Starrgram 10: Time Lines

There is no time and space in the higher dimensions. Time and space are an illusion of the third dimensional levels of consciousness. In a very real sense, within the third dimension time is consciousness and consciousness is time. Those whose consciousnesses are subject to time are said to be in a 'Time line'.

A few time lines in Creation do exist. However, they are not a part of the original plan of the Intelligent Design of Creation. They are included in this Revelatorium Revelation series nonetheless because Earth is currently subject to a time line and you are currently stuck in the middle of it. These Revelatorium Revelations are to help you become free of it.

Time lines exist solely as a result of consciousnesses present in the third dimension, and exist solely within the consciousness of those stuck in that third dimension. They are very temporary, and not what you think or believe. What you call 'Time' is a complete illusion, and is one of the biggest illusions which the Mentallized Illusion constantly keeps you subject to. The illusion about death is the biggest.

A time line exists on Earth. Planet Earth itself however, is not in the time line nor are you. Actually, it is the other way around. The time line exists solely within your consciousnesses and exists solely because you are currently third dimensionally interred.

Only people who are incarnating within a Planetary third and fourth dimension are subject to a time line experience. And it is only within their consciousnesses that the time line they think exists, occurs. Time lines do not extend beyond the thoughts of those experiencing it. Starrs and Planets in and of themselves are not and cannot be in a time line.

Time lines are solely the anomalous outcome of the anomalous conditions which arose in the Galactic Underworld of Christ Michael's Local Universe as a consequence of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. Which of itself only occurred in Christ Michael's Local Universe. Time Lines do not exist in the Universe at large, only in the consciousnesses of those people dwelling anomalously within the Galactic Underworld of those planets affected by Luciferian misadventure. On Earth you relentlessly uphold a time lime within your collective thoughts. You yourselves do not exist within the time line per se'. The illusion is that you think you are in a time lime, the reality is that  it exists within you. For the sake of convenience, the term 'You have been in a time line' shall mean a time line exists within you.

Similarly, the time line you perceive is not fixed. Those of a given collective frequency group in consciousness can have a slightly different time line experience than those of slightly different collective group. One of the sources of the so called Mandela effect. Two people in the same household can have differing memories of a past for having been in two different time lines, because it is in their consciousnesses where the experiences occurred, and not the ground on which they stand.

The collective memories of a given collective group can also be modified somewhat as a beta test to coax a different behaviour from them for observation at a later date. Or to coax out a more benevolent behaviour. Another source of the Mandela effect. The Melchizedek Planetary engineers working in concert with Christ Michael of Nebadon do this on Earth constantly. Since the outer world activity of Earth itself is not a part of the time line, it itself does not change appreciably except over the long term.

Those of you in a group that has been subject to a beta time line change, will often find the past outer world records at slight odds with the facts as you remember them. Your recollections will have been slightly changed as part of the modification to produce a wanted reaction or similar correction. Two or more of you comparing notes about the same single past event may find themselves recalling a given situation differently, or you yourself may remember a past event differently than currently recorded. The experience as mentioned is called 'The Mandela Effect'. Some of you remember that the African political activist was released from jail and spent his later years on the world stage as a Humanitarian. Others of you remember that he spent the latter part of his life in jail and died there. 

Earth is one on the twenty five hundred planets with a third dimensional condition resulting from the Rebellion, and is the first to be fully cleaned up in the aftermath. Earth is also the beta test planet for the clean up which is why so much Cosmic attention is being directed to it at the present time. Curative fixes for the cleanup are undergoing beta testing on a constantly ongoing basis. The trials which work successfully are passed onto, or will be passed onto the other of the twenty five hundred planets suffering Luciferian effects for implementation. Those that don't, won't. Accounting for the rapidly changing landscape.

To recapitulate, 'Time' and resulting 'Time lines' are solely a state of mind by-product within the consciousness of those subject to the propagational restrictions of the Galactic Underworld for having incarnated into it. And only exist within the consciousness of those who are experiencing them and are not part of their environment per se'. Likewise, do not mistake 'Time threads' with 'Time lines'. Time threads are specific to a given individual, time lines are specific to a whole group. Some individuals call a particular sequence of one after the other connected events they have experienced a time line. Not correct, they only experienced an inconsequential time thread which everybody does every day on an everyday ongoing basis and not a time line.

