Starrgram 5: Expansion of the Cubit

Cubits are expandable into cubistic matrixes. Cubistic matrixes are the actual means by which cubits are used to blueprint and implement Creation. The workings of Cubistic Matrixes is called 'Cubistics'. Cubistics is how Creation is being steadily expressed into existence and upheld. Planning out cubistic matrixes in advance according to need is how Creation is advanced according to requirement. The critical role of rods for expansion becomes evident within the matrixes.

Cubistic expansion is possible because Energy radiates freely out the cubit. The cubit Energy factors, circle of Intelligence, and cube of Substance all intersect at thirty, sixty, and ninety degrees. By such, the open radiation of the staffs, rods, and extended lines of the Starr of David are made possible. (Fig. 43).

Fig. 43 - Open Radiations of the Cubit

In that six hexagrams fit snugly around a seventh like a honeycomb, it is compelling to think of cubistic expansion in terms of a honeycomb. It doesn't work that way however else Energy would not radiate freely out the staffs. (Fig. 44).

Fig. 44 - Un-expandable Arrangement of Seven Cubits

Rather, cubistic expansion occurs by a procedure relying upon the rods. The process is easy to depict in a two dimensional format.

Around the cube end points, an expanded circle can be depicted. At the intersections of the new circle and rods, an expanded Starr of David can be depicted at its arms intersections. At the intersections of the new expanded Starr of David end points and original radiating staffs, a second expanded circle can be depicted. (Fig. 45).

Fig. 45 - First and Second Expanded Circle

At the intersections of the second expanded circle and original radiating rods, a second new expanded Starr of David can be depicted using its arms intersections. (Fig. 46).

Fig. 46 - Second Expanded Starr of David

At the intersections of the second expanded Starr of David end points and the original radiating staffs, a new expanded cube of Substance can be depicted. (Fig. 47).

Fig. 47 - Expanded Cube of Substance

Through the intersections of the second expanded circle and first expanded Starr of David end points, the Y Factors can be expanded to the new cube. Through the intersections of the second expanded circle and second new Starr of David arms intersections, the radiating rods can be expanded to the new cube. (Fig. 48).

Fig. 48 - Expanded Radial Lines of Energy

Finally, the second expanded circle of Intelligence can be depicted as intensified to full attribution. The result is a fully expanded cubit around the original, but such that Energy still radiates freely out the staffs. (Fig. 49).

Fig. 49 - Fully Expanded Cubit

Together, the original cubit and the newly expanded cubit comprise a simple cubistic matrix. The necessary importance of rods in expansion has been clearly demonstrated.

The simple cubistic matrix can also be sub-expanded resulting in six new original sized cubits around the original, but where Energy still flows freely out the staffs.

Inside the newly expanded cube, through the intersections of the newly extended rods and second new Starr of David arms intersections, three pairs of two Crisscrossing lines can be depicted in from the sixteenth dimension to lie parallel to the three existing original staffs. Through their alignment with the original staffs plus the respective connections with the rods and the second new Starr of David, the six new lines are empowered as new staff lines of Energy. (Fig. 50).

Fig. 50 - Six New Staff Lines of Energy

As fig. 50 shows, the original staffs and two each of the new staffs create six new potential three way Energy Points and Centers on the original staffs, lying just outside the new circle and well inside the new cube.

Using the intersections of the new staffs and the new cube in concert with the lines of the original Starr of David, new smaller Starrs of David can be depicted around every new potential Energy Point and Center to create six new active Point and Centers of Energy. (Fig. 51).

Fig. 51 - Six New Active Points and Centers of Energy

Through the new arms intersections of each new smaller Starr of David, a new smaller circle can be depicted. (Fig. 52).

Fig. 52 - Six New Circles of Intelligence

At the end points of the new Starrs of David, all of the parameters exist for six new smaller cubes of Substance. (Fig. 53).

Fig. 53 - Six New Cubes of Substance

With the new circles and new cubes in place, the Y Factor balance of Energies from the new staffs can be included. And finally, from the six new points and centers, through the new small Starrs of David arms intersections new rods can be depicted within each new cube. Six new equal sized cubits now result around the original seventh, but harmoniously configured such that Energy still flows freely along the staffs. (Fig. 54).

