one glance. (Fig. 107).

Fig. 107 - Cubistic representation of the Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation

The above elaborate description of Fig, 107 is significant herein because Fig. 108 below is a photograph taken of a hexagon at the North Pole of Saturn by NASA in early two thousand and twelve, and ties the Intelligent Design directly to the third dimension. The North Pole Hexagon of Saturn was first discovered by Voyageur in nineteen eighty one and not until it came back out into the sunlight in two thousand and nine was it able to be photographed from Earth.

The North Pole Hexagram shows basically the exact same type of cubistic structure as Fig. 107. This example is particularly relevant in that it clearly shows a definitive representation of the first, second, and third dimensional center cubit of Figure 107. The North Pole hexagon appears very dominate in telescopic images of Saturn as it sits directly overtop of the fifth dimensional administrative capital headquarters of this Solar System, which is both above the Hexagon in frequency in the fifth dimension, and sits below it on the surface of the planet. (Fig. 108).

Fig. 108 - Saturn hexagon

Similarly, the Sun has also provided a good third dimensional example of the design. The figure below is Fig, 11 from Starrgram 2. The drawing was likewise produced in the winter of two thousand and two and depicts the original fourteenth dimensional electro-magnetic field upon which Alpha and Omega founded their one and only Absolute Point and Center of Creation. Upon their Absolute Point and Center of Creation they founded Creation and every single Being within Creation. As Starrgram 2 clearly explains, the field is harnessed squarely upon the six pointed Starr of David. (Fig. 109).

Fig. 109 - Fourteenth Dimensional Electro-Magnetic Field

As explained above, Fig. 109 above was brought though in the winter of two thousand and two as a core component of the Intelligent Design. Scarcely four years later in two thousand and six, as not a mere coincidence an almost exact replica of the Electromagnetic field was impressed by a Radionnic Ship onto a farmers' field in Wiltshire, UK as a Crop Circle. The purpose of the crop circle was to imprint into the outer consciousnesses of those who see it, the fact that the electromagnetic field of Fig. 109 exists and is absolutely real. The purpose of Crop Circles is fully explained in Starrgram 18 of Fig. (110).

Fig. 110 - Wiltshire Crop Circle

An even more telling proof of the Intelligent Design's Cosmic reality came in the form of a total Solar eclipse of the Sun over Chile, South America on October four, two thousand and twenty three. As can be plainly seen, the Sun's Corona-sphere likewise mirrors the electromagnetic field of Fig. 109 almost perfectly. (Fig. (111)

Fig. 111 - Coronal Electromagnetic field of the Sun

The next figure below is Fig. 107 above, rotated at ninety degrees back to its original alignment. (Fig. 112).

Fig. 112 - Cubistic presentation of Fig. 107 back to it's original orientation within the Outer Creation

A very recent close encounter photograph of Jupiter's moon IO reveals an unmistakable hexagon shaped surface eruption of unknown origin. The eruption faintly but distinctly resembles Fig, 112. It even has a vague semblance of a darkened eighteen cubit sixth dimensional ring surrounding, plus hints of fifth, fourth and third dimensional inner configurations. (Fig. 113).

Fig. 113 - Hexagon shaped surface eruption on Jupiter's Moon IO of unknown origin

Similarly, Earth itself is filled with myriads of impressive Intelligent Design examples. The materialization of Earth's third and fourth dimensions is called Matter Substance. The materialization of Earth's fifth dimension is called 'Morontia' Substance. Morontia Substance appears together in common with Matter Substance as the Physical Universe seen by your eyes and telescopes. You do not see the Morontia portion because the frequencies are too high.

By similarly fact, the fourth dimensional component aspect in Fig. 107 represented by the inner collection of six cubits around a seventh is too high in frequency for your eyes and instruments to see. The materialization of the seventh dimensional is architectural, also too high in frequency for normal vision and instrumentation, represented in Fig. 107 as the outer yellow ring of all equal red, yellow, and blue attributions. 

A billion years ago, for recalibration purposes an outer materialization of flora and fauna was initiated on Earth's surface based strictly on the Cubistic rules of the Intelligent Design. Recently, outer world physical representations of the rulings have starting turning up in real life within the Earth's third dimensional outer world phenomenology. Fig. 114 below is a blow up of a lens flare which appeared in a Nikon photograph of the Sun taken in January of two thousand and fourteen. It was discovered on the Internet by this wordsmith in May of two thousand and sixteen who recognized its significance immediately.

A close comparison of Figs. 112 and 114 confirms that Fig. 114 is an almost exact match of Fig. 112, showing a stand alone outer yellow ring matching exactly the ring of outer Architectural Substance of Fig 112. The next ring in is dark, matching the sixth dimension of diminished Substance. The next ring in is yellow again, representing the fifth dimensionality of Morontia Substance. Inside that is the third and fourth dimensional conglomerate of seven cubits tied together. Vaguely represented at the center is even the third dimensional conglomerate of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. (Fig. 114).

Fig. 114 - Blow up of the lens flare

Fig. 115 below is the original photograph with the original blow up attached. The original flare is the small white spot at the five o'clock position around the Sun in the photograph, originally thought to be the missing Planet Nibiru by those who get excited about such things. (Fig. 115).

Fig.115 - Native lens flare

Similarly, as revealed in Starrgram 3 circa, two thousand and two, the fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is their very first generated cubistic formulation of themselves into outer materialized form.

As also explained in Starrgram 3, it is the projection of the inner principles of their Holy Trinity self manifested into an outer projected form in order to begin Creation. It is also the standing interface between their higher un-manifested frequencies in their fifteenth dimension and higher and their manifested frequencies in their thirteenth dimension and below as Creation. It is also the very first living atom in Creation as progenitor.

Specifically, as explained in Starrgram 3, the yellow portion of the Cube and Sphere is a Vast Cube of Pure Substance, the red portion is a Vast Sphere of Pure Intelligence, and the blue portions are Vast Upper and Lower Y Factors of Pure Energy.

The Cube and Sphere comprises the entirety of Alpha and Omega's fourteenth dimension. It is the cornerstone of their Intelligent Design applied into working practice. It is also the progenitor mould for all Soul Atom Beings in Creation who have followed in great number. Earth alone currently has over seven billion Soul Atoms residing on its surface. Similarly, over one hundred trillion Soul Atoms have passed through Earth in its Root Race program so far. Remembering that Earth is only one planet out of a current Outer Creation of over nine hundred trillion light years breadth. Which is filled with Planets around every Starr, with every Star and Planet having a population within it's fifth and/or seventh dimensions. There are a lot of Soul Atoms like yourself in existence, every one based on the principles of the Intelligent Design. Look at the Figure below for a few seconds and watch the blue Energy factors come to life. (Fig. 116).