Time is consciousness and consciousness is time. In the third dimension, when you think thoughts in a linear manner one after the other, they become lined up within your consciousness as a passage you came to call time. The sense of passage is because inertia is at the heart of a time line. The mass of a photon of light against its momentum reveals a constant velocity of propagation; This reflects as a non 'ever-present-now' operant within the lower material octaves of the Galactic Underworld. The operant is called 'time' when experienced by higher consciousnesses which have become subject to the Galactic Underworld's lower frequencies.

Under normal circumstances evolution begins within the perfection of the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is rich with Morontia flora and fauna expressions as part and parcel of its everyday landscape. Lower dimensional flora and fauna normally do not exist across Creation, those that do exist largely within Christ Michael's Local Universe, and in this case solely as a consequence of the perturbations produced by the Luciferian Rebellion.

Rarely, such as on Earth, a flora and lower animal evolution is precipitated within a planet's third and fourth dimensions for therapeutic purposes only. When and if precipitated, the flora and fauna automatically becomes subject to the laws of the speed of light and gravity because they have to articulate through the lower Substance and Energy processes of the third and fourth dimensions, which are Substance/Energy interred. When consciousnesses project into the same flora and fauna matrices, they become the same way subject to the same laws of light and gravity.

The Luciferians precipitated flora and fauna on planets as seed points to initiate hosting their consciousnesses in the third dimension within which they hoped to advance back to the fifth dimension as stand alone Demi Gods. The Flora and fauna on Earth were legitimately initiated, but the Luciferians later added malpractice to the mix in order to stand alone Demi God consciousnesses within the errant frequencies. You are currently incarnated into both the cubistic matrixes of Earth's animal world and the malpractice frequencies of the Luciferians and are subject to the condition of both.

When matrixes for a lower evolution are projected within the lower frequencies of the Galactic Underworld if and when necessary, conditions are ripe for the potential existence of time.

Under normal circumstances of the fifth dimension and higher, life is experienced in an ongoing state of consciousness known as the 'ever-present-now'. There are no past, present, or futures in the higher dimensions, only the 'ever-present-now'. No one in the higher dimensions ever laments about how long a particular task took to accomplish because a passage of time never occurs. You complete one undertaking then move on to the next.

The opposite to 'ever-present-nowness' is time. If and when you are experiencing time you are said to be in a time line situation. When everyone within a given population is experiencing the same phenomenon of time for being in the same conducive lower frequency environment, for the sake of convenience the population is said to be in a time line. Not forgetting that the time line is not outside of the population's individual consciousnesses, rather, it is collectively interred within it by mutual acceptance amongst the parties and stays perpetuated within the Mentallized Illusion. In Earth's case, world wide.

The higher dimensions are devoid of time as there are no 'non 'ever-present-now'' operants. If you project into lower evolutional matrixes such as on Earth and come up against the non-ever-present nowness of the constraints, the potential for you to experience that called 'time' within your consciousness comes into existence.

The unilateral propagation of Electromagnetic Matter Substance is a fact of the third dimension but stands devoid of units. The speed of light does not become a matter of distance per unit of time until you construe that thought about it within your consciousness awareness. And time only exists as that thought within your consciousnesses when your consciousnesses have come to that point of awareness about it as an observer, or you have been taught to accept it by dictum from the Mentallized Illusion. Youngsters slowly learn about time by interactions with their parents and others. Within the Illusion it is readily taught from one to another, whereby it is anchored to a sic, time measuring device you call a clock. Which cements the condition. A child will pass the day in amusements without thought about time if not watching a clock.

As stated, the compelling sense of time awareness you experience, stuck in the frequencies of the lower dimensions as you are, is only because the propagational limitations of the lower dimensional rules of motion you constantly experience reflect against your sensitivity to the 'ever present nowness' of the eternal dweld of your higher consciousness awareness. By reflection of the contrast, your consciousness latches onto the propagational aspects of the lower dimensions, predisposing a sense of passage within your lower consciousness perceptions as that which you have come to call time.

