Starrgram 9: The Galactic Underworld

The third and fourth dimensions are known as the 'Galactic Underworld'. It is called the Galactic Underworld because it effectively sits under the higher frequency fifth dimensional bottom line of Creation. You call it the Spooky underworld because you do not know what it actually is. It is not spooky, it is actually the boiler room of the Outer Creation. It is where the lower frequency third and fourth dimensional manifestations of Creation become produced for housing the fifth dimensional bottom line manifestations of Creation.

Under normal circumstances of the fifth dimension and higher, consciousnesses have very limited knowledge of, or interest in, the Galactic Underworld except for Descendant administrators because no one lives there. Because of Luciferian interference, Earth's fourth dimension is filled with rif-raf and people who otherwise wouldn't be there. On Luciferian affected Planets similar to Earth their fourth dimensions are likewise plugged up with population debris. Because you are currently mired deeply within the frequencies of the Galactic Underworld by default, you are intensely interested in all facets of the third dimension with a huge folk lore that you have generated about the fourth dimensional aspect, which you call the creepy Underworld.

It is critically important for you to learn about the true nature of the Galactic Underworld in order to become free from the compelling and limiting hold the Mentallized Illusion has upon you within your current held down levels of consciousness.

In the fifth dimension and above Intelligence is mainly by way of Soul Atoms in projection, Energy is by way of the Beatific Light of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Substance has a direct link to the sixteenth dimension and has no Matter Substance components.

Matter Substance on the other hand is the hallmark of the third and fourth dimensions. Matter Substance is the lowest frequency of Substance in all of Creation. The third dimension in particular contains the lowest frequencies of Matter Substance possible. It does however have a direct connection back to the Great Even Pool of Darkness through the bottom, which is the key to how Creation expands.

The Substance attributions of the first and second dimensions are diminished and not completely manifested. The third is completely manifested. You currently dwell within, and are comprised of the lowest possible Substance manifestations in all of existence. Yet you consider yourselves to be the loftiest in Creation.

The truth is that the entirety of the cosmos you see with your eyes and instruments is the 'Galactic Underworld' only and nothing more. And not even all of that, as you do not see the fourth dimensional component which is all around you and very much larger than the third.

Like someone who only sees grey tones when color is all around them, you only see the third dimension when the fourth dimension is all around you. The third dimensional physical plane of materialization in visible light, and the larger fourth dimensional complex of astral frequencies above it typically have no one in it. Rather, the third and fourth dimensions are the engine room of the Outer Creation where the lower frequency Matter Substance materializations of the third and fourth dimension are the scaffolding upon which the higher frequency societal materializations of the fifth dimension are able to be upheld.

The Outer Creation exists as the expansion of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance upon a composite of cubistic background fields. Super Universe bubbles exist because each Master Spirit of Creation projected respective cubistic Super Universe background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance.

Local Universes exist within the Super Universe fields because Creative Son/Daughters projected cubistic Local Universe background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance into the Super Universe fields.

Local Solar Sectors exist within the Local Universe fields because fifth dimensional Local Solar System Lanonandek Son/Daughters in co-ordination with the Creative Son/Daughters set up respective cubistic background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance within the Local Universe fields. The Creator Son/Daughters set up the fields, the Lanonandek Son/Daughters fill them in.

Specific Solar systems exist within the readied Local Solar Sector fields because ninth dimensional Whole Soul Atoms projected their Ovarian Atoms down through the eighth dimensional portal to set up appropriate background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance for Starrs and Planets within the Local Solar Sector fields.

Your nineteenth century scientists began calling these collective fields the 'Ether', then errantly backed away from the concept. That called the ether has its most viable effect in the first four dimensions. The first four dimensions are the lowest frequencies of the background fields.

As fig. 82 in Starrgram 8 clearly shows, a decidedly logical cubistic difference occurs between the composition of the Galactic Underworld and the higher fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions, where the third and fourth dimensional components shown in fig. 68 in Starrgram 8 comprises only the conglomerate seven cubit center area of fig. 82, with the higher dimensions successively surrounding the fourth.

For being the dimension of expansion, the fourth dimension is not like the other dimensions of the Outer Creation which are single octaves only. Rather, the fourth dimension mirrors the Outer Creation as a whole. Whereby, as originally depicted in fig. 63 in Starrgram 6, the Outer Creation comprises Seven Super Universes having seven dimensions within each.

The fourth dimension mirrors the Outer Creation exactly by having the seven sub-octaves, each having seven levels within it , each Super Universe having the same net octave and dimensional vibrations only modified to suit each particular Super Universe's attribution. The same is true for all Planets, Starrs, Local Solar Sectors, Local Universes, and Super Universes throughout all of Creation. The fourth dimension is a Universal Principle of Creation, not just a local application.

For being of the same order of rule, the frequencies and progressions of the seven main Fourth Dimensional sub-octaves can be depicted in the same manner as the seven Super Universes of fig. 62 in Starrgram 6. Namely, Intelligence, Energy, Substance, Substance/Energy, Substance/Intelligence, Intelligence/Energy, and Intelligence/Energy/Substance. Each octave is higher in frequency than the one below.

Also, as per the depiction of fig. 62 in Starrgram 6, the sub-octaves are oriented clockwise starting with the sub-octave of Intelligence at the three o'clock position and ending with Triune Triune sub octave in the middle. The overall fourth dimension is very much larger than the third. In fig. 85 below, the third dimensional conglomerate of fig. 65 in Starrgram 8 is depicted as the smaller cubit inside the center cubit of the whole fourth dimensional cubit. (Fig. 85).

Fig. 85 - The Seven Sub Octaves of the Fourth Dimension

In keeping with the seven dimensions within each of the seven Super Universe bubbles, each sub octave has the same seven frequency permutations within it as levels following in the same order of rule. To comprise the levels, each sub octave in fig. 85 is itself subdivided by the rule of seven to produce seven cubits all the same size, all having the same seven tied together represented within them, all in the same orientation. Whereby like the octaves, each level is higher in frequency than the one below.

Comprised are the seven times seven equals forty nine levels which you call the astral states or astral planes of the fourth dimension. Also, keep in mind that except for the little center cubit in the center cubit,  fig. 82 in Starrgram 8 could also be used to depict the levels. (Fig. 86).

Fig. 86 - The Forty Nine Astral States of the Fourth Dimension

Fig. 86 is also essentially the same as fig. 63 in Starrgram 6 except for the center of the center cubit. In fig. 86 the seven cubits depicted inside each sub-octave are the levels, whereas, as before, the first level of every sub octave starts at the three o'clock position. Also as in fig. 63 in Starrgram 6, the third dimensional conglomerate is depicted as the very small cubit showing in the middle of the centermost cubit.

The workings of the third and fourth dimensions are also formulated completely differently than the fifth dimension and higher. In the fifth dimension and higher cubistic matrixes are held together mostly through the positive and negative end point polarities of the Upper and Lower Triangles of the Starrs of David.