Fig. 116 - The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

Because of the Cubistic factuality upon which the organic surface on Earth was founded a billion years ago, the Cube and Sphere also figures into every aspect of Earth's outer third dimensional organic expression. Not forgetting that the principle of the Cube and Sphere was brought through on paper exactly as shown in Fig. 116 above in the winter of two thousand and two.

In two thousand and thirteen, interesting photographs of melted snowflakes were found on the Internet by this wordsmith for the first time. The photographs were taken by the Japanese photographer Dr. Masaru Emoto circa, nineteen ninety nine. Fig. 117 below is an Emoto ice crystal photograph. After rotating it clockwise about seven degrees, except for the Y Factor portion missing in the middle, it very clearly reveals the exact principles of the Cube and Sphere principles of the Cube, Sphere, and Y Factors of Fig. 116, captured perfectly in the effect. Even the ratio between the size of the Sphere and size of the hexagonal Cube is absolutely correct. Not forgetting again that Fig, 116 was first brought through 'as is' in the early winter of two thousand and two and the photo wasn't discovered until two thousand and thirteen so one didn't influence the other.

The exact match ups are not by accident, as said, Earth's outer surface evolution was started one billion years ago founded strictly on the principles of Cubistics. Which in turn is founded solely on the principles interred in the Cube and Sphere, which in turn is interred solely within the origins of the Intelligent Design. (Fig. 117).

Fig. 117 - A Dr. Emoto melted Snowflake reflection of the Cube and Sphere

Dr. Emoto also maintained that consciousnesses affects the states of water samples, which is totally consistent with the principles of the Intelligent Design as consciousness is one hundred percent the maker of the Intelligent Design. The image below is an Emoto photograph of a water sample taken both before and after being blessed by a Buddhist prayer. While not exactly pristine, the 'After' example is all but cubistically there. Giving grace before any meal is not religious foolishness. (Fig. 118).

Fig. 118 - Dr. Emoto, effect of prayer on water

The one nice thing about consistency is that it proves itself. The Cubistic rules of the Design are also shown just as well by actual ice crystal photos taken before they melted, shown below. The ice crystals were photographed by R. Latvia on January eight, two thousand and seventeen, and was discovered on the Internet by this word smither on the website a few days later. The picture was taken because R. Lafvia had noticed vertical light columns from street lights on a cold winter night and wanted to see if he could capture the ice crystals causing the columns.

Two or three photographs were subsequently posted on website as a matter of interest. Don't forget, the photographers didn't of themselves produce the melted ice crystal in Fig. 118 above and the ice crystal shown below. They were merely photographed them as they occurred. Nature produced them in strict accordance with the rules of the Intelligent Design. Again, as can be clearly seen below, the Cubistic Cube and Sphere Principle and principles of Fig, 116  is well exhibited in the ice crystal below. Also bearing a strong similarity to Fig. 107. (Fig. 119).

Fig. 119 - Original ice crystal reflection of the Cube and Sphere and Fig. 107

The following is the original slide from the website from which the above sample was taken. Notice a slew of Cubistic effects all over the place. The one above in particular is from the upper center left. The upper center right shows another good example, as do two in the middle center right. (Fig. 120).

Fig. 120 - Original Ice Crystal Reflections of the Cube and Sphere.

Except for missing Upper and Lower Y Factor arms, an even more remarkable example from the web shows an exact formulation of the Cube and Sphere of Fig. 116 represented through an overcast night-time moon-shot photo as shown below. (Fig. 121).

Fig. 121 - Moon-shine version of the Cube and Sphere.

Similarly, the following sent in from a friend of the cause in Ohio, is a white and pink sunshine version of the Cube with a bit of artistic license thrown by the photographer. (Fig. 122).

Fig. 122 - Sun-Shine version of the Cube.

As further explained in Starrgram 4, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega projected one dimension down produces the most basic of all cubistic components called a 'Cubit'. In the cubit, the Cube becomes a hexagonal cube of Substance, the Sphere becomes a circle of Intelligence, the Y Factors become flattened lines of Energy, and the Starr of David now visible holds the Circle of Intelligence and cube of Substance together in perfect balance according to rule.

As further explained in Starrgram 4, a cubit is not a 'Howlongisit' it is a 'Whatisit'. The cubit is the basic genome of Creation. By its use, the whole of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. All Soul Atoms in Creation are exact embodiments of the Cube and Sphere principles but in cubit form, including yourselves.

The presence of the Starr of David, not seen in the Cube and Sphere itself, shows why the Cube portion and the Sphere portion in Figure 116 has been locked together in perfect balance of their absolute potentials according to absolute rule. The proportionality is clearly shown in the Figure below. Even though the two parts look to be of different sizes, they are absolutely equal in their animus's by an absolute agreement in consciousness between Alpha and omega to be absolutely equal in all aspects of their two existences as the founding principle of their Intelligent Design as detailed in Starrgram 1. The cubit with radials as shown below is previously presented as Figure CS31 in Starrgram 3. (Fig. 123).

Fig. 123 - The Cubit with radials

As Fig. 107 and Fig. 112 above clearly exemplifies, cubits can be expanded into cubistic matrixes. A close look reveals that both figures are composed entirely of cubits like Fig. 123, with each cubit reflecting a difference in attribution according to purpose.

The simplest cubistic matrix possible is a second cubit surrounding the first. The figure below of a simple cubistic matrix is from Fig, 49 from Starrgram 5. To Remind you, Starrgram 5 explained in detail how the second cubit is expanded from the original single cubit as the simplest cubistic matrix constructed according to rule. Watch the white lines dance, reflecting the electromagnetic nature of the Starr of David. (Fig. 124).

Fig. 124 - Simplest Cubistic matrix.

A second crystal sitting just under the flying sprite near the bottom right of Fig. 121 above, reflects the simple cubistic matrix of Fig. 124 very well. (Fig. 125).

Fig. 125 - Cubistic frozen ice crystal.

The following is another photograph of a snowflake off the Internet. The center portion shows the presence of the Cubistic matrix even more emphatically. Also notice that it is a more pristine type of example of the 'After' image side of Fig, 118 above, but rotated ninety degrees. (Fig. 126).