Fig. 54 - Six new Cubits Around the Original

As fig. 54 clearly shows, the six new cubits are all the same size as the original. It is also important to notice that both the new staffs and new small Starrs of David all connect continuously from sub domain to sub domain but the new rods do not, passing passively between instead. The unique frequencies of one sub domain as held by the rods are not passed directly to the next. This is for example how one Local Universe stays distinct from any other within their Galaxy rulings, but also how the Local Universes also remain inter-connected all the way back up to the sixteenth dimension through the staffs.

Fig. 65 is the basic universal cubistic depiction of seven frequencies tied together and is the fundamental cubistic matrix of Creation.

The Inner Creation is founded mainly on the frequencies of the seven permutations of Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother individually expressed. Namely, Father, Son/Daughter, Mother, Mother/(Son/Daughter), Father/Mother, Father/(Son/Daughter), and Father/Mother/(Son/Daughter). The seven individual frequencies comprise the whole 'Inner' potentiality of Alpha and Omega.

The Outer Creation, dimensions seven to one, is founded mainly on the frequencies of the seven attributional permutations of their Intelligence, Energy, and Substance tied together. Namely, Intelligence, Energy, Substance, Energy/Substance, Intelligence/Substance, Intelligence/Energy, and Intelligence/Energy/Substance. The seven frequencies tied together comprise the whole 'Outer' potentiality of Alpha and Omega. The seven different frequencies of the Inner Creation are implied. The seven different frequencies of the Outer Creation are explicit.

The seven outer permutational frequencies can also be depicted according to their attributions. The differentiations are arbitrarily depicted clockwise from the top, namely Intelligence, Energy, Substance, Substance/Energy, Intelligence/Substance, Intelligence/Energy, and Intelligence/Energy/Substance in the middle where nothing is diminished. By convention a thick line or circle is used to imply that a particular attribute is in full attribution whereas a thin line implies the attribution is diminished. Like fig. 54, the seven frequencies are tied together. (Fig 55).

Fig. 55 - The Seven Permutations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance Tied Together

By the convention, Intelligence is depicted in full attribution at the twelve o'clock position whereas Energy and Substance are diminished.

Energy is depicted in full attribution at the two o'clock position whereas Intelligence and Substance are diminished.

Substance is depicted in full attribution at the four o'clock position whereas Intelligence and Energy are diminished.

Substance and Energy are depicted in full attribution at the six o'clock position whereas Intelligence is diminished.

Substance and Intelligence are depicted in full attribution at the eight o'clock position whereas Energy is diminished.

Intelligence and Energy are depicted in full attribution at the ten o'clock position whereas Substance is diminished.

And finally the full attributions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance are depicted in the middle where nothing is diminished.

Fig. 55 serves as the basic cubistic matrix definition of the Outer Creation. The Outer Creation comprises seven great Super Universes. Each Super Universe is attributed or biased on one of the seven permutations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. The Seven Great Super Universes follow in exactly the same cubistic rule as the seven frequencies tied together, starting with the Intelligence biased Super Universe at the top and ending with Intelligence/Energy/Substance biased Super Universe in the middle.

Each Super Universe also has seven dimensions. The seven dimensions are depicted in the same manner as fig. 55 for also being of the same order of rule. The seven dimensions of consciousness in all Soul Atoms in the Outer Creation including yourself, are also depicted in the same manner as fig. 55 for also being of the same order of rule.

It is also important to notice in fig. 55, that as in fig. 54 the arms of the Starrs of David inter-connect through many of the frequencies. In general, Starrs of David stay inter-connected throughout many different frequencies and differing dimensions within any cubistic matrix as the unified Inner action of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. Through this interaction, the net animus of The Only Begotten Son/Daughter ever expands. As Creation expands, the interactions ever increase and the Inner Christ animus ever grows.

It is through this inter connectivity of all sixteen dimensional octaves from the sixteenth dimension on down, that the ever expanding Christ consciousness of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter stays together as one.

It is also important to understand that the configuration of fig. 55 is not what the eye would see. Cubits depict frequency configurations not pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Like any blueprint or schematic diagram, cubits only depict absolute relationships between the modalities and are not an actual photographic layout. The same is true for any cubistic representation, it is to be taken as a blueprint or schematic only and not an actual replica of anything existing except for the principles or practices it depicts.