An Upper Triangle end point always connects with a Lower Triangle end point. To show the connections better, the cubit staffs are shown aligned top and bottom in the view. Also for simplicity, they are show bound tightly together, whereas in reality they are somewhat apart. The higher the dimension the farther apart. (Fig. 87).

Fig. 87 - Higher Frequency Cubistic Alignment by Triangle End Points Attractions

In the higher dimensions the electromagnetic field aspects of cubits are mainly for storing Akasic records and for holding Soul Atom personae identities. In the Galactic Underworld and within Matter Substance in particular, a completely different cubistic principle takes place whereby the positive and negative pole end polarities of the electromagnetic fields play a far greater role in holding the cubistic matrixes together as bodily objects.

In the third and fourth dimensional background fields, by design, the expansion side intensity of the Son/Daughter responsibility component of the squares of consciousnesses within the cubits is greatly diminished as the Galactic Underworld normally has no outer consciousness presences within it. The Starrs of David are consequently much more compressed, the electromagnetic fields of the Starrs of David are far less reaching, the Substance cubes are much closer together, and the Substance density of the background fields is very much greater.

Similarly, the original electromagnetic attraction between the Intelligence and Substance polarities from the original extraction out of Alpha and Omega's Great Even Pool of Darkness self is greatly enhanced. Making the electromagnetic fields much more dominant within the cubistic expressions. (Fig 88)

Fig. 88 - Enhanced Electromagnetic Field

Even though the electromagnetic fields of the Starrs of David within the background ethers are far less reaching, they are much more interactive locally. Becoming a much more significant factor in holding cubits together within their matrixes than the original Triangle end point polarities.

As a result, the Galactic Underworld is a completely different kind of environment than the higher dimensions, and is much more electromagnetically oriented.

Despite being cubistically aligned by their electromagnetic fields rather than the triangle end points, within the background fields the triangle points nonetheless still meet end to end properly, and the background fields are all still completely uniform and harmonious. (Fig. 89).

Fig. 89 - Electromagnetically Enhanced Background Fields

As fig 89 clearly shows, the electromagnetic fields play a far more dominant role in keeping the cubits of Matter Substance together. Within third dimensional Matter Substance itself the Son/Daughter responsibility components have been reduced yet even more by design, and the power in the rods has been greatly enhanced on the Substance side producing an even more dense packing of Substance.

The third and fourth dimensional Galactic Underworld is the foundation of the Outer Creation. It both anchors the Outer Creation and underpins the fifth dimension. It does not anchor the seventh dimension as the seventh dimension has its own substantiation. Likewise, it does not anchor the Inner Creation as the Inner Creation already existed.

If the seventh dimension has mostly to do with spirituality, the third and fourth dimensions have mostly to do with meat and potatoes.

Inter-dimensionally, the creative plans for the Outer Creation come down through the respective channels from the top. The nuts and bolts of the Outer Creation have their start at the very bottom of the Galactic Underworld as bullion base.

The third and fourth dimensions interface directly back to the eighteenth dimension, in effect forming a grand loop from the Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega at the top of Creation on down through the dimensions and directly back to it again at the very bottom of the Galactic Underworld.

Matter Substance does not come from the top down as do the higher frequencies of Substances. Rather, Tiny Particles of Substance from the Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega percolate directly up into Matter Substance at the bottom of the Galactic Underworld. In fact the main purpose of the Underworld, and is why Matter Substance is of such a completely different kind of make up than Morontia Substance and above.

The lowest frequencies of pure Substance from the top on down are Morontia in the fifth dimension down to the fourth octave of the fourth dimension where it fades out. The main frequency of Substance in the third and fourth dimensions are the far less pure frequencies of Matter Substance and electromagnetic Matter Substance. Throughout the fourth dimension, a gradation of Substance exists from the first level to the top, whereby pure Substance from above is completely absent in the third dimension and Matter Substance is completely absent in the fifth. In the fourth dimension, the bottom most levels of the Fourth dimension are mostly very course Matter Substance and very little higher auric Matter Substance. The topmost levels of the fourth dimension are mostly auric Matter Substance with very little course Matter Substance.

In its basic function, the Underworld prepares Tiny Particles of Substance directly from the Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega into workable sized manifestations of Matter Substance through the governance of Intelligence at the lowest frequency, that Energy becomes equalized with Intelligence through the work of the consciousnesses involved to produce the ever expanding Energy and Christ Consciousness of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter at the highest frequency.

The conversions are through a complex interaction between specific frequencies of the Creators from their original Great Even Pool of Darkness self, the assorted Super Universe, Local Universe, Local Solar Sector, and local Solar System projected fields involved, the consciousnesses of the respective responsible administrators involved, and some of the frequencies of Alpha and Omega themselves from their Cube and Sphere projection and higher.

Through the collaboration, aggregations of Tiny Particles of Substance from their Great Even Pool of Darkness self precipitate spontaneously into the bottom of the third dimension. Through the enhanced effect of the rods, the aggregations form as discreet stand alone fragments of Matter Substance.

When the fragments precipitate, they make direct contact with the Intelligence frequencies of the background field. The contact is between the Tiny Particles and purified Intelligence and not between Tiny Particles and Intelligent Breath. As a result, only a limited conversion into frequencies of light occurs and the aggregation appears within the background field as fragments of Substance and light combined which seem to suddenly pop into existence. The precipitating fragments constitute Matter Substance with the lighted portions comprising the Substance/Energy auric aspect.

The fragments likewise spontaneously dissipate back into the Tiny Particles, seeming to suddenly disappear back out of existence.

Because of the specific purposes of the overriding layers of consciousnesses in the background etheric fields, gradually more of the Tiny Particles of Substance coalesce into Matter Substance fragments than dissipate. Being of the limited frequencies of light rather than full, the Matter Substance fragments are not as purified or refined as the regular Substances through the migratory channels from the top on down.

Likewise, the standing wave directionalities of the precipitating Tiny Particle remain as they originally were and not ironed out. Likewise, the vibrations are not amalgamated into a single net harmoniously vibrating whole, being chaotically oriented. Consequently, Matter Substance is of a much rawer and cruder form of Substance than that of the fifth dimension and higher.

Your scientists have long sought a frame of reference for absolute zero and absolute rest. It is at hand. Because the eighteenth dimensional Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega is homogeneously the same in all directions, is without end and has no actual Energy components, it stands as absolute rest and absolute zero.

Because every setting in Creation has undergone at least some level of expansion, when the Tiny Particles of Substance precipitate into a Matter Substance fragment within a local setting, they become swept along as part and parcel of the evolved particular local environment into which they have precipitated. The difference between the relative motion of the local environment against the absolute rest of the Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega becomes incorporated into the fragments as an initial momentum component.