Figure 126 - Pristine Snow Flake example

The Cubistic matrix also appears in Earth's atmosphere. Nearly everyone is aware of the chromatic effects of a photograph looking directly at the Sun such as the six sided aberration in the image below. Notice the overlapping pair of cubistic hexagons at the extreme upper right of the one o'clock position. The green dot on the mountain side at the center left is a problem with Apple IPhones when looking directly at the Sun, which no one seems to have been able to solve after more than twenty years of production. (Fig. 127).

Fig. 127 - Six way Sun Reflection

Even more emphatic is the seven large and seven small sun-dial radials in the figure below, also off the Internet. The image reflects perfectly the fact of Seven Great Super Universes (say long rays) with Seven dimensions within each (say short rays), as revealed in Starrgram 8. Also, not to mention the fact of the numerous Condensated Radionnic Scout Ships of the Heavenly Host peppered around the edges of the assorted cumulus clouds. (Little black dots). Any time your see rat chewed cumulus clouds, suspect condensated Radionnic Scout ships as the cause, whose nature and very presence around Earth at any given time is very much an outcome of the Intelligent Design as explained in detail in (Fig.128).

Fig. 128 - Seven plus seven-way Sun Reflection

Similarly, the Cubistic Matrix below is Fig 77 in Starrgram 7, representing one of the interim steps in the expansion of the basic fourth dimensional cubit of the Outer Creation to the fifth. The hexagonal conglomerate in the center portion of seven respective cubits tied together is the basic cubistic configuration of the fourth dimensional component of the Outer Creation. (Fig.129).

Fig. 129 - Interim fifth dimensional component of the Outer Creation

The next Figure below is another Masaru Emoto melted snowflake found on the Internet in two thousand and thirteen. Which, while missing a few pieces in the center right is unmistakably a very close mirror to Fig. 129. The larger circle in the center of Fig. 129, is present in the exact same relative location in Fig. 130 albeit much thicker. Likewise, the presence of the Y-Factors are represented exactly where they should be in Fig. 130 as shown by the small gaps in the circle.

This one is the money shot, the match is almost exactly true to form and falls exactly within the formats of the more enhanced Cubistic Matrix of the fifth dimension. Revealing incontestably the Cubistic Engineering factors underlying all of Earth's outer projectional organic phenomena. (Fig. 130).

Fig. 130 - Second Dr. Omoto melted Snowflake reflection

Similarly, a unique set of gemstones called 'Trapiche' reflect assorted cubistic principles perfectly as the four examples below clearly show. (Fig. 131).

Fig. 131 - Trapiche Gemstones

The thing to remember is that the Intelligent Design was not created by an Author at some time or other in an effort to explain these photographic results. The cubistic renderings of the Intelligent Design were done and presented to the public fifteen to twenty years before some of these third dimensional outer world examples had even begun to become created let alone discovered. The Intelligent Design of Creation behind all of Creation created these outer effects and not the other way around.

It is not remarkable that such melted snowflakes, lens flares representations, atmospheric effects, and physical findings replicate the ruling of cubistic matrixes almost exactly. As stated earlier, Earth was matrixed with an outer surface third dimensional evolution one billion years ago, founded totally on specific cubistic blueprints specifically designed to produce the kind of evolutionary progression needed on Earth to return it from two strand DNA dross back to twelve strand Crystalline DNA over the ages, nearly completed.

The fact of the Intelligent Design can't be made plainer than the following image which appeared in an article in the Science section of on April twenty six, two thousand and sixteen. The article shows women's eggs flashing light at the instant of fertilization by a Male sperm. It relates directly to a section in the middle of Starrgram 1, detailing how a spark of recognition was lit when Alpha first discovered Omega co-sitting obliquely aside him within the Great Even Pool of Darkness.

The spark was light created. By using the light to bring Energy into existence, Alpha and Omega were eventually able to forge their Great Cosmic Plan to redeem themselves from their original state of ill fated entropic Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance within the Great Even Pool of Darkness into everlasting manifestations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance as Creation. Of which as stated, the Intelligent Design of Creation as now presented herein is the Modus operand for their Great Plan.

Also as stated in Starrgram 1, the original spark of light was from an instant fusing of some of the frequencies of Life within the Intelligent Breath and some of the frequencies of Life within the Tiny Particles of Substance when they had first come into direct contact for the very first time within the consciousness of Alpha. The fusion into light from such a contact remains the same all the way down through all frequencies of all dimensions, even into the third dimension. People have light bulb moments all the time by the very same action of suddenly recognizing the answer to a usually binding question, as in 'Eureka!"

It is also exactly the same at the instant of conception within your birthing experience. Life frequencies of Intelligence within the sperm make direct contact with Life frequencies of Substance within the egg. The result is an instant flash of pure white light which new Mothers have long experienced, but has now been finally photographed as the examples in the image below show. Because the fusion is within refined Intelligence and Substance vibrations of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, the light is under helm of the Starrs of David within the Intelligent Designs.

At the instant of conception the lower Triangle half of the Starr of David splits off and goes down into the Mother's womb to initiate and manage the materializing body side of the incarnation. The Upper Triangle half goes up into the consciousness of the Mother's Soul Atom self to initiate the outer consciousness side or outer ego of the new born who is to become. At the exact moment of birth, the two halves are re-united again within the new born materialized body. The re-united Starr of David serves as the nucleus for the newborn's newly formed outer consciousness or Ego part, which is triggered into self awareness by the unification and the baby starts crying. (Fig. 132).

Fig. 132 - Photographed Flashes of Conception

Similarly, while Radionnic Clouds have been around since Biblical times as detailed in, there is a recent side to the Radionnic Ships not related to radionnic clouds per se' but is compelling proof of the Intelligent Design nonetheless. This new side relates to crop circles, which relate to mandalas from the Intelligent Design side. Mandalas are spiritual and ritual symbols found in Eastern cultures, primarily in East Indian Metaphysical theologies. When viewed upon, they impress a particular frequency into the consciousness of the viewer, presumably for their spiritual betterment. For example, the following is considered to be a  mandala for healing. (Fig.133).

Fig. 133 - Healing Mandala

The earliest mention of a crop circle dates back to the fifteen hundreds. A seventeenth-century English woodcut, shows a devilish creature making a crop circle for lack of understanding. An eighteen eighty issue of the 'Journal Nature' magazine mentions crop circles. Mentions of crop circles continued sporadically until the mid 20th century when crop circles suddenly began appearing profusely in the nineteen sixties and seventies mainly in England and some in the United States. To date over ten thousand crop circles have appeared world wide.