Animals do not have an eternal dweld. Animals know nothing about today and tomorrow. Animals which seem to exhibit time awareness do so only by recognizing recycling vibrational occurrences, not by counting hours.

For convenience, animal evolutions which have had to be instigated within the third and fourth dimensions are also said to be in a time line situation even if there are not higher consciousnesses experiencing a sense of time present within them. In your current predicament, for convenience, you can likewise be said to be within a time line situation even as there is no such thing as an actual time line actually present. Animals have no awareness of a time factor, your understandings have been completely tripped up by it.

In particular, you are perceptually stymied about time. You believe you exist solely within the third dimension to live for a while and then to die. Which you call mortality, the most fatal of all the misconceptions held within the Mentallized Illusion.

In Reality you live within the whole third and fourth dimensional expression, but are currently bound to the third dimension by default. You die only because you continually choose to hold steadfast to the believe that dying is your only destiny because that is what the Mentallized Illusion constantly tells you it is. Again, the condition you call mortal. Again the most fatal of all of the Mentallized Illusion's countless misconceptions.

In Reality you are either a fifth dimensional or a seventh dimensional Christ eternal Triune Being, who is currently third dimensionally interred either by misadventure or as a volunteer or as part of the Dragon cast into the Earth. In some cases you are even an Inner Creation Being who has projected into the Outer Creation and volunteered or is on assignment. Accepting full responsibility now for your condition without thought of escape is the only way out of your third dimensional predicament no matter who you are.

For you, what appears to be the death of an individual is only the prima facie fact that conditions still existed within their outer consciousness expression that were not sufficiently cleared to not require that their Soul Atom discard its outer projection prematurely. If not for un-cleared conditions, all Earth based incarnations would last around a thousand years as avatar. Biblical Characters from Atlantis such as Enoch and Methuselah etc., were long lived. After the fall of Atlantis, the higher frequency consciousness awareness's of its advanced members were lost and you have been incarnating into short term animal based life cycles ever since.

You are presently third dimensionally restricted in perception because you have allowed yourselves to become limited to the witness of only your five outer senses, which are of the animal related bodies you have incarnated into. Which are mostly attuned to the frequencies of only the first three dimensional octaves.

By ignoring the existence of your remaining one hundred and five higher senses, you have blocked your perception to the whole remaining frequencies of your present existence. Let alone the fact that higher consciousnesses such as yourselves should not be in the third dimension as observers in the first place.

That you have become so locked into a third dimensional precept of your five sense awareness comes by seep against the seventh dimensional frequencies coming down from your higher matrix action. Seventh dimensional materialization is the full Triune attribution of 'Intelligence/Energy/Substance', not unlike what is perceived to be the quasi Intelligence/Energy/Substance existence of the third dimension Mentallized Illusion, though of an incomparably higher order.

The difference is that seventh dimensional societies are absolutely free of the static conditions and lesser thought which are the hallmark of your current third dimensional existence. They are also absolutely free of the velocity and inertial constraints which are also tied strictly to the third dimension and partially the fourth. They also live in a perfect eternal ever-present-now existence.

Seventh dimensional inhabitants understand fully their Triune responsibility to the Creation for the Creators as they are in fact the main collective Outer Creation Co-Creative body of responsibility to the Creation for the Creators.

Similarly, what you call 'Space' is the movement of consciousness. When a consciousness moves from a point A to a point b, a feeling of passage is perceived which is cemented into the consciousness as a bit of distance. The same has been occurring non-stop for three and a half million years, resulting in the collected aspect within the Mentallized Illusion which you call Space.

To recap, time and space do not exist in the higher dimensions, only within those trapped in a a third dimensional outer world physical existence and only within their outer consciousness perceptions.

In the fifth dimension for example, to move about inhabitants work with the Energy of pure thought as locomotor rather than sweat and exploding gas. Not unlike the way you sometimes move yourself around somewhat freer of time and inertia constraints in the higher fourth dimension by thought while lucid dream awake. Lucid dreams are a fourth dimensional awake state. In you current wake-a-day outer experiences, these realities sit pushed to the background, leaving the third dimensional restrictions upon your perceptions at the forefront.