Under influence of the background fields, their frequencies likewise harmonize with the local environment such that the difference between the absolute zero temperature of the Great even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega and the net ambient temperature of the local environment becomes incorporated into the fragments as their initial thermodynamic component. The Energies are taken from the radial staff and rod interactions of the second dimension. Your scientists have recently discovered the connection back to Alpha and Omega's Great Even Pool of Darkness self as that they called the zero Energy state. Also referred to as the 'Vacuum Energy State', and also as a quasi fifth state of Matter which they call 'Quintessence'.

When the precipitating fragments suddenly precipitate, they precipitate as varying clumps of the Tiny Particles. The precipitations occur with both a third and fourth dimensional component. At the heart of it, Intelligence and Substance are the only two polarities in existence. When the fragments of Matter Substance pop into existence they instantly meet the all encompassing opposing presence of the first dimensional Intelligence aspect of the background fields wrapping all around them with nowhere to go.

A tension is instantly set up through the differences in polarities pushing hard in from all directions. As the fragments themselves subsequently clump together within the fields, the tension increases until under influence from the enhanced electromagnetic fields of both the background ether and the particles themselves, the clumps suddenly snap into spin to relieve the tension as a direct conversion of the tension into angular momentum.

The clumps are from the third and fourth dimension and the angular momentum is from the staff and rod Energy connections of the second dimension. The spin is around the vertical staff component, and the main component of the spin momentum is carried by the Substance loaded rods which act like the arms of a figure skater.

The spinning clumps also take on their first basic cubit configuration. A minimum intelligence component is added in through the first dimension, and a Starr of David is added in from the background fields to hold the attributions in the correct balance for their purposes.

Depending on the amount of clumping and exact micro environmenting within the fields at the exact instant of snap, a clump will spin in one direction or the other, and the amount of angular momentum will be according to the size of the clump and rate of spin.

Ordinary magnetism is a lower frequency subset of electromagnetism. By fact of the Cubit's original formulations, the fragment's spin creates a new found torus or donut shaped electromagnetic field called magnetic, with cone shaped vortices at the top and bottom as poles. Magnetic fields are completely unique to the Galactic Underworld. The brown horizontal arrow in the middle of fig. 90 below implies the direction of spin. (Fig. 90).

Fig. 90 - Implied Torus Shaped Magnetic Field

In the case of fig. 90, the brown curved arrow implies a clockwise spin. In mind's eye envision the whole of fig, 90 spinning rapidly horizontally. You would see a torus shaped donut which is open at the top and bottom. The torus shaped magnetic fields in combination with the more powerful rods, free the fragments from hard alignment within the background ether. Allowing them to move freely in any direction as independent bodily objects, a hallmark of third dimensional Matter Substance.

The freely orienting magnetic field alignments allow the bodily fragments to accumulate into individualized bodies of subatomic particles, elementary particles, atoms, molecules, and eventually mass, whereby the Triangle end point connections and directions of rotation become moot even as the connections remain honest to the polarities. (Fig. 91).

Fig. 91 - Arbitrary Exploded View of Spinning Objects Harmoniously Connected

To view the arbitrarily depicted different magnetic field alignments and body spins in fig. 91, look at the brown curved arrow at the middle of each cubit. Also notice that despite the fact that the orientation of the spinning parts is all over the map, the magnetic fields all still remain harmoniously linked one into the other. Showing that the Matter Substance accumulation is only through the magnetic fields and not the triangle end points any more as they no longer meet consistently end to end positive to negative like the background fields. Also. notice that the individual cubistic bodies are no longer tightly cubistically bound. Matter Substance is decidedly much more coarse and much less refined than the Substances of the higher dimensions.

Similarly, the lower triangles are all coloured orange to show that they are no longer oriented in the same systematic manner as in the fifth dimension and higher. Similarly, as the lower frequencies of love called gravity moves out equally from all three sides of the lower triangles, and love attracts love universally,  fig. 91 also implies how the presence of gravity additionally helps keep everything securely united as loving communities of families and friends.

Similarly, by the Intelligent Design, the derived opposite magnetic field polarities attract and likes repel. As the precipitating fragments clump and the clumps clump into elementary particles and eventually bodies of mass, because their elementary parts are free to move or point in any direction, their spins and polarities amalgamate and align in such a way that the body's net alignment and polarity to the background fields is always the same state of 'like', no matter how large the amalgamate or relative direction to the background field.

This leaves them held immersed in a balanced state of frozen equilibrium through the completely equal repulsion pressing in from all sides within the background fields. All competing forces acting upon the body from the background ether are in balance through the alignment.

Similarly, because of their angular momentums the spinning bits and pieces are all individually gyroscoped against the background field making them relatively hard to move in some directions and easy to move in others. The net body as a whole reflects the effect. Work to overcome the collective gyroscopic effect is needed to move the body into a new direction of motion or speed, needed to overcome the collective micro gyroscopic effects.

Whenever the net body is turned or set in motion, all the individual gyroscopic parts and parcels within the body need to be respectively realigned within the whole body for it to remain in a 'like' equilibrium with the background fields in accordance with the new direction or motion. The new arrangement of the parts results so the net body's net alignment and polarity to the background field still remains 'like' to the field.

The work done in overcoming the net differing angular gyroscopic effects in the body's spinning parts and parcels to overcome the resistance reflects as that you call the body's inertia. A larger body has more gyroscopic parts and parcels, and more inertia and visa versa. Depending on the amount of Energy given to force the net body into a new direction or motion, the speed of motion will be slow or fast in response.

The idea is simple to see in mind's eye. Hold any small object in your hand. Move it to one side or the other. It took muscular work to overcome its inertia. The body object will have trillions upon trillions upon trillions of tiny spinning gyroscopic parts within its Cubistic Matrix. Through their assorted orientations to the background fields, some of the gyroscopes will have moved readily in the direction you chose. Others will have taken maximum effort to move with all ranges in between. The net accumulated resistances to the change from the net collection of micro gyroscopes involved comprises the object body's net inertia which your work had to overcome to effect the move.

Similarly, when a bodily object moves through the background fields, because of the constant 'like' facing polarities to the respective magnetic and electromagnetic fields, it constantly experiences an opposition to the motion in front. Because of the tighter circle and Starr of David intersections in Matter Substance, the magnetic fields of Matter Substance are far more dominant than the electromagnetic background fields.

Through the 'likes' repulsion of their same polarities, the dominant Matter Substance field of the object in motion pries the background fields open in front of its motion like an icebreaker ploughing through ice. The background field in back of the propagation presses in by the all inclusive opposition pressure of the field. The constantly squeezing pressure at the back pushes the body along like constantly pinching a slippery watermelon seed.

In a manner not unlike a soliton, the work done by the object ploughing through the field in front is exactly balanced by the work done by the field squeezing it along in back. The net effect is that once started, no additional Energy is needed to keep a propagation going. Additional Energy against inertia is needed again only to change the motion or direction of the body, slow it, or bring it to a halt. Reflected as that you call momentum.