Starting in the mid sixties, crop circles started showing up in front of the current population as a surprising new phenomenon. The circles started appearing in farmer's fields, mainly in the UK. The circles mystified everybody who didn't have a clue what they were for or how they got there. They all appeared out of nowhere overnight and no one ever saw one being made. Actually, they were mandalas, impressed in the vegetable kingdom and for the same reason as the original mandalas. The mandalas were created by Radionnic Ships overhead, all in one shot using sound. Which would imprint the image into the field, whump, like a cookie cutter. The edges were always sharp, the circular interiors always smooth and shiny, the stalks were always bent over harmlessly at a joint, and not a single blade of grass was ever harmed.

The reason why England was chosen as the main location was because it supports a very large population in a very small area. The number of people who could visit and view a circle in a given period of time was very much greater than say, for a crop circle in the middle of Oklahoma or Nebraska.

The purpose of the mandalas was imprint into a viewer's consciousness the same frequency to be carried by a pending incoming gamma ray, x-ray, visual light burst, solar flare or similar. For the frequency already being present in the particular individual's consciousnesses for having seen the mandala, the frequencies of the incoming inductions would be securely anchored within their consciousnesses for the benefit of all Humanity. The arrival of the pending gamma ray and similar inductions typically followed soon after the appearance of the prescience crop circle.

It doesn't take a large number of people to do the job. Only fifteen elect of Christ came into full consciousness attunement with their high Christ Soul Atom self in the early nineteen seventies. Fifteen was enough to hold and anchor the incoming radiations of the Great Harmonic Resonance of nineteen eighty two, staving off a slated pending destruction of the whole West Coast of the US in the mid nineteen nineties which would have removed a third of the population had it occurred. In other words, not that many people have to see a crop circle for the job to be done successfully.

All forty nine frequencies of the twelve houses of the Mayan calendar, prophesized to occur from October nineteen sixty two through to December twenty first of two thousand and twelve, came through successfully one after the other on this basis. Namely a crop circle predisposing every one. Plus numerous other cosmic inductions then and since since.

For example, the purpose of the crop circle below which appeared during the forty-sixth or forty-seventh house, was to depict the soaring pending escalation of your consciousnesses from your fettered third dimensional past, though fourth dimensional consciousness awareness, into the fifth.

Ever since the forty ninth house which ended in December twenty first, two thousand and twelve, most of Mankind is now on an upward path from a simple basic third dimensional level consciousness into the beginnings of fifth dimensional consciousness awareness. More and more discussions of the fifth dimension are starting to appear in the public genre' more and more frequently. (Fig.134).

Fig. 134 - Freeing Humanity from their fettered past

To date over ten thousand different crop circles have appeared world wide, all followed shortly afterwards by a significant  gamma ray burst, x-ray burst, visual light burst, sun solar flare, and even extra strong astrophysical inductions from the Tree of Life Cosmic Clock. Most of the Mayan inductions were related to the Tree of Life cosmic clock.

By fact of the Intelligent Design, the inter-dimensional laws of Creation are consistently the same throughout all dimensions of Creation from the fourteenth dimension down to the first. In the third dimension they are consistent all the way down to the simplest aspects, even down to the sub-atomic parts of an atom.

As detailed in Starrgram 9, the assorted precipitating matter fragments and charge states at the bottom of the third dimension themselves eventually interact, gradually coalescing into the subatomic or fundamental particles of Matter Substance. In some of your literatures the subatomic particles are referred to as fermions.

The fermions themselves eventually coalesce into elementary particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. And finally into atoms, molecules, and mass, whereby a single electron contains over a hundred thousand of the Tiny Particles. The static charges give, for example, electrons and protons their different quantum charge states.

More in particular, they bind molecules, atoms, and their internal nuclear atom parts much tighter together though the rods. As related in Starrgram 9, Substance all the way to the Morontia level is bound together by the open cubistic rule of seven bound together shown as fig. 54 in Starrgram 5, where the staffs are interconnected and the rods do not directly connect. (.Fig. 135).

Fig. 135 - Open cluster of seven cubits tied together.

The cubistic formulations for the Microcosm and the Macrocosm are the mainly the same in principle for being of the same difference in kind. The seminal difference is that the masses of the Macro world are all clustered by the open cubistic rules of fig. 135, whereas molecules and smaller of the Micro world are aligned by a closed honeycomb model instead. The electron microscope scan below shows the molecular honeycomb effect perfectly. Whereas, while the clustering in the figure below looks the same as fig. 135 above, the staffs do not interconnect as shown in Fig. 44 of Starrgram 5. Alos like in Fig. 44 you can see in minds eye that the rods face each other on opposites side of a cube side.Fig.136).

Fig. 136 - Scanning Microscope Photograph of an unknown molecule

Similarly, atoms are also clustered by honeycomb rule. The below figure is a Scanning Microscope Photograph of the atoms in Graphene, a flat sheet version of carbon graphite clearly showing the honeycomb clustering. (Fig. 137).

Fig. 137 -Scanning Microscope Photograph of Graphene atoms

Similarly, Carbon 13 is a natural stable isotope of carbon, with a nucleus containing six protons and seven neutrons. As one of the environmental isotopes, it makes up about 1.1% of all natural carbon on Earth. In the photograph below from Google Search taken by a high powered electron scanning microscope, the thirteen sub-atomic particles within the nucleus of a Carbon 13 atom is clearly shown in a honeycomb cluster. As shown in the molecule of Fig. 136 above, plus atoms in fig 137 above, and the elementary particles in the atomic nucleus shown below in Fig. 138 below, all have been converted to a closed honeycomb vs. open cubistic mode where the rods are close together and the staffs are disconnected.

The realignment makes the parts very tightly bound and close reaching rather than loosely bound and far reaching as in the Macro world. More importantly, the parts are completely cut off from the higher dimensions through lack of staff connectivity and have have no higher frequency Substance vibrations whatsoever. Imparting an even cruder nature to Matter Substance and making it even more densely packed. As detailed in Starrgram 16 of,your incarnation into the course Matter Substances of the third dimension instead of the refined Substances of the fifth dimension and higher was not done easily. (Fig.138).

Fig. 138 - Electron microscope view of a thirteen atom Matter Substance atom

Nonetheless, being hexagonal in nature, the image is still very clearly cubistic all the way, particularly with the seven neutrons tied together in the middle of fig, 138 showing their cube outlines perfectly, plus the six protons packed around, plus the six sided overall configuration.