Similarly, in the seventh dimension you equivalently move from one location to another by merely changing the frequency of the location you are in. Like all the different products of a sample of crude oil are in the sample, all of the different places of a location are in the location sample. Change the frequency and you are in a new location even though you didn't go anywhere. In the seventh dimension there is only the one sample.

Similarly, if you were a fifth dimensional monitoring observer looking into a collective time line, you would be able to see the present, and a little bit ahead and a little bit behind in the same view as a single block event. For example you would see the whole Piscean Dispensation as a single block event and not through its year after year progression. Or you would see the last twenty five thousand year cycle as a single block and not through the two thousand year dispensational passages of time.

If you were in the seventh dimension looking into a time line you would be able to see the whole time line front to back as a single event.

In a fanciful analogy from your Earth's lore, if you were in the sleigh with Santa delivering toys to billions of households around the planet, chimney by chimney, one after the other on Christmas Eve, you would be as in someone's time line minute by minute. If you were in the fifth dimensional looking in, you would see the deliveries taking place in say, Australia or France as a single block event. If you were in the seventh dimension looking in you would see all the deliveries worldwide as a single block event much in the same way you do in your third dimensional mind's eye every year on Christmas Eve.

The whole outer Universe you see with your outer five senses, slowly winding its way through eternity at the speed of light, is like riding around with Santa in his sleigh chimney after chimney after chimney. Creator Son/Daughters are able to see whole time line constructions as a single event when necessary.

Inside a time line, as you approach 'ever present nowness' in consciousness, time will seem to slow down or stop. This happens routinely when dreaming. Dream sequences seemingly proceed at the normal pace of life with an adventure seeming to last hours and hours when only a short time has passed on the clock and visa versa.

Akasic records exist within the electromagnetic fields of all cubistic expressions. A collective time line is saved or not within the whole Universal fabric by saving or not its Akasic record. Christ Michael was present within your collective time line situation as the Man and Woman named Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene two thousand years ago. Which assures its eternal survival once the final vestiges of its static conditions have been dissolved.

Just over two and a half billion years ago through a cataclysm, Earth fell from pure crystalline into dross. About a billion years ago a third dimensional cubistic lower carbon based  biological evolution was precipitated on its surface to help raise its frequency back up into its original whole sound and perfect Reality through the cosmic clock. A special frequency of the Mother Principle through the Moon was dispensed in as an accompaniment.

When you fell into Earth's third dimension over three and a half million years ago, a time line state of perception was started up within your consciousnesses. Which you now call, 'The Space Time Continuum'.

The physical plane mineral equivalents of the Creators are Intelligence - gold, Energy - copper, Substance - silver. In Earth's third dimension, the mineral kingdom reflects the linear mobility of a point. The plant kingdom reflects the two-way mobility of a plane. The animal kingdom reflects the three-way mobility of a cube. Under normal circumstances you would reflect the open-ended mobility of the fifth.

Now, instead, when you try to look out past the time line, your view is constrained through your lower senses. What you see is interpreted into the formats of that which you believe to be so under subjugation of the Mentallized Illusion. It is very difficult to get a true picture of how things actually are outside of a time line situation from within it through your outer five senses because your outer senses are only attuned to the narrow third dimensional band of visible light.

As there are no counterparts to time and space in the higher dimensions. Interpretive time and distance figures are the first casualty of accuracy in any outer consciousness oriented cosmic interpretation. Religious precepts within a time line likewise fall as casualty. There are no normal counterparts to spiritual Beingness in and of itself within a time line situation except as reflections from your higher consciousness matrix.

Consequently you talk about a Universe which is only fourteen or so billion light years across and only fourteen billion or so years old. The limits of your instrumentation. In actuality, the Outer Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still just near the beginning of its evolvement.