As there are no spinning bodies in the fifth dimension, fifth dimensional Morontia Substance has no inertia. As there are no lower magnetic fields only electromagnetic in the fifth dimension, Morontia Substance is matrixed flat upon the background fields as per fig. 87, which is why Earth's fifth dimension is flat.

Even though housed within the Starrs and planets of the Galactic Underworld, the fifth dimension lies flat within them. The same is true across creation, the fifth dimension is always flat no matter what the housing. The Architectural Spheres of the seventh dimension are not part and parcel of the Galactic Underworld structure, and are not objects but areas of designated frequencies.

Similarly, magnetism is through the upper triangle frequencies of the fourth dimension, Gravity is through the lower triangle frequencies of the third. What you call the mass of a bodily object is from the lower vibrational love emanations of the object's collective third dimensional Lower Triangle components. Gravity is the lowest frequencies of love. Love vibrations attract. Gravity attracts. In general the outer love vibrations of the Lower Triangle are not directional and are universally oriented as it radiates out all three staff lines of the lower triangles equally. Gravity does not include rods, magnetism however does.  Through inclusion of the rods, magnetism in the Galactic Underworld is very powerful. Without the rods gravity is very weak. A small magnet can pick up a piece of iron against the entire gravity pull of the planet.

With respect to Gravity, the collective love vibrations of the Lower Triangle components of one bodily object mutually attracts the collective love vibrations of the Lower Triangle components of all other bodily objects as the force you call 'Gravity'. The larger a bodily object, the more Lower Triangle components are present within its collective cubistic matrixes in a reflective value measurement you call mass.

The greater the mass the greater will be its love attraction reflected as a greater pull of gravity. The net gravity pull between any two Matter Substance bodies is proportional to the net number of Lower Triangles belonging to the pair. The more the number of Lower Triangles belonging to the pair, the greater the gravity pull between them.

Similarly, just as the Galactic Underworld makes contact with the Tiny Particles of the Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega through the bottom end of the third dimension, the bottom of Creation also makes a similar direct contact with the Intelligent Breath of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self through the bottom end of the first dimension. Under additional appropriate circumstances, a unit of Breath can be captured in with some of the original spinning bodies, plicked in during the snap.

The unit of Breath likewise makes direct contact with the Substance frequencies of the background field. As the contact is with lower dimensional frequencies of Intelligent Breath and lower dimensional frequencies of Substance and not original Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles, the flash conversion is likewise into a combination of limited Intelligence and light frequencies as that called static charge.

When it likewise meets the Substance presence of the clump, it combines with some of the Energy from the Intelligence level of the Second dimension into a formed unit of electrical charge which binds to the spinning body as a first dimensional Intelligence component.

Attraction in static charges comes from the Intelligent Breath and not from the Tiny Particles. The Tiny Particles in the Great Even Pool of Darkness are not attracted to one another. Every Tiny Particle is an island unto itself but are collectively conscious as Omega.

The Intelligent Breath is a single vibrating whole, conscious as Alpha. There is no part of the Greater Reality Pool of Alpha and Omega at large where the one single vibrating whole of the Intelligent Breath is not present in some form or other. No part of Intelligence can ever be fully pried apart from the single vibrating whole no matter how large or how small, or at what frequency, or in what dimension.

When Intelligence is pried apart, it stays cohesively connected to itself even if by a hairline tether. All Soul Atoms in projection remain connected to the Breath in the sixteenth dimension through their Alpha factor, the so called golden cord. The Breath in the sixteenth dimension stays connected to the Breath in the Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega through the Alpha side in the seventeenth dimension.

Even though each charge state is a unit, it stays tied to the Intelligent Breath. It also stays tethered to the first and second dimensional background fields through quantum interactions as it moves about. It is through the charge state ties of Intelligence that Quantum Relativity works.

The assorted precipitating matter fragments and charge states themselves eventually interact, gradually coalescing into the subatomic or fundamental particles of Matter Substance. In some of your literatures the subatomic particles are referred to as fermions.

The fermions themselves eventually coalesce into elementary particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. And finally into atoms, molecules, and mass, whereby a single electron contains over a hundred thousand of the Tiny Particles. The static charges give, for example, electrons and protons their different quantum charge states.

More in particular, they bind molecules, atoms, and their internal nuclear parts atom much tighter together though the rods. As related above, Substance all the way down to the mass level is bound together by the cubistic rule of seven bound together.

At heart, the cubistic formulations for the Microcosm and the Macrocosm are the same in principle for being the same difference in kind. The seminal difference is that the masses of the Macro world are all clustered by the open cubistic rules of Starrgram 5, whereas mass molecules are aligned by a closed honeycomb mode instead. The electron microscope scan below shows the honeycomb effect perfectly. (Fig.92).

Fig. 92 - Scanning Microscope Photograph of an unknown molecule

Similarly, atoms are also clustered by honeycomb rule. The below figure is a Scanning Microscope Photograph of Graphene atoms, a flat sheet version of carbon graphite clearly showing honeycomb clustering. (Fig. 93).

Fig. 93 -Scanning Microscope Photograph of Graphene atoms

Similarly, Carbon 13 is a natural stable isotope of carbon, with a nucleus containing six protons and seven neutrons. As one of the environmental isotopes, it makes up about 1.1% of all natural carbon on Earth. In the photograph below from Google Search taken by a high powered electron scanning microscope, the thirteen sub-atomic particles within the nucleus of a Carbon 13 atom is clearly shown in a honeycomb cluster. As shown in the molecule of fig. 92 above, atoms in fig 93 above and elementary particles in the atomic nucleus shown below in fig. 94 comprising six protons and seven neutrons, all have been converted to a honeycomb vs. open cubistic mode where the rods are close together and the staffs are disconnected.

The realignment makes them very tightly bound and close reaching rather than loosely bound and far reaching as in the Macro world. More importantly, they are completely cut off from the higher dimensions through lack of staff connectivity and have have no higher frequency Substance vibrations whatsoever, imparting an even cruder nature to Matter Substance and making it even more densely packed. (Fig.94).

Fig. 94 - Electron microscope view of a thirteen atom Matter Substance atom

Nonetheless, being hexagonal in nature, the image is still very clearly cubistic all the way, particularly with the seven neutrons tied together in the middle of fig, 94 showing their cube outlines perfectly, plus the six protons packed around, plus the six sided overall configuration. Also notice, that each neutron is a mirror of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega of fig. 29 in Starrgram 3 in its own right, in perfect due Cube and Sphere proportion inside each green hexagon outline.

Similarly, remove the perspective distortion and the six proton particles are also exact mirrors of the Cube and Sphere. Through the Intelligent Design, the very highest aspect of Creation is mirrored perfectly in the very lowest aspect.  Molecules, atoms, and their internal subatomic parts interact with others by their own rules, externally they gather into mass which still adheres to open Cubistic rule.