Similarly, the image next below is again the cubistic representation of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega from the Design of Creation. As earlier stated, the Cube and Sphere is the fourteenth dimensional interface between the Holy Trinity and un-manifested frequencies above and the manifested frequencies in the thirteenth dimension and dimensions below called 'Creation' as fully outlined in Starrgram 3. (Fig.139).

Fig. 139 - The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

Notice in fig. 138 above, that each neutron is a perfect mirror of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega shown above in its own right, in perfect due Cube and Sphere proportion inside each green hexagon outline. Similarly, remove the perspective distortion and the six proton particles are also exact mirrors of the Cube and Sphere.

Through the Intelligent Design, the very highest aspect of Creation is mirrored perfectly in the very lowest aspect. Molecules, atoms, and their internal subatomic parts interact with each other by their own rules, externally they gather into mass which still adheres to Cubistic rule.

Science is the Mentallized Illusion trying to prove itself in facts, whereas facts prove Reality. The important thing to remember is that images 136, 137, and 138 show real life facts about real life situations providing real life proofs about real life Reality, not merely someone's Scientific predilections about how the facts might turn  out to be.

An additional confirmation of the intelligent design was also provided by way of a confirmation of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega through a crop circle rendition which appeared in Ockley Hill, Surrey, UK, on the nineteenth of July, two thousand and fifteen. The crop circle was created by a Radionnic Ship in the fourth dimension where somebody had to know how the Cube and Sphere worked in order to make the Crop Circle correctly. In other words it came straight down from higher up, not straight up from the third dimension below unless they had read Starrgram 3 of this Intelligent Design disclosure very carefully as it had never existed in Earth's third dimensional consciousness in earlier history. But then who would have created the crop circle and why.

A close look shows that the Sphere is inside the Cube exactly where it should be. Likewise, the Y Factor, and Inverted Y Factor shown in behind are exactly where they should be. An remarkably accurate rendering. (Fig.140).

Fig. 140 - Crop Circle version of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

Similarly, the following geometric image below is fig, 129 rotated at ninety degrees. (Fig.142).

Fig. 141 - Fifth Dimensional Cubistic Matrix Elements Rotated Ninety Degrees

The next crop circle below, called the Fosbury crop circle says it all. The crop circle appeared on the Fosbury farm near Vernham Dean and Wiltshire in the UK on July 17th 2010, and has a decidedly Fig. 141 cubistic bent. The Fosbury crop circle ties the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host directly together with crop circles into the Intelligent Design of Creation as another proof of the Design.

It is unmistakably apparent that the Fosbury crop circle below ties the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host directly to the Intelligent Design of Creation through the three cubistic images above. Proving both the absolute all inclusive cosmic nature of the Intelligent Design, and the absolute all inclusive cosmic nature of the mandala effect as an outcome. In particular, notice the Cube and Sphere from Fig, 139 in the center of the crop circle. Also notice the Upper Triangle from the Starr of David in Fig. 141 sitting in behind the Cube and Sphere. Upper triangles are explained in detail in Starrgram 4. Also notice the third/fourth dimensional center conglomerate from Fig. 141 sitting in behind that. Also notice the clear hexagon area surrounding the conglomerate in Fig. 141 surrounding the clear conglomerate area in the crop circle. And finally, right on cue, notice the outer hexagon matching the outer hexagon in Fig. 141 surrounding the clear hexagon area in the crop circle. It doesn't get much closer than that.

The purpose of the mandala plus the subsequent induction, was to open up your consciousness to the fact of the Intelligent Design of Creation's cubistic nature behind all of Creation. The book 'The Design of Creation'  is finally getting ready for a push to the general public though a wide ranging marketing and sales campaign in the works. Also not forgetting that the original graphic elements of the Intelligent design as presented above came through for the first time ever in the winter of two thousand and two. Give the people upstairs credit for getting the job well done both before and after the fact.

The specific high frequency energy induction for the mandala came through on August first, two thousand and ten, right on cue exactly fifteen days later. An entire hemisphere of the sun erupted. Filaments of magnetism snapped and exploded, shock waves raced across the stellar surface, billion-ton clouds of hot gas billowed into space, and Mankind's outer three dimensional Consciousness awareness was intuitively fast attuned into the fact of Intelligent Design of Creation holding them within its fundaments. On the outer consciousness plane, the Intelligent Design of Creation information at the time of the blast only existed as scattered inserts into the Revelatoriun of Alpha and Omega website and book and was quickly up-graded over the next few years into a complete three hundred page website and book and website on its own merits, outgoing now. (Fig.142).

Fig. 142 - The Fosbury Cubistic Crop Circle

The Intelligent Design of Creation has been showcased so far though cubistic matrixes featuring six sided hexagons and six pointed Starrs of David, which is also shown in crop circles like the one above and  the one below featuring both a Starr and a hexagon. (Fig.143).

Fig. 143 - Starr and Hexagonal Crop Circle

However, five sided figures and starrs are also an integral part of the Intelligent Design. The five pointed starr can be constructed straight from a cubit using straight edge and compass alone. Google Search presents a couple of such simple construction examples.

The principle of the five pointed starr as shown below is perfection, called a pentagram. It represent the perfection of the fifth dimension which is also called 'Divine'. It also mirrors the five dimensions above Creation, namely the fourteenth to the eighteenth. The pentagon as used by the doers of ill is an usurpation.

Unlike the six pointed starr which figures in numerous cosmic configurations such as the twelve astrophysical families of the Tree of Life, the one hundred and forty four facets of Solar Law and the one hundred and forty four thousand energy principles of Galactic Law, the five pointed star stands alone in the annuls of Creation and does not appears in any other Galactic configuration. (Fig.144).

Fig. 144 - Five pointed Starr

The five pointed starr exists in both the flora and fauna of Earth as proof that it is both a component of the Intelligent Design, and that the Intelligent Design backbones Earth's Flora and Fauna. The next figure below is proof from the Flora side. (Fig,145).

Fig. 145a - Five Pointed Flower

Five sided starrs can also show up in the most unexpected places. The figure below is of an apple core.

Fig. 145b - Five Pointed Apple Core

Similarly, the two figures below are proof from the fauna side. (Fig.146).

Fig. 146a - Five Pointed Starr Fish

Fig. 146b - Five Pointed Fossils

Although missing a point at eleven o'clock, five points is also definitely suggested in the Corona-sphere around the perimeter of a total Solar Eclipse from December fourth, two thousand and two. (Fig.147).