Similarly, cubistic matrixes are not limited to simple or basic layouts such as the seven frequencies tied together. Within the cubistic matrix of fig. 56 below for example, the parameters exist for expansions and re-matrixing again and again, larger and larger or smaller and smaller, whichever way you choose to view it. (Fig. 56).

Fig. 56 - Arbitrary Complex Cubistic Matrix

For simplicity of viewing, fig 56 shows only Substance in normal attribution, and variances from the seven frequencies tied together are not depicted.

However, as seen in the arbitrary depiction of fig. 56, the ever expanding Christ Co-Creative work of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter becomes revealed through the ever expanded number of Starrs of David, staffs, and rods in the configuration. The extended lines of each new Starr of David lie parallel to the lines of the original cubit. The lines follow the original lines back up through the Cube and Sphere, the Holy Trinity, and into the Upper and Lower Triangles of the sixteenth dimension respectively.

Fig. 56 also serves to reveal some additional understandings about cubistic matrixes. As you can see, layouts similar to fig. 54 can be seen in the top part of fig. 66 at the twelve o'clock area, or in the center, and just about anywhere your eye stops and focuses on a set of seven. It is also geometrically possible for the whole of fig. 56 to be depicted inside any one of the cubits individually, or in each and every one of them and so on.

In yet another form of sub matrixing, the hexagon rotated at ninety degrees within the center of the Starr of David of fig. 2 in Starrgram 2 can itself be the start of another cubit rotated at ninety degrees to the original. Inside of its Starr of David a yet smaller cubit can be created back in the original orientation. The rule can continue smaller and smaller, or larger and larger in principle without limit. Any one of those could fit inside anyone of the cubits of fig. 56 or all, and so on.

Similarly, all of the suggested expanded version fig. 56 if rotated at ninety degrees and shrunk, could easily exist within any of the Starr of David centers of any such cubits of fig. 56 or all, large and small. All of that could easily sit inside any of the cubits after that or all, large or small. Fig. 56 could also be expanded and expanded and expanded in principle until it is trillions of light years across. Or reduced deeper and deeper in size until it is infinitesimally small. A large creative project can have trillions upon trillions of individual cubit components. It helps to understand that even a simple tiny object like an electron has many thousands of cubistic elements within its cubistic matrix.

Every electron has a same basic general vibration. Every electron also makes a completely different net contribution to creation because of the completely different net frequencies in each of its component parts for being in a different part of Creation, plus a unique set of Akasic frequencies carried over from its particular location and making in Creation, plus its unique history. Making it unique from every other. No two similar parts of creation are ever exactly the same no matter how large or small.

The fact is that Cubistics is fractal. The fractal is universal. The fractal upholds every cubistic matrix in Creation and by the fractal every aspect in Creation is upheld within a cubistic matrix. Cubistics is the original archetypal fractal from which all other fractals derive. The same cubistic fractal serving to blueprint the inner workings of the atom frames the enormity of the Outer Creation. The microcosm is a perfect mirror of the macrocosm. The Unified Field Theory is at hand. Six sided snowflakes reflect the fractal at the molecular level of ordinary Matter Substance. Six sided images of light in a camera lens reflect it in the radiating levels of electromagnetic Matter Substance.

In general, any symmetric six sided figure is cubistic. Similarly, every fractal so far known to Man regardless of complexity can be converted into a cubistic fractal simply by making the cubistic members small enough.

The original cubistic blueprints developed in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds a billion years ago in order to initiate an outer evolution on Earth's surface to raise its frequency back to crystalline, was fractal. Your scientists are just now starting to discover the presence of fractal geometry behind nearly every aspect of Earth's outer plane existence. Including even that thick and thin trees are distributed in a forest according to a fractal pattern. The fractal nature of a head of broccoli is well known. The sky line of a distant mountain range is fractal.