Figure 44 in Starrgram 5 clearly shows that cubistic matrixes cannot be formed as honeycombs else Energy would not radiate freely out the staffs. Figure 94 shows clearly that Matter Substance is formulated along the lines of a honeycomb. This is the seminal difference between higher frequency Substance and Matter Substance. One is pure cubistic and the other is honeycomb. Being honeycomb, Energy can't pass out along the staffs. The frequencies of Matter Substance stay in the third dimension and the lower fourth.

Which is why the third and fourth dimensions stand alone in the annuls of Creation as the Galactic Underworld. Matter Substance frequencies are present in amounts that diminish from the third dimension to the fourth octave of the fourth. Morontia Substance frequencies are present in diminishing amounts from the seventh octave down to the fourth. The fourth octave of the fourth dimension is where they meet.

The upper four octaves are called the higher astral plains and have no Matter Substance present. The lower three octaves are called the lower astral plains and have no Morontia Substance present. The fourth octave contains the tail end of both and is the most active octave of the astral plains. Which is why the fourth octave of the fourth dimension is where most of the contaminations from the Luciferian Rebellion occurred and had its greatest effect.

Also, once congealed into mass, Ordinary Matter Substance occurs in two densities. Matter Substance which is mainly on the side of the raw Substance part is called dense. Matter Substance which is mainly on the partially lighted Substance side is called auric or etheric.

Third dimensional Matter Substance which is mainly devoid of the auric or etheric component is that which you call degenerate or collapsed matter such as Proton or Neutron starrs. Fourth dimensional auric or etheric Matter Substance which is mainly without the dense component manifests in such auric phenomenon as Sun coronal effects and lighting balls. When occurring evenly present, the two together are the Substances you see and experience as the ordinary manifestations of your everyday third dimensional life.

The lower frequency Energies of the lower four dimensions come from the collective background fields of the Co-Creative intentions of the Soul Atom projectors. The Energies are interred into the fragments from the fields when they precipitate and not until. Alpha and Omega's Great Even Pool of Darkness self itself is completely devoid of Energy. Plus, the vibrations of the Breath and Particles when later mixed do not produce Energy. The mixed vibrations produce light, and light in and of itself is not Energy.

The original occurrence of light eventually led to Energy being begotten as a formulation in the consciousnesses of Alpha and Omega as the attribute for their Only Begotten Son/Daughter third aspect of themselves. Energy was created by the Creators in their fifteenth dimensional Holy Trinity Consciousness and sixteenth dimensional selves after the fact, as a planned combination of frequencies of the Particles and consciousness of Alpha, and a combination of the frequencies of the Breath and consciousness of Omega to act as a core principle of their Intelligent Design as the 'actor exemptor' for redeeming themselves from an ultimate fate of oblivion through work of their three way unified Holy Trinity consciousnesses.

Energy has no existence above the sixteenth dimension and only limited existence in the sixteenth. The positive and negative polarities of the respective Upper and Lower Triangles present within the sixteenth dimension remain segregated within the separated frequencies of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy and Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy. They are not brought into full interaction as the Starr of David until the fifteenth dimensional Holy Trinity Self of Alpha and Omega and below.

Likewise, the Outer Energy aspect of the Substance staff lines from the sixteenth dimensional Pillar of Substance and Energy do not spring into being until meeting an opposite polarity within the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega in the fourteenth dimension and Creation in the thirteenth dimension and dimensions below as outlined in Starrgram 3.

From the fifteen and fourteenth dimensions on down, Energy is active as an all encompassing part of Reality, allowing the Will and Desire of Alpha and Omega to be fulfilled through the ever erstwhile taking of responsibility of their Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

Since no two cubits in Creation can ever be exactly the same, in the forming of the fragment presences within the background fields according to their creative purpose, the exact flavour of any particular composite of background fields is uniquely tailored for just that particular composite.

Likewise, the initiating thermal, kinetic, and angular frequencies of the precipitating fragments will all be uniquely configured to just that particular instant in that particular background environment. The exact mathematical behaviour of Substance/Energy particle in any field will differ somewhat from any other.

Through lack of any direct rod interactions between domains, the exact Physical Laws as measured by your Scientists on Earth within its local solar system, are unique for just Earth and the particular Solar System to which it belongs and no other, though all are similar within the broader given guidelines of the Intelligent Design. Likewise, the exact laws of the Orion Solar Sector differ somewhat from those of the Draco Solar Sector. Each Local Universe is different to some degree from any other.

Each Super Universe is governed by its own particular attribution, collective facts about which you are oblivious. Proper higher dimensional teleporting in Radionnic Ships requires knowing what frequency adjustments to make when moving from one local to another.

Likewise, preliminary Energies of gravity and magnetic attractions are likewise uniquely interred into the fragments as they precipitate, derived from the upper fourth dimensional Starrs of David Energy presences within the particular background fields, and enhanced from the Energy presences within the second dimension and Intelligence frequencies of the first.

The main flow of Energy from the seventh dimension to the fourth is through the Starrs of David continuity which remains continuous throughout the dimensions. The conduction is electromagnetic. From the seventh to the fifth it is spiritually oriented. From the fifth to the fourth it is electromagnetic looking towards the magnetic. The interface into the fourth dimension is through the higher auric fields of the ferrous metals, iron, cobalt, and nickel.

Within the forty nine levels of the fourth dimension, the first twenty one levels are from the first three sub-octaves of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. Adding in the first four levels of the fourth sub-octave brings them to twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, and twenty five respectively. The next three levels are the three higher auric levels of the fourth sub-octave, bringing the numbers up to twenty six, twenty seven, and twenty eight, the atomic weights of iron, cobalt, and nickel respectively.

Atoms of iron, cobalt, and nickel are present in the cellular structures of all living things including Starrs and Planets, serving to distribute the Starrs of David Energies throughout the lower dimensions at large. Electromagnetics and magnetics are the main factor holding the lower material realms together, not gravity and mass which are adjuncts.

Similarly, consciousness polarity and physical polarity work oppositely to each other. In the polarities of consciousness likes attract. In the polarities of physics they repel. In the original electro-magnetic flux set up by the Creators within their unification, like polarities attracted and opposites repelled as the means for enabling continuing movements of consciousness between them as Creativity. Expansion within the electromagnetic fields of the Starrs of David was established on this basis.

The original electromagnetic interaction between the polarities was also involved in setting up the original Starr of David through its Upper and Lower Triangle polarities, whereby opposite polarities attracted. The respective top and bottom poles of the Starr of David result from that effect as harmoniously flowing electromagnetic lines of force.

As implied in fig. 82 of Starrgram 7, in the higher dimensions in any cubistic matrix a negative Starr of David end always connects to a positive Starr of David end. This allows the electromagnetic field of the cubit at the one Starr end to flow harmoniously into the electromagnetic field of the cubit at the connecting Starr end.