(Fig.147) - Five Sided Corona-sphere During a Total Eclipse

Similarly, every eight years the positions of Venus, Earth, and the Sun form a straight line conjunction. When each of the lines are marked, created is an unmistakable five pointed pentagonal pattern in the Solar System itself that redraws again and again. (Fig. 148).

(Fig. 148) - Ever growing five sided Earth, Venus, and Sun conjunctions

Likewise, as expected, the Radionnic Ships in the fourth dimension came up with numerous five point examples in the form of crop circles such as the Figure below. It even has a reasonable quasi representation of the fourth dimensional conglomerate of seven frequencies tied together circling the third dimensional conglomerate of dimensions one, two, and three in the center of the figure. (Fig. 149).

(Fig. 149) - Five Sided Crop Circle

Likewise, the next example below came from outer space so to speak. A Radionnic Ship of Light had lowered it's frequency of visibility from the fourth dimension to the third dimensional band of visible light. Someone photographed it from above and managed to put it up on an Internet UFO site.

The figure shows an almost uncanny similarity to fig. 126 above, particularly in the center. What is most uncanny about it is that a second look shows it is actually a five sided figure rather than six. The rules of the Intelligent Design sustains through all possible Cubistic formulations. (Fig.150).

(Fig. 150) - Five Sided Radionnic Ship

Similarly, like the six pointed starr, the seven pointed starr is also a universal figure of the Design. It figures for example in the Seven Super Universes of the Outer Creation surrounding the Inner Creation like the petals of a flower, the seven dimensions is each, and the seven octaves of the astral planes having seven levels in each for a total of forty nine levels of the fourth dimension. (Fig. 151).

(Fig. 151) - Seven sided Starr

The seven pointed starr is much more difficult to construct. Your mathematicians claim it can't be constructed at all by straight line and compass and must be constructed only by second guessing the seven end points of the starr around a circle. An error in their mathematical conclusions. A seven pointed starr can be constructed. One was in fact constructed from a cubit by a member of the Elect of Christ in the summer of nineteen seventy one. Who proclaimed one afternoon while fiddling around with a ruler and compass, 'Hey, I just figured out how to construct a seven point starr', witnessed at the time by this word smither and three others. Unfortunately, since the affairs of the elect of Christ could have gone somewhat better over time, the construction never got out into public view and is now stored in an unknown archive somewhere.

Like the five pointed star, the seven pointed starr appears in Earth's Flora. (Fig.152).

(Fig.152) - Seven Pointed Flora.

Similarly, like the five pointed starr it also appears in Earths Fauna. (Fig.153).

(Fig. 153) - Seven Pointed Starr Fish.

Also, similar to the five and six pointed pointed starrs, a seven pointed starr configured almost perfectly around the Corona-sphere of the total Solar eclipse of April twentieth, two thousand and twenty three. (Fig. 154).

Fig. 154 - Seven Pointed Eclipse of the Sun

The Radionnic Ships have also produced seven pointed crop circles such as the example below. (Fig. 155).

Fig. 155 - Seven Pointed Crop Circle

Cubistics is based mainly on a rule of six. You have traditionally defined a cubit as six lengths. For thousands of years you have argued about the length of the length. The wrong question is being asked. A cubit is not a 'howlongisit' it is a 'whatisit'. Using its radius, the circumference of a circle can be divided into six equal parts to form a hexagon. I.e., six lengths. (Fig. 156).

Fig. 156 - Six Lengths of a Hexagon

This six lengths of a hexagon is the basis of cubistics, because from it, a cubistic cubit can be comprised which is heart and center of the Intelligent Design. (Fig. 157).

Fig. 157 - Cubit

Twelve halved is twenty four. The image below from off the Internet is the depiction of a twenty four pointed Starr based on cubistic rule. (Fig. 158).

Fig. 158 - Twenty Four Pointed Starr

Also from an Internet search, the image below shows a nearly perfect twenty four pointed sun refraction. Not surprising that it has occurred, for as said, Earths' outer surface had been matrixed by the Intelligent Design so that it could. (Fig. 159).

Fig. 159 - Twenty Four Pointed Sun Refraction

Further confirming a valid twenty four point configuration is the following twenty-four armed starfish found in a Bing Search. (Fig. 160)

Fig. 160 - Twenty Four Armed Star Fish

When an image is discovered in an Internet search, it could be from anywhere at any time, further confirming the universality of the Design. Also remember, that a seven halved is fourteen pointed Starr was represented in Earth's atmosphere as shown in Fig. 128 above, as well as a seven sided cube at the seven o'clock position.

Even an eighteen pointed starr was found in Bing search. (Fig. 161).

Fig. 161 - Eighteen Pointed Starr


Also, an eighteen pointed sun refraction match was also found in a Bing search on the Internet. The sky's the limit. (Fig. 162).

Fig. 162 - Eighteen Point Sun Sun Refraction

Even an eighteen armed starfish was found on the Internet as further proof. (Fig. 163).

,. Fig. 163 - Eighteen Armed Star Fish

The next figure below is the Cubit of Fig. 123 without the radials. As said above, cubits are the genomes of Creation. By the the use of cubits worked up into complex cubistic matrixes, all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. Cubits are explained in complete detail in Starrgram 4 of the Intelligent Design of Creation. Of particular notice in the cubit below is the Starr of David which has become exposed. What is clearly obvious are the two interlocking triangles which comprise the Starr of David in the middle. Across the Universe the triangle which is flat across the bottom is called the Upper Triangle and ties to the things of Heaven, namely the dimensions above the current dimension of population. The triangle which is flat across the top is called the Lower Triangle and ties to the current dimension, in Man's particular case to the things of Earth.

An Upper Triangle was pointed out being present in the Fosbury Crop Circle, Fig. 142 above. (Fig.164).

Fig, 164 - The Cubit without radials.

Two more examples prove that the Cubistics rule can be found even in the unlikeliest of places. The first example below is the top of a very well weathered tree stump someone found in a forest, which, when rotated about twenty degrees clockwise mirrors Fig, 164 exactly. Fig. 165).

Fig. 165 - Well Worn Tree Stump

The second example is two cube shaped sun refractions in the windshield of a car. The refractions are sitting at the middle right and lower right. The passenger was photographing the presence of Radionnic Clouds sitting straight ahead of them down the roadway. The fact of the Radionnic Ships of light around Earth every day is explained in detail in website The photo is particularly interesting as is shows not only a pair of Radionnic Mother Ship clouds in the lower middle just above the highway, but a partially formed Radionnic Anchor Ship cloud in the upper middle.