Since consciousness is the prime actor behind any cubistic outcome, the fractal nature of Earth's organics is very responsive to consciousness. Water which has been corrupted by industry and the ravages of Man, if frozen and then photographed will be ill-formed and unpleasant appearing. If a prayer of translation or other good thought is expressed towards it first, the images will be beautiful six sided cubistic crystals looking much like beautiful snowflakes. Most of your foodstuffs under modern processing are likewise very corrupt.  A simple heartfelt blessing said before a meal will both glorify the Creators and cubistically enrich the food stuffs. People who talk lovingly to plants and animals do not have propellers upon their heads.

How trivially simply the cubistic rules within the fractal serve to completely satisfy all the requirements of the Creator's plan, is that for example, though tied together as seven equal sized cubits as seen in fig. 55, the seven different cubits all have completely different net frequencies for having completely different attributional strengths and for being in completely different locations within the matrix.

Likewise, each circle and line component part within the cubistic matrix bears its own unique frequency based on its unique location within the overall matrix. Each different frequency is from the distinctly different frequencies of each distinctly different part connected to it.

As you can see in fig. 55, the characteristics of the center cubit staffs are similar to the original cubit staffs for being part and parcel of the original radiation. As you can also see in fig. 55, the six new surrounding cubits each include two of the new lengthwise staff lines lying parallel to the respective originals but never the same two.

Likewise each new lengthwise staff within each new cubit is itself in a completely different location and orientation within the overall matrix, plus each represents only one of the three different staff lines within a cube. The net collective staff frequencies of each new cubit cannot be the same.

Likewise, through their unique locations and staff frequencies, each new cube represents a completely different flavour of cube. Likewise, each of the six new circles differ from each other for being within a different new cube within a completely different net location of differing staff and Starr of David parts within the matrix. Likewise each new rod. The fact of diminished attribution, or normal, adds additionally to the differentialities.

The exact location of any part within the overall cubistic structure has everything to do with the net frequency it will impart to the whole because of the unique frequencies of every other part connecting to it. The frequency of each part by necessity of its setting is completely different from that of any other of its type anywhere else in Creation. The net result is that in all of Creation, whether in a mammoth Super Universe cubistic matrix, a whole dimensional cubit, or even just a single cubit part, no two cubits or cubistic parts are of, or ever could be of the exact same frequency.

Every single different part, wherever it sits with all the differing parts connected to it is the one and only part in all of creation that can be in that one particular place with those particular parts connecting to it and having that complete unique vibration signature associated with it, tautological fact. Similarly, because Creation is always expanding, no similar frequency can appear two clicks in a row, and no specific part can ever be of a lower frequency than a similar part before.

Therein lies the complete elegance, simplicity, and power of the Intelligent Design. By the rule, it is completely impossible, no matter how many cubits may be in a cubistic matrix, whether large or small, or where in Creation it may be located, or even in what dimension the matrix may be operant, for any two cubits to have the exact same frequency or purpose. Or similarly, for any two comparable cubistic parts within any two comparable cubits to ever be the same.

Therein lies the complete elegance, simplicity, and power of the Intelligent Design. By the rule, it is completely impossible for any two cubits to have the exact same frequency or purpose. Or similarly, for any two comparable cubistic parts within any two comparable cubits to be the same.

In starting up a new Starr or Galaxy for example, the higher consciousness involved would begin by composing a complex cubistic matrix blueprint as suggested by the very simplistic example of fig. 55. They would for example, show a thin line for Energy for a specific aspect over here and a thick circle of Intelligence for a specific aspect over there. Melchizedek Engineers are the actual builders of Creation. The higher consciousnesses above would tell the Engineers what they want, who would imbue less Energy to an aspect over here and full Intelligence to an aspect over there to achieve the result.

Such particular net specifications given for the particular Intelligence, Energy, and Substances aspects within the overall project, imparts the whole with the net frequencies and capabilities by which it is to be known in Creation and moves it towards the work it was created to do.

Therein lies the complete simplicity yet infinite power of the Intelligent Design. Every Substance materialization in Creation, from the very tiniest to the very largest, from the thirteenth dimension to the first, has its own unique set of unique component cubistic frequencies and carry frequencies making it unique within the annuls of Creation. Able to conduct its intended purpose appropriately without halt, hesitation, or conflict with another vibration. Whether of the largest embodiment or smallest, no cubistic matrix need ever depart from the format, and no two cubits or cubit parts anywhere in Creation can ever be of the same exact frequency. Every expression in Creation is unique and every expression in Creation is built from completely unique frequency components, even as the overall rules of the Intelligent Design remain ever the same.