Cubits within cubistic matrixes consequently stay aligned and are harmoniously oriented such that no two like poles ever face each other. Differing frequencies of many different cubistic matrixes can exist superimposed on each other as long as their polarities remain properly aligned.

This is the principle by which individuals are able to levitate and teleport their cubistic matrixes around within the cubistic environments of the fifth dimension, un-aligning their polarities with respect to the one vibrational field to leave in a specific direction, and re-aligning them into the next to move around.

That like poles of third dimensional magnetized objects or spinning particles can be observed to repel and opposites attract comes strictly from the fact that unlike higher cubits within higher cubistic matrixes, the physical magnetized objects and spinning particles of the third dimension are free to move around with respect to each other within their local in reaction to each others respective polarities.

In the fifth dimension, smaller individual cubistic matrixes overlay greater cubistic matrixes in polarity alignment as the higher dimensional equivalent of object materializations within an environment. In the third dimension it is different. Spinning particles and bodies are a completely unique aspect of the Galactic Underworld. The purpose is to increase the intensity of the Energy Components in preparation for accumulation into the ever expanding Energies of  the Only Begotten Son/Daughter as creation expands though the consciousnesses involved.

Materialized bodies in the fifth dimension and higher do not spin, remaining planer to the matrix of which they are component. Through spin on the other hand as explained above and shown in fig. 91, particles and bodies in the Galactic Underworld are free to move in any direction under the limitations of inertia and mass, where the alignments are through the magnetic field directionalities and not the pole ends.

If two like poles end up meeting end to end, the lines of force from their respective polarities will instantly cause the bodies to wheel around so that their fields flow back into each other again harmoniously again according to cubistic rule. Likewise, the same will occur if they should meet adjacent side by side, a position and motion not possible in the higher dimensions. (Fig. 95).

Fig. 95 - Adjacent Poles in Physical Magnets

Many of the grander scale motions in the cosmic physical domains are magnetically controlled, comprising much of the so called 'Dark Energy' your scientists debate about. Electromagnetics and Magnetics are a main component of the Galactic Underworld, governing the behaviour of all Matter Substance.

Similarly, Matter Substance occurs in two forms, Ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter substance. The original precipitating fragments of Matter Substance are also able to migrate upwards into photons of Electromagnetic Matter Substance.  Electromagnetic Matter Substance occurs in the form of radiating photons and has very little mass. The photons make their appearance within the background fields on a constantly ongoing basis as that you call the cosmic microwave background radiation.

Through absorption and emission with Ordinary Matter Substance on an ongoing basis, the background radiation gradually converts into the other frequencies of electromagnetic Matter Substance. Hydrogen fusion is part and parcel of the natural interactive cubistic conversion between Ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter Substance. Some of the Ordinary Matter Substance is converted into Electromagnetic Matter Substance, and the resulting frequencies end up the same or higher after the change.

Photons propagate by the same Soliton principle of squeezed watermelon seed as does Ordinary Matter Substance. Because they have only slight mass, once emitted they continue propagating at the constant speed you call the speed of light until re-absorbed. In the auric levels of Matter Substance they can move much faster as the elastic nature of the fields restricting them is not as strong. The speed of light in the lower levels is a constant because the plastic rate at which the background fields can be pried apart in front of any propagating object is a constant property of the field. Ordinary Matter Substance cannot be accelerated past the speed of light because the background fields cannot be pried apart any quicker.

The pry rates of differing background fields vary in accordance with their projected frequencies and purpose. The speed of light in differing domains will differ though not substantially. As the frequency of the background fields of the fourth dimension rises though the fourth dimensional  levels however, the pry rate of the fields relax more and more. The speed of light at the top of the fourth dimension is almost instantaneous.

Through the net interaction between Ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter Substance, the third dimension is the engine room which produces the raw materials for the Outer Creation to grow in ever expanding circles of light, life, love, and liberty. You call the limited frequencies of Electromagnet Matter Substance 'light' and 'radiations' in ignorance of the full radiance of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter which is all around you.

The lower frequencies of both the staff radials and the Starr of David emanations outcome in the Galactic Underworld as the Energies you are familiar with which you call physics. Starrs of David are responsible for the magnetic and electromagnetic effects through the auric fourth dimension. The radial lines of Energy manifest as thermodynamics and kinetics through the second dimension.

The two presences together are experienced by you as your everyday physics. The mechanical and electromagnetic Energies come from the lowest frequencies of the power of attraction between the polarities set up by the Creators. You call the collective study of the first three dimensions Science. The study of Substance from the Energy side deals with temperature and pressure. The study of Energy from the Substance side deals with mass and momentum. The study of Energy from the Intelligence side deals with charge states. And the study of Energy from the Substance and Intelligence sides together deals with electromagnetism and gravity.

The background fields are all governed by consciousness. The Tiny Particles do not precipitate ad hoc, only in the presence of responsible consciousnesses. There are no non-conscious aspects of Creation. Creation is from the lap of consciousness.

As originally outlined in Starrgram 1, as the original Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega was too big for them to cohere out of chaos as a single event, now, by their formulated cubistic rulings, whenever a fragment precipitates out of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self, frequencies of the Tiny Particles are aligned directly in parity with an equal quotient of the frequencies of Intelligence through the governance of the Energies involved.

Additionally, Crisscrossing staff lines become drawn in and aligned from the sixteenth dimension into larger lower dimensional cubistic formulations in the Outer Creation as the precipitating fragments begin to accumulate under the interred Co-Creative actions of the projecting Soul Atom consciousnesses in participation.

As the fragments accumulate, the first four dimensions act as the starting point where the lowest frequencies of the overall Energy potentials associated with Intelligence and Substance combine, eventually become worked up into ever expanding Christ Consciousness and Energies by the Evolutionaries at the highest level.

Through the work of the ever expanding Christ Consciousness capabilities of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, the work done whenever a consciousness becomes Christed or gains experience is in combing the frequencies of the original intertwined incoherent vibrations of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance of the Great Even Pool of Darkness self of Alpha and Omega into perfect alignments as expanded Christ Conscious Triune expressions.

The expanded Ascendant Soul Atom Christ Consciousnesses from the top of Creation on down and then back up, are able to return to Creation as newly Trinitized Soul Atom projections. Providing yet more Christ consciousnesses to work with within the fields. Allowing yet more fields to be projected. Which allows yet more precipitations to occur at the bottom levels of Creation at an ever expanding rate. By order of the process, the Creators are gradually converting the ill fated chaos of their original Great Even Pool of Darkness into permanently lighted versions of their Intelligence, Energy, and Substance one step at a time as Creation.

The rules by which the accumulated Substances and garnered Energies behave in the first, second, and third dimensions are what you call the Laws of Physics. The Energies gained by the precipitating fragments are in quantized amounts because the processes are cubistically governed so cannot be analogue.