Your religions talk about time frames which are only in the thousands of years, the limits of your understanding. In actuality your current outer third dimensional Earth history alone goes back over three and a half million years. Earth's fifth dimensional root race program was begun two hundred and fifty million years ago. Earth's flora and fauna evolution was initiated a billion years ago. The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus was over five billion years ago. The Draco regression in the Draco Solar Sector, still in remnants was fifty billion years ago. The Milky Way galaxy was started over two hundred and fifty billion years ago. Understanding of course that Creation at large does not view these events in such time frame contexts.

Likewise, false reality concepts such as Pagan and Occult practices do not exist outside of your local time line situation except in trivial amounts. And only within Christ Michael's Local Universe consequent of the Rebellion. And are all but completely cleaned up. Earth has a mire of them because they were cleared out nearly everywhere else in the Local Universe and brought in as part and parcel of the Dragon cast into the Earth during the latter half of the nineteen hundreds as your so called baby boomers.

So is the malpractice of pitting cunning mind against others, the outright usurpation of Intelligence. So is carnality, the outright usurpation of Substance. So is the forbidden wisdom, the appalling malpractice of using the Pineal gland for self, an outright usurpation of Energy, typically referred to as 'Black magic' for the absence of light it incurs.

Likewise, in the higher dimensions good vs. evil are words that have no place. By the Intelligent Design there is only the One Law of love and service to the Creation for the Creators in all thought, word, and deed. Also called 'Cosmic Law'.

More specifically, that which you call evil is only doing in practice the opposite of what you should be doing in Principle. The reason is simple, Nplus static in the form of un-equalized negative charge bits within your consciousness is the result. Static comes out of the bottom end of the processes of life when disharmony is the activity. Enrichment comes out of the top end when there is no static. When static accumulates there is a problem. Understanding of course that NPlus static only exists within the frequencies of the Planets which the Luciferians manipulated such as Earth

That you think good and evil exists in the Universe is only because a few administrative Soul Atom children of the Creators in Orion became disharmonious to the Creation and tried to usurp the One Law. What you see as evil today is only the resulting Nplus static of the Nonplus of the Overplus, confined strictly to the lower dimensions of Christ Michael's Local Universe of a thousand galaxies. What now remains are only diminutive remnants, undergoing final removal through the all inclusive inter-dimensional consciousness expansion and frequency clean up called Armageddon already well underway.

Due to some of the earlier nefarious goings on in Orion, Nplus static had always existed to a degree in the Earth's physical plane evolution from seven hundred and fifty million years ago. Even as earlier root races came and went in whole sound and perfect execution of their responsibilities in the fifth dimension, some static conditions were present in the lower dimensional flora and fauna frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions.

The brunt of the Nplus static conditions of today began generating in earnest when the last and final group of Adamics, Earth's twelfth and final root race, got talked into a fatal miss-step by the Luciferians and became mired in Earth's third and fourth dimensions over three and a half million years ago. They fast talked the Adamic powers that be that emersion into the third dimension to enjoy the pleasures of animal kingdom carnality would be well worth the effort. This reversed the Adamics flow from the Creators to the planet and started up a Stygian hell-state within the lower levels of Earth's fourth dimensional astral states. The Luciferians actual intension was to have enough NPlus static developed by the mal-activity on the sly to enable them to achieve Demi-God status back in the fifth dimension.

Volunteers from all over Creation have been stepping in ever since to help keep the planet in stabilization and to help raise the Adamics back up to their true original fifth dimensional Reality. Plus to help keep Earth's progress unto a protostarr in the womb of Orion from going awry. Today, typically called light workers.

Some of you are still around from the early fall and still carry heavy static conditions. Others of you from the voluntary incurred undue static conditions by misfortune. Some of you are of the 'Casted Dragon', carrying static conditions of your past from missteps in other realms. Everyone has the opportunity today to come out of their lesser static conditions of today within the current window of opportunity now prevailing upon Earth.

Clearing of the hell states is almost done. The so called 'Battle of Armageddon' is already well along. In due course of the all encompassing inter dimensional house cleaning and wrap up activity now undergoing, the job will be completed once and to finality. All lesser frequencies of the Rebellion will have been dissolved from Creation forever and the lesson will have been learned all across Creation  to never do that again.