It also show a Sylph just above the trees in the middle left. Sylphs, which are enigmatic creatures matrixed half way between Man and Animals are explained in detail in Starrgram 10 of (Fig. 166)

Fig. 166 - Eighteen Point Sun Sun Refraction

Recently there has also been a crop circle proof of the Cosmic Universality of the Intelligent Design. The extraordinary Crop Circle below appeared on February eleventh, two thousand and twenty. The crop circle depicts a powerful radiation stemming from a black hole that is drawing in massive amounts of matter from a nearby Neutron star as depicted in the upper third of the crop circle. The matter is being exploded vigorously as shown in the middle third. The very high frequency radiation is now affecting all seven of Earth's dimensions in both Ascending and Descending mode, plus the Sun as shown in the bottom third.

According to a new study published in the 'Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society' in the winter of two thousand and twenty three, sic., 'There is a new stellar champion out there first observed in later two thousand and twenty which comprises a vast cosmic explosion known as 'AT2021lwx'. The explosion, located eight billion light years from Earth, has been erupting non-stop for four years now unabated, emitting two trillion times the light of Earth's Sun and ten times the energy of the brightest supernova ever observed'.

Don't forget that your scientists mistakenly view these type of events as fully radiating spheres and not focused laser-beam-like lines of pure Energy. Consequently the values they give for these radiating sources are grossly overstated. Also not forgetting, that these types of events usually last only for only a few micro seconds. This, therefore, is a very big very unique event, affecting all seven dimensions of everybody's consciousness both positively and negatively depending on their positive and negative predispositions. Also, setting the mood for what's set to come over the next two thousand years. (Fig. 167).

Fig. 167 - Distant Radiating Source

For those of you who started by reading this proof rather than the Design of Creation website or book itself, as explained in Starrgram 5, how trivially simply the cubistic rules serve to completely satisfy all the requirements of the Creator's plan as fully detailed in the previous Starrgrams, is that for example though tied together as seven equal sized cubits as seen in the Fig. below, the seven different cubits all have completely different net frequencies for having completely different attributional strengths and for being in completely different locations within the cubistic matrix. Likewise, each circle and line component part within the cubistic matrix bears its own unique frequency based on its unique location within the overall matrix and from the distinctly different frequencies of each distinctly different part connected to it. (Fig.168).

Fig. 168 - Seven Cubits tied together

As you can see in Fig. 168, the characteristics of the center cubit staffs are similar to the original cubit staffs for being part and parcel of the original radiation. As you can also see in Fig. 168, each lengthwise staff within each cubit is itself in a completely different location and orientation within the overall matrix, plus each represents only one of the three different staff lines within a cube. The net collective staff frequencies of each cubit cannot be the same.

Likewise, through their unique locations and staff frequencies, each different cube represents a completely different flavour of cube. Likewise, each of the seven circles differ from each other for being within a different cube within a completely different net location of differing staff and Starr of David parts within the matrix. Likewise each rod. The fact of diminished attribution or normal, adds additionally to the differentialities.

The exact location of any part within the overall cubistic structure also has everything to do with the net frequency it will impart to the whole because of the unique frequencies of every other unique part connecting to it. The frequency of each part by necessity of its setting is completely different from that of any other of its type anywhere else in Creation. The net result is that in all of Creation, whether in a mammoth Super Universe cubistic matrix, a whole cubit, or even just a single cubit part, no two cubits or cubistic parts are of, or ever could be of the exact same frequency.

Every single different part, wherever it sits with all the differing parts connected to it is the one and only part in all of creation that can be in that one particular place with those particular parts connecting to it, having therefore a completely unique vibration signature associated with it, tautological fact. Similarly, because Creation is always expanding, no same frequency can ever come out two clicks in a row, and no specific part can ever be of a lower frequency than any similar part before.

This overall then, is the complete elegance, simplicity, and power of the Intelligent Design. By the rule, it is completely impossible, no matter how many cubits may be in a cubistic matrix, whether large or small, or where in Creation it may be located, or even in what dimension the matrix may be operant, for any two cubits to have the exact same frequency or purpose. Or similarly, for any two comparable cubistic parts within any two comparable cubits to ever be the same.

Every Substance materialization in Creation, from the very tiniest to the very largest, from the thirteenth dimension to the first, has its own unique set of unique component cubistic frequencies and carry frequencies making it unique within the annuls of Creation. Able to conduct its intended purpose appropriately without halt or hesitation. Whether of the largest embodiment or smallest, no cubistic matrix need ever depart from the format, and no two cubits or cubit parts anywhere in Creation can ever be of the same exact frequency.

In short, every expression in Creation is unique and every expression in Creation is built from completely unique frequency components even as the overall rules of the Intelligent Design remain ever the same. Which is how the Intelligent Design is able to produce Creative expression without limit and without end everlasting.

Planning out cubistic matrixes in advance in principle according to intention is how Creation is blueprinted. Cubistics upholding the manifestation in consciousness when done is how Creation is upheld afterwards as the fulfilled intentions.

In starting up a new Starr or Galaxy for example, the higher consciousness involved would begin by composing a complex cubistic matrix blueprint as suggested by the very simplistic example of Fig. 107. They would for example, show a thin line for Energy for a specific aspect over here and a thick circle of Intelligence for a specific aspect over there. Melchizedek Engineers are the actual builders of Creation. The higher consciousnesses higher above would tell the Engineers what they want, who would imbue less Energy to an aspect over here and full Intelligence to an aspect over there to achieve the result. Such particular net specifications given for the particular Intelligence, Energy, and Substances aspects within the overall project, imparts the whole with the net frequencies and capabilities by which it is to be known in Creation and moves it towards the work it was created to do.

Cubistics is fractal. The fractal is universal. The fractal upholds every cubistic matrix in Creation and by the fractal every aspect in Creation is upheld within a cubistic matrix. Cubistics is the original archetypal fractal from which all other fractals derive including your so called 'Sacred Geometry'. The same cubistic fractal serving to blueprint the inner workings of the atom frames the enormity of the Outer Creation. The microcosm is a mirror of the macrocosm. The Unified Field Theory is at hand.

A simple example can be made. The figure below is Fig. 56 from Starrgram 5. It represents the third Super Universe of Substance, where Substance is in normal attribution and Intelligence and Energy are diminished. More particularly is represents the number of Galaxies in a Local Universe within the Super Universe. The number of cubits in the Fig. represents the number of Galaxies. In this case sixty four. If the number of cubit around the outside rim were expanded again and again, etc., until one thousand and twenty eight cubits resulted in total in the whole configuration, then the number of galaxies in a Local Universe would be fully represented.