The overall Energies of the third and lower fourth dimensions similarly transfer from one part to another in overall quantumized amounts under cubistic rule. All Energy interactions in Creation are in quantized amounts because Creation is cubistically ruled. Big or small, the same is true for all changing frequencies in Creation.

Any change in your consciousness into a new level of awareness occurs in sudden quantized amount. Anyone who has undergone any kind of consciousness expansion is well aware of this fact. Even ordinary mundane classroom learning occurs in sudden new leaps of understanding.

All progressions in Creation are quantized in amount according to rule, from micro to macro. All changes occur suddenly in perspective, big or small. Even within populations in the third and fourth dimensions, all changes are quantized. Densities in populations change upwards and downwards almost overnight in perspective

Populations in Creation normally begin in the fifth dimension. Only a few third and fourth dimensional populations exist, aberrant remnants from the Luciferians ill conceived attempt to build a subverted Creation based on 'Service to Self' vibrations rather than those of Love and Service to the Creation for the Creators. Their mal-activities which began five billion years ago, is officially known as 'The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus'.

Through interference of the Rebellion, on Earth, aberrant populations have ended up out of the fifth dimension and into all seven sub-octaves of the fourth dimension plus mainly in the third. The third level of each sub-octave is a Substance materialization in astral light. Each third level materialization carries a population. The auric materializations are all etheric domains which are higher in frequency than the visible materialization of the ordinary third dimension.

The cubits at the seven o'clock position in each of the seven sub octaves of fig. 86 depict the seven levels of materializations in astral light. The levels are found in layers around the Earth like the skins of an onion. The farther out the layer, the higher in frequency the populated level.

The lowest populated level is about a thousand feet thick floating at roughly a hundred and twenty miles out. The second layer is made of a lighter etheric material and is about four hundred miles out. The third is about twelve hundred miles out, the fourth is out about thirty four hundred miles, the fifth is about twelve thousand miles out, the sixth is at the forty thousand mile mark, and the seventh, the lightest, is approximately half way to lunar orbit.

Each successive layer is less dense than the one below. The third sub octave levels of materialization in astral light are not the same as the third dimensional frequency of visible light for being of a higher frequency for being in the fourth dimension.

People who have discarded their outer bodily projection on Earth in the lesser process you call Death, reside in the respective auric Substance levels according to their current frequency of Being while awaiting grace to re-incarnate again back into the third dimension. Those residing in the two populated astral levels below the third populated astral level are said to be in the lower astral Hell states. Those residing in the four populated astral levels above the third are said to be in the higher astral states. Understanding of course that under proper circumstances all such domains would be completely unpopulated.

Those residing in the third populated astral level are for the most part riff raff, outer ego remnants crippled by inhibiting crystallized thought patterns preventing them for the moment from proper outer ego dissolvement to allow their higher Soul Atom self to move up into the other astral materializations according to their frequency. Also, for the most part temporarily preventing them from undertaking proper re-incarnations.

Their presences in the third astral octave, at the closest astral frequency attunement to the visible materialization of the third dimension, accounts for most of the so called ghosts and other spectral phenomena you observe from time to time. Demons are another matter, who are fifth dimensional Descendants and Ascendants who rebelled by descending into the fourth and third dimension according to the Luciferian formulations against all advises not to, now called 'Fallen Angles'. Who became instantly cut off from all of their higher frequency ordainments, resulting in psychosis all the way down to a condition known as 'Demonic'.

 Who need to let go of their ties to the visible third so their Soul Atom self can move on to one or another of the other sub-octave levels in accordance with their current level of frequency in preparation for a properly sanctioned re-incarnation.

Severely concretized outer ego consciousnesses can subsist somewhat for a while even after the Soul Atom component itself has moved on. Floating around in the third populated level as so called psychic vampires and parasites, clinging by attraction off and on to any source of light they encounter until they finally dissipate out of existence altogether for having no real underlying composition.

Similarly, some with severely concretized negative outer egos, can subsist for awhile linked to the third octave fairly intact, having the ability to partially interact with the third dimension as haunters and poltergeists etc., staying attached to a particular object or dwelling as a link related to their particular frequency. In the mid fifties a three story house in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was haunted by the ghost of a twelve year old boy. Who would appear in the corner of an upstairs bedroom as a shimmering five foot tall skeleton. The individual was linked to a finger bone with a screw though it in a small jar of formaldehyde in a fruit cellar in the basement of the house.

The house  had previously been owned by a Doctor at the Winnipeg General Hospital, who was one of the early pioneers in the use of metal screws to speed up the healing of broken bones. The collection jars in the fruit cellar was part of his experiment samples.

The early Egyptians had capitalised on this same effect by mummifying the discarded outer bodily projections of their rulers and elite as optimum link points for allowing their crystallized outer ego remnants to hang around after death, able to make frequent third dimensional ethereal appearances, furthering the impression that the Pharaohs were literally Gods. The impression was furthered by the fact that whenever a new potential Pharaoh had been selected, they would be ceremoniously invaded by a Demonic presence.

They would then be raised in the black arts until ready to ascend to the throne, in order to both control the Demon inside and to utilize it's negative Energies in a forceful and manageable way. Because of their visible two sided occult abilities the Pharaohs were literally considered Gods. The Demonic entities infiltrated mainly though the Pharaohs, the alien contamination in the thousand or so tin pots around Earth plus Anunnaki from Nibiru, plied mainly in the Mesopotamian countries, plus Norway, Rome, and central America.

In the early days of Man's original default into the animal kingdom, a number of the more powerful ones incarnated into the matrixes of existing animals, producing the numerous part Man part animal creatures filling the mystical realms. As the opportunity to come up out of the fix has never been presented until recent times, they stayed there stuck. In the accelerated frequencies of Egyptian times, some started to make it back out into a  third dimensional outer world existence. The young King Tutankhamen was easy to set up with a Demonic presence. He was an incarnating Satyr at the beginning of his redemption, and his frequencies were still quite compatible with the lower negative statics of Demonic frequencies.

The Back Masters of Atlantis on the other hand worked mainly through the Priesthood. Between the three, the populace was made to toe the line or else.

Egypt remained rift with such accumulated mummified spectral, Quasi God, and negative priestly presences until Christ put an official end to the collective practices two thousand years ago by dissolving the links when on his sojourn around the middle East before returning to Israel and gathering up his Disciples.

Existence in any of the populated levels of the fourth dimension is strictly temporary, subject only for permission to re-incarnate at the next appropriate opportunity within the visible third. Since death does not exist in dimensions five and higher, re-incarnation in the higher dimensions for the Descendancy normally means projecting between the higher dimensions for assorted assignments of work according to dispensation and responsible calls to be of love and service. Where you would incarnate only once and stay in the incarnation until your responsibility or job at hand has been concluded. For the Ascendancy it means until the current period of learning you are undertaking has finished and you are ready to start the next.