Also note that for purposes of simplicity within this Disclosement, only simple thick and thin quotients have been used to imply the relative values of the parts. In actual practice, any value of quotient can be used as needed for any particular part as needed without limit or kind for imparting to any component its purpose within the myriad of assorted parts in any Creative project large or small, forever and without limit.

In blueprinting any Creative intention the same principles upholds. Like a engineering blueprint of a bridge, a basic cubistic matrix is drafted bearing the assorted principles and work the project is to undertake for Creation. Like the specific nuts and bolts of the bridge blueprint, the assorted cubistic parts and their frequencies are set within the assorted thin and thick attributions, connections, and cubistic matrix locations needed to uphold the project's overall contribution to Creation.

By this elegantly simple but infinitely powerful little principle of common logic, every different cubit and cubistic matrix in Creation is capable of expressing a completely different blueprint with completely differing resulting manifestations depending on where it is and what it will be doing in accordance with the Creator's overall plan for an expanding Creation.

By expressing their causeless differences through the absolutely simple principle of a cube, circle, and straight line rulings for their attributions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance, Alpha and Omega have brought forth an absolutely trivial but infinitely powerful way of externalizing their original caused basic internal seven way potentials of Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother into a unique Outer materialized Creation of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance.

Once you get the jist of this simple little fact, you get the jist of everything that's going on. How nothing more than a simple combination of cube, sphere, and straight lines, plus how and why they are to be deployed under the rulings of the Intelligent Design, has been used to effortlessly blueprint and cubistically express all nine hundred trillion light years of Creation and counting. Including both the Inner and Outer Creations and also every Soul Atom in Creation and also all of their works.

The number of completely different frequencies which this simple cubistic formula is able to blueprint is without number. The Intelligent Design of Creation is the absolute in simplicity and the ultimate in power without end.

Every outcome in Creation is both first defined by, and then upheld by its unique cubistic expression. Cubits are the genomes of Creation. Circles carry the frequencies of the Intelligence of the Father, cubes carry the frequencies of the Substance of the Mother, straight lines carry the frequencies of the Energies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and the Mother holds the Father in her bosom. Cubits carry the principles of the Creators expressed into outer created form. Cubistic matrixes are how the cubits are worked together to produce Creation.

The same cubistic matrixing which frames Creation in all of its manifestations, also frames consciousness in all of its expressions. By Cubistics, the outer workings of the dimensions of the Outer Creation and the inner workings of the dimensions in consciousness are depicted in the same likeness of kind for being of the same principle in rule.

The principle is upheld even within you as you walk about. You have a Substance body of the Mother holding the Intelligence of the Father in your bosom. You are powered by the radial staff and rod Energies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter upholding your physicality. The spiritual Energies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter in your Starrs of David components uphold your presence of consciousness and purpose. Whereby your overall net consciousness is from the frequencies of your Intelligence, Energy, and Substance harmonized together.

Throughout Creation staffs carry Energy from the Substance side as down coming radiations. Rods carry Energy from both the Substance side and Intelligence side together as outgoing locally generated radial radiations. Starrs of David carry Energy from both the Intelligence side and Substance side together as emanate Christ Light.

The Radiant and Christ light of the Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter together through the cubit, allow the total Co-Creative expression of the Will, Desire, and Action of the Creators to be responsibly undertaken. As the cubistic matrixes of Creation become ever more extensive through ever ongoing Soul Atom Creative endeavours, the Starrs of David backgrounds become ever and ever more enhanced.

As the Starrs of David backgrounds become more and more enhanced, the whole animus of the Christ Son/Daughter expression of consciousness becomes ever more and more enhanced. As the whole Christ Son/Daughter animus of expression of consciousness becomes ever more and more enhanced, the whole of Creation is able to become ever more and more expanded. As the whole of Creation becomes ever more and more expanded, more and more of the original frequencies of the Great Even Pool of Darkness are able to be brought down and converted into light based formulations.

Creation expands through the Will of the Father, Desire of the Mother, and Action of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. When Will and Desire are equally met, Action is enabled because Energy was begotten.