The point is that all of Fig. 169 below could be represented in any one or even every cubit present. Then all of that could be represented in every cubit again, than all of that again going smaller and smaller and larger and larger without limit. The fractal nature of Cubistics is starting to be readily suggested. (Fig.169).

Fig. 169 - Super Universe of Substance

The fractal nature of Cubistics is also present in the Earth plane. A sample of the fractal nature from the Flora side is shown below. (Fig. 170).

Fig. 170 - Fractal nature in Broccoli and Pine Cones.

Similarly, the image below is Figure 95 in Starrgram 13 is only a simple basic bare-bones depiction of the first new female anti-matter Super Universe of Intelligence in Andromeda.

The Figure shows three expansionary nested embodiments of Fig. 168, a bunch of seven sits tightly in the middle, six more embodiments sit tightly around that, and six more sit in the open around that. The image represents a number of due expansions in the New Creation. It is starting tp show a fractal nature and there could be trillions upon trillions of such expansion in Reality. It helps to understand that even a simple object like an electron has many many thousands of cubistic elements within its cubistic matrix. If Fig.107 at the top were to be expanded out to it's full cubistic capacity, it would contain a transcendental number, times a transcendental number, times a transcendental number, times a transcendental  number, of fractal based cubistic parts. (Fig. 171).

Fig. 171 - Fractal expansions in the new Creation

Crops Circles have also been used to imprint the fractal nature of Cubistics into everyone's consciousness. (Fig. 172).

Fig. 172a - Fractal based Crop Circle

The image below is also fractal based. Scroll the Figure up and down and watch the fractal members come alive.

Fig. 172b - Fractal based Crop Circle

Finally, one last example, a small point to make but one which is highly relevant. To paraphrase snippets from Starrgrams 8 and 12 dealing with the Principles of the Third and fourth dimensions respectively, it was explicitly shown that Starrs, Planets and Galaxies are Cubistically interconnected by electromagnetic and magnetic Energy trunks large and small, holding whole areas of the Cosmos synchronized together into single whole Cubistic Matrixes large and small.

Similarly, in the mechanics of Ordinary Matter Substance the opposite poles of a magnet attract while likes repel. On the other hand in gravity, all pieces of Matter Substance attract together regardless of size, orientation, or net direction of spin. Gravity is the lowest frequency in the vibrations of Love. Gravity serves to keep the whole Lower Creation together as a single cohesive whole, mirroring the original cohesive whole of the original Intelligent Breath of the Even Pool.

Gravity like magnetism, manifests through the upper fourth dimensional frequencies of Matter Substance. Through inclusion of the rods, magnetism is very powerful. Whereas, for not having rods, gravity is not. Even the smallest magnet can pick up a piece of iron against the entire gravity pull of Earth. Like the inter-dimensional trunks of Energy, local gravity effects are very small but in the overall can be enormous.

Similarly, an additional mutually attracting force in the Outer Creation holding the larger manifestations together comes from the loving Soul Atoms in projection through the fifth and seventh dimensions. Plus also the presence of the eighth dimensional loving Soul Atom/Atum Starrs and other cosmic bodies through the portal. Each and every one is a living spark of the cohesive Intelligence whole, materialized as living loving Christ Triune Beings. Aggregations of rock and fusing matter are not the reality of a mighty galaxy, Galaxies are loving communities of loving people.

In an article published on the internet by, on November twelve, two thousand and nineteen, the following entries were noted, "Galaxies millions of light years away seem to be connected by an unseen network of massive intergalactic structures, which force them to synchronize in ways that can't be explained by existing astrophysics". "The observed coherence must have some relationship with large-scale structures, because it is impossible that the galaxies separated by six megaparsecs (roughly 20 million light years) directly interact with each other."

There have been many instances of astronomers observing galaxies that seem to be connected and moving in sync with each other. A study published in The Astrophysical Journal in October, 2019 found that hundreds of galaxies are rotating in exactly the same way, despite being millions of light years apart."

And yet again, a separate study published in the journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics in two thousand and fourteen, "Found super massive black holes aligning with each other, despite being billions of light years apart". The fact is that Cubistics is at the heart of these observations, because Cubistics are how the great Intelligent Design of Alpha and Omega is being outputted.

Similarly, Scientists have recently spent billions of dollars unsuccessfully building equipment that would prove evidence of a so called 'Higgs Bosen', which they believe must be a hundred million billion times less massive than the highest energy scales existing in nature. They are actually onto the Tiny Particles of Substance percolating up from the bottom of the third dimension as explained in detail in Starrgram 9 herein but, don't know it yet.

In case you have decided that the above few cubistic examples were concocted to explain the sampled findings, you are reminded that the graphic parts of the Intelligent Design revelation as shown and referred to above were completed by early two thousand and two. The text portions were first published in May of nineteen ninety nine. Similarly, in case you inferred that the few cubistic samples shown in the Starrgrams above comprise the entirety of the Intelligent Design at the third dimensional level, it helps to remember that even a simple electron has thousands upon thousands of cubistic members.

Similarly to remember, as mentioned, if Figure 107 were flushed out to its full Cubistic capacity of every part and parcel through this Super Universe of seven dimensions, it would contain a transcendental number, times a transcendental number, times a transcendental  number, times a transcendental  number of cubistic parts. Each tiniest part would have its own unique vibration and frequency, and no two parts would have the same frequency no matter how big or how small. Yet throughout it all, only the same few basic rules and Principles as given in the this Intelligent Design disclosure expresses each and every one.

Specifically, the basic rules and Principles of the Design are that the projected Sphere within the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, represents the Intelligence of the Father, the projected Cube represent the Substance of the Mother, the projected Blue lines represent the Outer Energy aspect of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and the projected white lines represent the Inner Energy aspect of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. Plus also, that the Cubit is the Cube and Sphere projected one dimension down. Plus also, that  the rulings of the Intelligent Design are held in the consciousness of the Holy Trinity in the fifteenth dimension. Plus, that the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega puts the rules into action. Plus that the Mother holds the Father in her bosom. Plus, that Creation is the practical end result of the Design. Plus the fact always remains the same, that Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is.

Creation is built entirely upon the Cubistic principles of the Intelligent Design, formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves according to plan. Creation is under the constant production of their Consciousness on an ever expanding basis.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference website or book as source.