In the Galactic Underworld third and fourth dimensions, re-incarnating means returning to the conditions of the lower third dimension over and over again until you have removed all lesser frequencies from your expression by taking proper responsibility to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators again as re-aligned Sons and Daughters of the Creators according to your original dispensated mandate so you can return permanently back to the fifth. There is not one of you alive on Earth today, who did not start out in this particular incarnation in this particular predicament.

During your successive incarnations, through seep within your consciousnesses you have created considerable fanciful lore about the Galactic Underworld, which you also call the 'Hades' Underworld and/or the 'Exotic Spirit World'. You place it under or beside the third dimension, whereas in fact the third dimension is underneath as the lowest part of the Galactic Underworld. The lower astral Hell states are in fact actually higher in frequency than the third dimension for being of astral frequencies which are higher.

Most of what you think and believe about the 'Hades' Underworld has actually to do with the first two populated astral levels comprising the lower astral Hell states. Most of what you believe about that is Mentallized Illusion in the extreme. Beyond that, what you believe about the Galactic Underworld as a whole is completely meaningless.

Why Earth's two lower Hell states seem more negative than the normal third dimension is that until recently they have been a densely packed stygian deep of negative accumulated Nplus static, giving rise to the 'Hell' part of the term. The static is finally almost completely cleared away in the all inclusive positive changes of Armageddon now taking place. Once the last tiny remnants of the Nplus static has been cleared away, the lower Astral Hell states will no longer be realms of mal habitat, just the lower two octaves of the fourth dimension as they originally were.

The third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are all tied together through Substance. The fifth dimensional societal materializations of the Outer Creation are hosted within the fifth dimensional vibrational aspects of the Planets, Stars, and the other celestial objects as abodes. Earth as abode is currently home to a small fifth dimensional administrative population due to the temporary loss of its Adamic evolution into the third dimension three and a half million years ago.

The visible third dimension is therefore not apart from the fourth and fifth dimensions, just the lowest frequencies of the whole inter-nested Substance expression. As said, seventh dimensional abodes exist in their own higher frequency Architectural Spheres.

The Energies of the third and fourth dimensions are likewise only the lowest frequencies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. The total physical Energies which your scientists diligently measure is from the lowest frequencies possible within the unification of the Creators.

Sixty degree angles are at the heart because a cubit contains six main equilateral triangles. Much of what you call Sacred Geometry is based on this fact. Six sided snowflake fractals reflect the sixty degree angle factor from the Ordinary Matter Substance side. Six sided hexagrams appearing in the focus of a camera lens pointed towards a bright light source such as the Sun, reflect the sixty degree angle factor from the Electromagnetic Matter Substance side.

Reflected are the sine wave interactions of sixty degrees. Sine wave propagations are the same whether sound, electromagnetic, or astrophysical. Much of the Energy transferring from the center of a Sun to its surface is by sine wave sound propagations.

Your scientist are well aware that Energy moves from the center of the Sun to the surface by sound waves. They are at a loss to account for the amount of transfer however, for fact that it is a lot more Energy than their acoustical equations call for. It is because the transferences are harmoniously conducted through assorted cubistic matrix interactions, and not just by mechanical propagation through the Sun's physical medium by vibrational bump of one molecule to another as you suppose.

Likewise, though shorter in wave length, the higher dimensional frequencies interact at greater distances apart. Auric bodies of the fourth dimension, which are much higher in frequency than the outer world bodies of the third, are many times larger. The auric fourth dimensional component of an individual electron is almost a thousand times larger than its third dimensional component.

When viewed inter-dimensionally you have a seven foot tall fifth dimensional body and a nine foot tall seventh dimensional body. The auric bodies of two of you in the same room will overlap. The auric fields of Planets and their moons overlap. The auric body of the Planet whose outer bodily projection is now the asteroid belt, is the whole asteroid belt. The auric field of a Sun encompasses its whole family of Planets.

Galaxies wheel around as though a solid object because they are in fact cubistically united within their matrixes at their higher dimensionalities. The macro bodies within a galaxy sit united as though the differing counties of a country. What scientists conclude must be 'Dark Energy' and ' Dark Matter' are merely the higher dimensional frequencies of Substance and Energy tied together under cubistic rule.

Similarly, through the phenomenon of inertia, what you call  black holes act as both counter balances not unlike speed governors, and also as inter-dimensional travel portals. Because of the weight of their ultra dense Matter Substance composition, they effect the motion of all other Matter Substance bodies within the gravity range of their effect.

Because of the density of their ultra heavy Matter Substance composition, Black holes are also centers of absolute inertia. Matter Substance is absolutely blocked from passing through because of its inertia. Fifth dimensional Radionnic Ships pass right through because they have no inertia. Unsanctioned lower frequency mixes between the various domains as a result of Matter Substance drift through the portals cannot occur.

You are single mindedly familiar with the frequencies of the third dimension because it is your current frequency of materialization. The problem with the presence of your higher consciousness within your third and fourth dimensional manifestations becomes readily apparent. Consciousness is normally tied to the refined frequencies of Intelligence and Substance in the fifth dimension and higher, and was never originally blueprinted for existence within the harsh realities of lower frequency Matter Substance.

Planet Earth's third dimensional body is composed of Matter Substance, the fifth dimensional component is composed of higher frequency Morontia Substance. Earth's third dimensional body is matrixed to formulate as a concretized third dimensional Matter Substance body, where Cubistic components are able to stand alone and are free to form round materializations. Earth's fifth dimensional body is matrixed to the higher order where the cubistic components stay connected together as on a plane. To a third dimensional viewer they would look flat as per the flat Earth theory. On the other hand, when in the higher dimensions you would perceive everything around you much the same as when in the third dimension as your frequencies would also be higher to match, including in Paradise.

Earth does not have seventh dimensional Architectural presence, it does however have a sixth and seventh dimensional presence though the vortex wrapping suggested in fig, 82 of Starrgam 8.

Much of the current chaotic problems of Earth's third dimensionality is from the fact that your consciousnesses managed to become materialized into the Substances of the third and fourth dimensions anyway through the unsanctioned mis-activities of the Luciferian Rebellion.

The Luciferian condition is officially called, 'The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus'. The condition was officially ended by Christ on the Mount two thousand years ago. The conditional remnant is now undergoing total reconfiguration throughout all of Christ Michael's Local Universe in the all encompassing inter-dimensional clean up known as Armageddon. Armageddon does not apply to any other Local Universe. The Luciferian conflagration could not pass beyond Christ Michael's Local Universe because the frequencies of each Local Universe is completely unique and the Luciferian frequencies had no similar environment to move into. In particular, no other Local Universe in Creation has the all important Cosmic Overplus frequencies that the Luciferians relied upon for their misuses.

Within the current Earth condition, as your consciousness becomes freer and freer of the conditions of lesser thought, it will become freer and freer of the lower material frequency constraints of gravity and inertia until you are eventually able to teleport freely around Creation again within your original mandated responsibility.